Question of the week!

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What is your favorite memory of candy in relation to an event, holiday, or celebration? Please post a comment and the drawing will be held on Thursday! I will send a special sweet treat activity for your Rookie and family to enjoy.

Mrs. Renfro’s favorite candy memory was the night my dad, my sister, and I came home from a high school football game. My mother always made divinity candy every fall and my dad had saved and bought her a nice mixer that would do a lot of the stirring for her. When she opened the door she had white, divinity candy in her hair, all on her face, and on her clothes. She was almost in tears and would laugh and then cry. We walked into the kitchen and it was everywhere. The cabinets were dotted with white candy puffs. The ceiling was covered and the kitchen looked like snow. It was a good thing popcorn ceilings were in style then. The mixer came apart and threw divinity candy everywhere. It was a yummy yet messy clean up. My mom never used that mixer to make divinity candy again!


What a week!

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Scarecrow 2015 IMG_0502 IMG_0495 IMG_0626  IMG_0617 IMG_0613

It has been a wonderful week at IES! We have compared numbers, written our opinions about our favorite scarecrows, done bubble experiments, celebrated a Rookie birthday, participated in the Eaglethon Fun Run, and finished up our week with Miss Annie’s presentation about bats and owls! Ask your Rookie what a nocturnal animal is!

Grocery Store PACTivities for the Family

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LEAPS went to Winn Dixie yesterday to take a store tour led by Megan Davis. Ms. Davis is from UAB’s Eat Right Program. She showed us how to make the best food choices for our families using health guidelines and economic strategies. Think about our store tour yesterday. How could you make going to the grocery store a meaningful, family PACTivity? (Remember PACTivities are educational activities Parents And Children do Together.)