Week of:        April 21, 2014     (CIVICS – SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM)


Mon.         Asia Map test – Wednesday

Tues.        Study

Wed.         Asia Map test

Thurs.      None  

Fri.            None


Mon.            None






4 Responses to Homework

  1. Claire Odom 4th pd says:

    Mrs. Collins I was wondering if our test was going to be rescheduled to Tuesday due to us being out Friday also? I and I’m sure other class mates were stranded and my backpack was at the high school until Thursday and I am concerned that I will not do as well on the test. I am trying to get as much studying done as possible.

    Thank you for your help,

    Claire Odom

  2. You are correct, the test will NOT be on Monday. We will discuss in class tomorrow what our options are. I know many of you were stranded without the necessary materials to study so relax and know we will review again on Monday for the test. Enjoy your Sunday!

  3. chase says:

    Hey mrs,collins my aunt wants to no if we are out of school monday for president day plz reply

  4. We are in school on Monday, 2/17.

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