Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

As a way to review for the Measurement Conversions Test, students played Mrs. Gunn’s version of Pokemon Go! Students had to find questions around the classroom, solve them, and scan a QR code to check their answer. If they got the right answer, they earned a Pokemon character!

Future Electricians!

Students have started to study energy and different forms of energy. One type of energy we will focus on is electrical energy. Students worked together to light a small bulb using only a batter and a wire. They learned that the battery serves as the energy source and the metal wire carries the electrical energy to the bulb, causing it to light! Students also discovered that a magnetic field is created from the flow of electricity and impacts the function of a magnetic compass.

Case of the Selfish Elf!

December 12, 2016

Christmas is saved!!! The spies in Mrs. Gunn’s class solved the case of the selfish elf! They worked in the spy lab to find clues (math problems) to find find the guilty elf! Now the elves can go back to making toys!

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CaIS Egg Drop

Friday, November 18

Students were given the opportunity to design and build a device to hold and protect an egg from a 70 foot drop! Dean Schilleci and Isabella Overton were two students from Mrs. Gunn and Ms. McCurry’s class and they both of their egg devices were successful!

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