Welcome Back 2014-2015!

Welcome back to VES!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to see your children. I’ve enjoyed my summer break, but I can’t wait to catch up with my students, hear about their summer break, and see how they’ve grown and changed. We have a great year ahead of us!

VES just keeps getting better! We have a few new teachers, a new PTO president, and most importantly, a new principal. We are looking forward to building on our strengths and trying new things that will make our school even better.

Meet the Teacher is Tuesday, August 5th from 4-6 pm. If you are experiencing hardship and need help with school supplies, please call me or come by my office during Meet the Teacher.

Can’t wait to see all of you!

Kathy Henson
VES Counselor

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday- lots of food, football, and family. And naps. Lots of naps. I’m not sure I’ve looked forward to a holiday this much in a long time. This is my first year as a counselor, and the past four months have gone by in a blur. I feel like I’m finally settling in, and I’m looking forward to spending a little time reflecting on my experience so far while enjoying my turkey and dressing.

As I’ve gotten to know the students here at VES, I’ve been reminded about why I wanted to be a school counselor in the first place. I was 11 when my parents first separated, and I vividly remember going to school the next day and talking to my friends about what had happened. I remember standing in my science class, but I don’t remember what the teacher taught that day. In fact, I don’t remember anything about that day other than a feeling of being alone and disconnected from everything going on around me. I think I might have also been experiencing a mild case of shock. In essence, the foundation of my world had been rocked, and I felt lost. Did I care about math? Reading? Anything?

We have such high academic expectations for our children, and yet there are barriers to learning that have nothing to do with academic ability. Life can be hard. Children experience difficulties of all caliber, ranging from divorce in the family, to a lack of friends, to anxiety, hunger, learning disabilities, abuse, low self-esteem, and on and on…

Sadly, we can’t fix all of the problems that our students face. We can perhaps alleviate some of these problems, but we can’t make them disappear. Our goal is to teach our students coping skills and to help build resiliency so that they can respond to the challenges of life with hope, perseverance, and pragmatism.

These kids have so much potential, I can’t even tell you. I look forward to seeing them every day.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!