We will begin our water rocket project next week! Please see the letter below that was sent home with the kiddos yesterday. It is very detailed and provides examples and a list of materials needed, as well as VERY IMPORTANT deadlines. ALL MATERIALS AND THE SIGNED LETTER ARE DUE NEXT MONDAY, MAY 14,2018. NO LATE LETTERS OR SUPPLIES WILL BE EXCEPTED AND AN ALTERNATIVE ASSIGNMENT WILL BE GIVEN. 


The final exam will be given the last week of school. The specific exam schedule should be sent out on the ListServ email announcements. Please see below for a blank copy of the study guide! The students were given the study guide on Tuesday in class. They have been working on it for the last two days. We will go over the correct answers tomorrow (Friday), and they can then bring the study guide home to study each night.


End of last week/ this weeks update

We finished our unit foldable last week!! The kiddos worked so hard on these. They can take them home after we finish our study guide for the final exam this week. Please see pictures at the end of this post for the last few foldables we completed.

THIS WEEK—- We are working on a guided reading about the birth and death of stars (Monday and Tuesday)

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday will be spent completing the study guide for the final exam! A blank copy of it will be posted on Wednesday! The final exam will be the last week of school. The exam schedule should be going out on the ListServ announcements soon!



Monday, 4/30

We completed our Inner Planets foldable. Please see pictures below. We will complete the outer planets foldable tomorrow, and pictures of that assignment will be posted then.


WE WILL HAVE A SILVER QUIZ ON THURSDAY. IT WILL COVER THE STRUCTURE OF THE SUN, ULTRAVIOLET TELESCOPES, AND INNER/OUTER PLANETS. The quizlet link will be posted in the morning, and the students will be given a print out in class tomorrow. Please look back at previous pictures to begin studying ahead of time.

Thursday 4/26 and Friday 4/27

I was out on Thursday. The kiddos read about comets, asteroids, and meteors, and then completed 9 review questions. They then drew a campaign for Pluto! They had to decide if Pluto should or should not be considered a planet, and list 3 facts on their mini poster to support their opinion.

They did not finish both assignments in class yesterday, so we spent today (Friday) getting those things completed and graded.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (4/23-4/25)

Monday (4/23)— We celebrated Earth day! We talked about the importance of conserving our precious resources that our great Earth has.

Tuesday (4/24)— We completed our Electromagnetic Telescopes foldable! Please see pictures below.


Wednesday (4/25)— We completed our Sun Structure foldable! Please see pictures below.


Tuesday 4/17 and Wednesday 4/18

We completed our Heliocentric and Geocentric foldables! Pictures of this were posted on Monday.

We also began discussing reflecting and refracting telescopes. Please see pictures below of the foldable we created.

***We will have a SILVER QUIZ on MONDAY (4/23) which will cover heliocentric notes, geocentric notes, and reflecting/refracting telescopes. A quizlet will be posted tomorrow (Thursday). ***


Monday, April 16

We have began our FINAL unit of the school year!! We made our giant foldable, which with house all of our notes and information for this last unit. Parents, you will LOVE the final product your child brings home in May!!

***IT IS SO IMPORTANT THAT EVERYONE HAS COLORED PENCILS, A GLUE STICK, AND SCISSORS IN CLASS EACH DAY. This was posted on the supply list in August, but some people have ran out since the beginning of the year. Please check in with your child to make sure they have all the necessary items. We will use these each day, and they can quickly get behind if they are not prepared for class!***

We began our foldables on the geocentric and heliocentric models today. Please see below for pictures.