2nd grade

We have had a wonderful start to the year! We have had plenty of fun! View the attached information below and stay tuned for pictures and activities! 🙂



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Career week

We loved hear about all of the different careers!
Thank you so much for sharing your passions with our class!





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January 12

Happy January! Despite the freezing temperatures, our hearts are warm and full! We have developed such a strong sense of community in our class and it’s amazing how much more confident and excited to learn we are all. 2014 was wonderful but 2015 has already been so good to us that I am PUMPED for the rest of this year! When we work together and are kind to each other – our emotions don’t get in the way of our learning! I can’t believe how well we are grasping difficult concepts and how deep their thinking has taken us! My heart really is so full and I can’t stop bragging on your babies!

Here is what we are going to be working on..

Writing – Mrs. Hughes, the reading coach at FOES, has been coming in and helping model how great and exciting Writer’s Workshop is:

Standard: W.2.1 Write opinion pieces in which they introduce the topic or book they are writing about, state an opinion, supply reasons that support the opinion, use linking words (because and also) to connect opinions and reasons, and provide a concluding statement or section. This week we will be developing good REASONS and EVIDENCE to support our opinion writing.

Math –

Standard: [2-NBT1] Understand that the three digits of a three-digit number represent amounts of hundreds, tens, and ones

[2-MD8]Solve word problems involving dollar bills, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies, using $ and ¢ symbols appropriately. Example: If you have 2 dimes and 3 pennies, how many cents do you have?

[2-NBT5] Fluently add and subtract within 100 using strategies based on place value, properties of operations, and/or the relationship between addition and subtraction.

We will be playing Roll-A-Square up to 100, rebuild the 100 number chart, and guess my number to build our addition and subtraction mental fluency within 100

Reading –


RL.2.9 Compare and contrast two or more versions of the same story (Cinderella Stories by different authors or from different cultures).

RL.2.6 Acknowledge differences in the points of view of characters, including by speaking in a different voice for each character when reading dialogue aloud.

Phonics: This week we’ll be looking at short e, spelled ea.

Examples: instead, spread, head, read, wealth

There’s a whole new spin on Cinderella, whether she’s in New Orleans, the Caribbean, or if she’s just plain annoying! We’ll be looking at point of view and comparing these different versions.

Unit –

Standard: 11.) Explain how the diversity of people and customs in the United States and the world affect viewpoints and ideas.

On Monday, a ancestral survey will be going home so we can collect data on what country our ancestors are from, as well as how many came from those countries! We will also be reading a Dear America diary of a young immigrant girl.

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11/17 newsletter and update :)

11-17-14 foes


We are flying through this nine weeks like super heroes! These students amaze me every day with what the concepts that they are grasping! Here is an update for what we are doing next week!



RI.2.3 Describe the connection between a series of historical events, scientific ideas or concepts, or steps in technical procedures in a text.

RI.2.4 Determine the meaning of words and phrases in a text relevant to a grade 2 topic or subject area.

Phonics: -le (ble,tle,ple,kle,dle)

Examples: table, apple, little, sparkle, candle

We will be doing a close read about little known Thanksgiving facts, like what vegetables and meat did they really have? Why did they need to move? How did Thanksgiving become a national holiday?



Standard: 2-NBT.2 Count within 1000; skip-count by 5s, 10s, and 100s.

2-NBT.6 Add up to four two-digit numbers using strategies based on place value and properties of operations.

2-NBT.9 Explain why addition and subtraction strategies work, using place value and the properties of operations.

This week we will be introducing a concept that usually takes a while for 2nd graders to wrap their brains around. We are still beginning to practice adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers, but we will be focusing on how to solve problems with an unknown change.

Ex. I have 18 marbles, some roll away. Now I have 7. How many did I lose?


Science and Social Studies:

Standard: 1.) Compare features of modern-day living to those of the past.

S.S. 1. Relate principles of American democracy to the founding of the nation.

S.S. 1.Identifying reasons for the settlement of the thirteen colonies

We will be reading about Thanksgiving, and learning about what life was like as a colonist, a native American, and how things are affected by their actions today.



Standard:W.2.2 Write informative/

explanatory texts in which they introduce a topic, use facts and definitions to develop points, and provide a concluding statement or section.

L.2.2c Use an apostrophe to form contractions and frequently occurring possessives.

We are still finishing revising and publishing our animal research!

We will also be reviewing possessives and apostrophes, as well as when to use adjectives and adverbs.


Be asking your child about the status of their supplies here at school. Some of us are running low on crayons, erasers, scissors, etc.


As always, let me know if there is any way I can serve you and your family! 🙂


-Miss J

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October fun

Hey all! We have started the second nine weeks off strong! We had a blast at the Boosterthon Fun Run – our class raised over $2000 for our school! Thank you for participating and supporting us!




We got to enjoy Pajama Day last week for raising enough money per lap!

I love those silly faces! 🙂

We’ve been working hard in reading on Asking and Answering Questions and Identifying Nonfiction Text Features. We’ve been doing research on animals for writing. We have finished our unit on Geometry and 3D shapes. We are still working on Counting Collections in math – thank you for sending in items! 🙂



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9/29/14 Newsletter

9-29-14 foes

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Group work and Miss Annie










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Week of 9/15

We had a fun week at school this week. We loved going to the book-fair and definitely enjoyed Kona Ice! We finished our unit on animals and have been learning about light – natural and artificial. We are still working on getting 100% of our homework completed and turned in on Fridays. We are almost there. PLEASE make sure your child is practicing their skills and turning in their homework each week. Unfortunately they are getting an incomplete if they haven’t been turning it in! With the end of the first nine weeks approaching soon (so hard to believe), we are finishing up math assessments. I will be assessing them on the skills they have learned in reading comprehension, and of course their phonics skills each week. They will have a test on light and sound as soon we finish the unit and cover it thoroughly! I’ll keep you posted on that. We are have been doing group work in math and recording our thinking on paper! I will post those pictures! 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!

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Newsletter 9/22/14

9-22-14 foes

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9-8-14 Newsletter

9-8-14 foes

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