Colonial Research

It’s time to learn about life in the colonies. Use the Colonial Williamsburg site FIRST and foremost. It is the most accurate site to be found and REALLY interesting.

You are looking for the following:
1. Colonial Clothing
2. Colonial Entertainment
3. Colonial Food
4. Colonial Christmas Traditions

Colonial Williamsburg

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Speak Up Survey

All students need to take the Speak Up Survey as instructed in class. Click on the link below and just answer the questions. If you don’t know the answer to a question, just do the best you can.


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Jamestown Interactive Game

Here is the link to the Jamestown game we played in class today. See if you can beat your scores from today!

On the Trail of John Smith

This is a different game if you just love this kind of thing…..

Jamestown Online Game #2

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Scholastic Reading Club

From time to time you will get those super exciting, way colorful newsprint reading club forms. Buying books from Scholastic is definitely optional, but it is DEFINITELY cheaper. If you are interested in purchasing books, I would like to ask that you order online if at all possible. My teacher code is J2RZ7. The link for Scholastic is in my “Blogroll” at all times. But here it is just to make it easier. Scholastic Reading Club

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Viking Quest Online Game

Interested in BEING a Viking? Give it a try with this interactive online game. Leave a comment when you are done to let the class know how your Viking saga ends. Remember, first name only. No e-mail address. And your comment will not appear until I approve it.

Viking Quest

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