Christmas Reader’s Theater

Thank you all for such a great Christmas Party today! We enjoyed putting on the Reader’s Theater Play for all of you. Thank you to all the parents who donated time, talents, and money to make this party a success! The video from the Reader’s Theater was too long to upload but I hope you can view it by looking at this link. Please let me know if you experience any problems and I will figure out another way to share it.

Also, enjoy these photos from the celebration!

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Red Ribbon Week!

Wow! We have had a very eventful week with lots of dress up days to show that we are saying “no to drugs”! Our class won “Most Unique” for the pumpkin decorating contest! Yay!  The pumpkin says, “No drugs for us! We’ve got goals and we’ve got grit!” Above the pictures, the students wrote what they want to be when they grow up! We had a great time posing for these pictures.2016-2017-037-2

Check out some of our cool outfits this week!

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Special Visitor

First of all, thank you to all of my wonderful students and their families for making my birthday so special today! I was greeted this morning with a balloon tied around a diet coke (my fave!) and attached to the string was a gift card to Chick-fil-A (my other fave!!). I am feeling the love today and I appreciate all the gifts, cards and special notes from my students. Also, my mom got to visit my class today and do a special activity with them. My mom is a former teacher and loves to be in the classroom any chance she gets. They absolutely loved getting to meet the “other Ms. Boehme”. She has a special way of working with children and she inspired me and encouraged me to pursue this career! She was able to share her amazing story telling skills and also she talked to them about safety during the upcoming Halloween tradition — Trick or Treating! A friend of ours teaches in Hoover City Schools and my mom arranged for my class to be pen pals with her class! The students got to write a letter to their pen pal wishing them a happy halloween and reminding them about safety and rules while trick or treating in a few weeks. My mom will be mailing those off this week and we will wait patiently for a response from our new friends! When I asked my students if they knew what a pen pal was or what it meant to write a letter,  only a few of them raised their hand to explain what it was and the best response was, “it’s like texting on paper”. Sadly, it seems letter writing is soon to be a lost art but I am glad that my mom was here to share the idea of sending an old fashioned letter aka a text on paper!!

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FOES Coin Drive

This week is our first annual Coin Drive Fundraiser. The children have had a blast bringing in their coins and dressing up!

I will add pictures as we get through the week, but here are a few silly pictures from our first day: Patriotic for Pennies! We brought in $37.94 in pennies!

2016-2017 001 (3)

2016-2017 002 (3)

2016-2017 004 (3)

2016-2017 005 (3)


Day 2: Nerdy for Nickels! We raised $32.65!

2016-2017 005 2016-2017 012 2016-2017 001 2016-2017 003 2016-2017 004

Day 3: Disney for Dimes. We raised $92.20!

2016-2017 010 (2)


2016-2017 007 (2)

Mickey and Minnie!

2016-2017 013

Peter Pan and the crew!

Day 4: Quarterbacks for Quarters! We raised $106!

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Day 5: Crazy for Cash and Checks! We raised $216.52! Our weekly total was $486.01!


We exceeded our goal! Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Sims kissed a PIG!


Thank you to our outstanding PTO!!



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