Coin Drop

Today, the school asked for pennies, and our class delivered! We brought in 2,640 pennies, which means we raised $26.40. We did not win , but I am hopeful for tomorrow! We are bringing nickels and wearing neckties and necklaces. For each day, you can also send in coins from the previous days. So if […]

Spelling Words Week of 9/14

Lesson 3 1.  *deep 2.  *play 3.  *mean 4.  *flow 5.  *team 6. * away 7.  *slow 8.  trail 9.  dream 10. stain 11.  toast 12.  *speed 13.  raise 14.  *sweet 15.  layer *Denotes sight word

Spelling Words Week of 8-31

Here are the spelling words for the week. The test will be on Friday. saved moved riding waking pulled taking hopped baking picked having letting running drawing folded shopped

Newsletter Week of 8-31

Here is the newsletter! Newsletter 8.31

Compass Rose Quiz

The students will have a quiz on the Compass Rose on Tuesday, September 1st. They are bringing home a copy to study that they filled out today. We have also been playing Compass Rose Simon Says! I am attaching the link for where I got the printout from in case you would like a blank […]

Newsletter 8/24

Here is the newsletter for the week! Click on the post title to see the hyperlink. Newsletter 8.24

Newsletter Week of 8/17

I forgot to link this on Friday; here it is now! Newsletter 8.14.15

Homework and Spelling Words

Well, it is that time! Your students’ first homework assignment is coming home tonight. They are to do an addition fact practice sheet. These are simple facts, and should not take them more than 10-15 minutes. We are also starting spelling words this week. I am putting the word list at the bottom of this […]

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