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Have you ever looked through a kaleidoscope? If you have, you know how many different patterns can be seen. Geography and students are like a “cultural kaleidoscope.” Just as each country has its own unique cultural characteristics, each student has a unique blend of personal characteristics and learning styles. These characteristics are not yet stable; they are constantly changing, like the patterns in a kaleidoscope. This year we will study how the many different cultures and regions of the world are unique just like the characteristics of every student.

When your child is issued their geography textbook, they will bring their book home to do homework or study but they will have to bring it back to school; we do not have a classroom set. Please help them remember to bring it back to school and I will be reminding them to bring it to class each day as this will be new for them to remember for my class. They will have to return the book at the end of this 9 week grading period as next semester they will no longer have geography.


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