Greek and Latin Roots

Learning Greek and Latin roots is an extremely important part of a student’s education.  The ability to know what word parts mean helps the student to identify what other words with that part means.  For example, if you know that aud means to hear, then you will know that words like audible, auditorium, audition, and audio all have meanings that involve hearing. Greek and Latin roots are vital to success on the all major standardized tests. Science and Medicine use Greek and Latin roots in almost everything and nearly all legal terminology is Latin.

Here is the worksheet for this week.

 Greek and Latin Roots #1

Cranking things up a bit…

Hi all!

We’ve been at it for a couple weeks now and things are starting to shape up.

So far we have been working on lots of vocabulary, reviewing parts of speech, writing (a tremendous amount of writing), Greek and Latin root words, and learning about literature Signposts which will greatly enhance reading comprehension.

Each week we will have vocabulary practice and a vocabulary test, normally on Friday.

Thanks for reading!

Welcome to 8th Grade English Language Arts!

Thank you for visiting this website.  This year you will enter the world of literature and gain a newfound enthusiasm for the language that we speak, read, and write and how that language came to be what we call the English language today.  From it’s beginnings in the Germanic languages to it’s ability to adapt words from multiple languages like Latin, French, Spanish, and more, English is a language that is both rich in history and rich in literary tradition.

In this class we will examine the origins of the English language, it’s rules of usage, and explore some of the amazing literature written in the English language.  Get ready for an exciting school year!!