Thank You!!

Thank you all so much for making me feel so special on my birthday! I am so grateful for each of you and your children. My day was filled with lots of love and sweet surprises! I love my gift from the class and will cherish it for years to come! My awesome teacher friends decorated my door and I got lots of messages and birthday wishes from everyone at school! We have been working hard this week (and last week!) to not call out and make sure that we raise our hand. We finally met our goal yesterday and they chose the reward of bringing a small stuffed animal to have at their desk today. Also, we had a special snack thanks to my wonderful room moms and other parents that stepped in to help! We got to celebrate Columbus Day a little early  with blue jello and orange slices to look like a boat sailing in the ocean! We learned about his voyage back in 1492 and the students were so excited to learn that we get Monday off of school because of his expedition! 🙂 All in all, today was a great day — and a jeans day for the teachers!! Couldn’t have asked for a better birthday!



Hero the Dog and Popcorn/Hat Day

We had a fun Friday with a special visitor! Hero the Dog came to visit us in Ms. Carpenter’s room and Mr. Don Williamson came to talk to us about the importance of knowing a fire plan for your home and some safety tips!

We also enjoyed our first Popcorn/Hat Day hosted by the PTO! Big thanks to all the volunteers that made this day a success!

Coin Drive!

We are having a blast during our second annual coin drive! We were dressed in our red, white and blue for Patriots for Pennies! We were all surprised when we won today’s competition with the most pennies out of all the other classes! We got to celebrate with a Popsicle party this afternoon during recess! Tomorrow is Neon for Nickels!



Total Solar Eclipse!

Today was such a fun day to learn about the solar eclipse and celebrate this special event!

Thanks to the parents who provided food for our special snack today! We enjoyed homemade cookies, Eclipse Krispy Kreme treats, Sunchips, Capri-Sun and Moon Pies!


Second Day of School :)

Our first day of school went by too quickly and I didn’t have a chance to take their pictures so we did that on the second day of school this year. I had already made my cute sign for them to hold so this is one of those teachable moments when we talked about going with the flow and making the best of it anyway! Also, our very own Caroline was interviewed on the first day of school from the Shelby County Reporter .

Welcome to First Grade

Hello students and parents! Thank you for taking the time to check out my classroom blog! I am excited to get this school year started and plan to post pictures and information about our class on my blog if you are interested in keeping up with us!

Meet the teacher is going to be held on Monday, August 7 from 7:00-10:00 am. See you then!!