What a Lovely Class…

I have such a sweet and loving class this year and I would like to share the things I love most about them….

Luke: I love your sweet smile and your eagerness to be a good friend to everyone

Joshelin: I love your sense of humor and your cute laugh

Carter: I love your drive to always do your best and work hard to accomplish your goals

Morgan: I love that you are a leader and I love your sweet and strong spirit

Gabe: I love that you always try your best and that you work hard to figure things out on your own

Peytyn: I love that you are always so thoughtful and compassionate

Bea: I love your desire to learn as much as you can and to spread love wherever you go

Heidy: I love your sweet notes that you leave me on my desk

Jacob: I love how much you make me laugh and brighten my day

Makenzie: I love your awesome questions and curiosity

Addie: I love how you are a friend to so many and always making good choices

Sam: I love how diligent and focused you are with your school work

Lane: I love how you always set a good example for others & I love how much you love pokemon!

Eliza: I love how you are always the first one to offer to help others when they need it

Jaxson: I love how you are always putting first things first and staying on task

Colton: I love your imagination and your ability to build such creative designs with blocks

Vannia: I love that you love school and that you are always ready to read and work hard

Taylor: I love your joyful personality and your sweet disposition

Charlie: I love your funny jokes and that you can always make us laugh

Bennett: I love that you are so caring and thoughtful to include everyone at playtime

Caroline: I love reading with you and I love all the books and notes that you make for me

Bayley: I love that you have joined our class and you fit right in!

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100th Day of School!

We had a great time today with our 100th Day of School Celebration! We had a few absent today so we saved some of the fun activities for next week so they can join us! Today we had a lot of fun and two of our favorite things were getting to use the Aging Booth App to see what it would look like when we turn 100 years old and counting out 100 items for our trail mix snack! We also had a special mystery reader today! Thanks, Mrs. Brandy for surprising us and for donating books to our classroom library!

Counting Collections

We have been working on counting collections throughout the year and today I had a very proud teacher moment to see how well organized their items were and how they were able to record them on their counting collections sheet! Counting Collections is a great way to help them understand place value and learning how to group numbers. We had a fun time and I realized I can start filling more items in these containers as they are getting stronger in counting numbers past 100!