We will begin construction on our water rockets next Monday, May 15th. The students will pick partners for this activity (although they do NOT have to have a partner). Each partner pair will need the following set of materials:

  1.  Two 2 or 3 Liter Soda Bottles (empty and washed out)
  2. Cardboard (Just enough to make the wings of the rocket)
  3. A manila folder or a pocket folder (this helps make the nose cone of the rocket)
  4. Duct Tape (Each student will probably use multiple rolls of duct tape)

The students will be working with their partners to create a rocket design. Some like to make a basic rocket and use pretty patterns or bright colors of duct tape. Some students choose to recreate cartoon characters or have a certain theme for their rocket.


Week of March 13-17

Monday- We completed a lab, which involved the students participating in fine motor activities. These activities were to help them relate to the tough tasks an astronaut faces while in space. The students wrote a reflection about their lab experience in their Science notebook. This lab was a SILVER grade. If you were absent, and missed the lab, I will let you know by Friday, March 17, when your make-up day will be.

Tuesday- We celebrated Pi Day! The National Junior Honor Society helped us out by planning great, interactive activities for the kiddos to participate in.

Wednesday- We completed the Myer’s Briggs Type Indicator. This was for each student to gain a better understanding of their particular personality type. We will continue this activity tomorrow, by looking at what career choices might be good for the students based on their test results. We will connect this to what roles certain astronauts play in space.

Thursday- The students will be given the article of the week. They will have some class time to work on this, but it will be due NEXT THURSDAY (MARCH 21) FOR A SILVER GRADE!  We will also be watching a short video clip, and discussed the importance of continues space exploration.

Friday- We will create a foldable on plants, and make connections about why it might be important to learn how to grow plants in space, and how we might can accomplish that.


We will have a GOLD GRADE on Thursday!! If you will be absent, please be prepared to take the test when you return. This is the end of the third nine weeks!

Below is the quizlet link to help you study. You also got a study guide today in class. The quizlet will also help you double check your study guide answers.



Foldable and Vocabulary Quiz

We completed a foldable in class today on a few of our vocabulary words. These words cover space exploration. We have a second foldable to complete on Monday, which will cover the rest of the vocabulary terms. Pictures of today’s assignment are posted below.

We will have a silver vocabulary quiz on Tuesday. The quizlet study link is posted below as well. There will be 10 questions.


Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 1/30-2/1

Update on the first half of the week:

Monday and Tuesday- We took notes about the oceans intertidal zone. We discussed 6 different habitats within the intertidal zone. I am having trouble attaching the note sheet and the PowerPoint to my blog. If you have been absent and would like this assignment, please email me at kmorrison@shelbyed.org and I will send you a copy of each.

Wednesday- Today in class, we had the Chromebooks to begin working on our article of the week. This article is assigned through GOOGLE CLASSROOM. The students have until Monday at 11:59 PM to submit their article annotations and response.

***Plenty of makeup work time will be provided for those who have been absent due to the increase in sickness this week and last week***



Important announcements for this week:

  1. We have a TEST (GOLD GRADE) on Friday. This test will cover Moon Phases, Tides, Solstice/Equinox, and Solar/Lunar Eclipses. You received a study guide in class TODAY. You were given the entire period to work on that study guide. We went over the correct answers today as well. Below is a blank copy of the study guide. It is due on Friday before we begin the test. It will be a BRONZE grade. I will also attach a Quizlet link below. This will cover vocabulary and moon phases. See previous posts for notes that have been taken in class.
  2. Your article response is due Friday. Please see Google Classroom for this assignment. I have reserved the Chromebook carts for us to use on Thursday. We will spend that class time working on our article responses. This will be a SILVER grade.
  3. TOMORROW  is BYOD!! We will play KaHoot! to review for our test!



Click the link above for the Quizlet!!


Wednesday 1/18/17

We continued working on our tides data table during bell work time.

We took a short quiz on the moon’s phases. This quiz was a “surprise”—but the kiddos were told to study each night since last week!

We read an article from Newsela and wrote a on paragraph summary on the reading. The summary is to completed for homework if it was not finished during class time. This will be due for a grade TOMORROW (THURSDAY).

Below is the link to the article we read in class today.


MONDAY 1/17/17

We began our notes on the Earth’s tide cycles. We went over a PowerPoint presentation (attached below) and took notes on a hangout that was given (attached below). We glued the notes into our Science notebooks.

Our bell work page for the week is also attached below. If you were absent today, please make sure you get these notes completed by Thursday.

Download (PPTX, 2.08MB)

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Tuesday— We watched a short video clip on why the Earth has seasons. We read chapter 19, section 1 (Earth’s Seasons) and we answered review questions to recap the lesson.

Wednesday— I was out yesterday. The students read Chapter 19, section 3, and answered the section review questions in their Science notebooks.

Thursday (Today)—- We created a graphic to explain the moon’s phases. A picture is posted below.  Click on the picture to enlarge it. We will finish taking notes on the moon’s phases tomorrow.

moon phases