Christmas Party

We sure do know how to party in kindergarten!  We had  blast making tea-towels, reindeer crafts, reindeer food, and enjoying a Christmas-themed feast!!

December Highlights

December came and went in the blink of an eye!  Just like Santa!  Enjoy the pics!

St. Lucia Day

As we study Christmas Around the World, we learned about the traditions of Sweden and St. Lucia Day.  On St. Lucia Day, the girls dress up like St. Lucia with a crown of candles on their heads, and the boys are Star Boys.  The oldest girl in the house wakes up early and serves breakfast sweets to her family, but we decided to let all the girls have a turn.  🙂

Ornament Day

We had a blast making ornaments for our Christmas tree!  Thank you to the moms who volunteered their time to make the day run so smoothly.  I hope you will treasure these sweet mementos of kindergarten for years to come!

Thanksgiving Feast

November brought Thanksgiving and an in-depth study of the First Americans.  We learned about four tribes from four different regions of America…Native Americans of the sea, desert, woods, and plains.  We culminated our study with a memorable Thanksgiving Feast complete with quivers filled with arrows for the boys, and babies in their cradleboards for the girls.  What a fun day!!

October Highlights

October was a fun-filled month in kindergarten.  Enjoy these highlights!!

Fire Safety

Apples All Around