I apologize to the parents of my 6th period kiddos. While grades are posted in I-Now for you to view, we still send home a paper copy of the report card. I did not give these to my 6th period students today. We have been working so hard on our greenhouse projects, that it just slipped my mind to pass them out. I apologize if this has caused anyone an inconvenience, and can assure that they will be handed out on MONDAY. Please feel free to email me at kmorrison@shelbyed.org if you need to speak with me about this. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday-Friday (3/14-3/16)

We officially began our research for our Mars Greenhouse Project today! We started with researching facts about the surface of Mars. Please see the picture of the worksheet below. We will continue working on the research portion through Friday.

Click the image to enlarge it!!

Next Monday, March 19, we will begin building the models of the greenhouses. This is done in groups of 3 or 4 which were chosen by me. Please see below for a list of materials that I will and will not be providing.

I WILL PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING MATERIALS (Students DO NOT need to bring these in on their own)  Styrofoam cups, paper plates, bending straws, aluminum foil, wax paper, cling wrap, cotton balls, toothpicks, paper clips, craft sticks, pieces from a pool noodle, yarn, fishing line, pipe cleaners, cardboard boxes, construction paper, markers, crayons, and colored pencils.

I WILL NOT BE PROVIDING THE FOLLOWING MATERIALS (These materials are OPTIONAL and are NOT REQUIRED for use during the project, but are welcomed if needed for use)  Shoe boxes, cereal boxes, duct tape, modeling clay or play-dough, and styrofoam shapes.

A hot glue gun and adult scissors may be brought in from home and used, however I will be of the understanding that the students have gotten parent permission BEFORE bringing these items to class to use. 

Thursday 3/8 – Friday 3/16

LAST THURSDAY AND FRIDAY—- We completed a foldable on the importance of plants! Please see pictures below. This was to get the kiddos thinking about why we would need plants if we were to colonize Mars, or even have permanent living in space.


MONDAY 3/12- We looked at two articles from Newsela. Article #1 was about growing veggies in space. It explained the challenges we face as we attempt to make this happen for long term use. Article #2 explained the United States effort to use recycled saliva and urine on the International Space Station to have continued clean drinking water, and water for plant growth. The kiddos found them VERY interesting!

TUESDAY 3/13- Our school celebrated Pi Day today! We had National Honor Society students come to conduct a Pi Day lesson in our class. After the lesson, the students were introduced to the details of their Greenhouse project. We will begin research on the project tomorrow, and will spend the remainder of the week completing the research. The construction portion of the project will take place IN CLASS next week, and group presentations will be conducted on Friday 3/23. THIS IS AN IN CLASS PROJECT, which means there should not be any work that needs to be completed from home. Please see the handout below. The students were given a paper copy of this today in class.  The materials listed on the handout are ones that I AM PROVIDING.


Monday 3/5

We are finishing up watching WALL-E. Even though WALL-E is a fictional movie, we are using its concepts to make connections to the importance of plant life, and how important it is for humans to see plant life on a daily basis. This will lead us into our greenhouse project, which we will begin NEXT WEEK (March 12-16). The students are answering questions about the movie as we watch, which will be graded this week.

***IMPORTANT*** Everyone will need the cardboard center to the toilet paper roll tomorrow in class! This was announced to the students last week, so hopefully they have been preparing for this ahead of time! We will us these to design small rockets, which we will launch in class on WEDNESDAY. This will be the final GOLD GRADE of the nine weeks, so it is imperative that each student has one to decorate and launch! Please feel free to provide extra if you HAPPEN to use up other toilet paper rolls, although only one is required!

Friday 2/23 and Monday 2/26

Friday 2/23- We completed our astronaut activities lab. The kiddos had so much fun using large gloves and blindfolds to simulate the tedious work astronauts have to complete in space. We also watched a short video clip from Mars is Ours, about what technology is needed to land a spacecraft on the surface of Mars.


Monday 2/26- We completed our balloon rocket lab. The students were given fishing line, a straw, a balloon, and some tape. They had to brainstorm how to create a “rocket” and land it at a specific point in a straight line. Once they accomplished this goal, they were given a small plastic cup filled with paper clips, which represented their “payload” to send to space. We wrote lab reflections on the creative process, and lessons learned from this activity.

*****THERE WILL BE A GOLD TEST ON THIS FRIDAY 3/2!!!!! PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR THE QUIZLET STUDY LINK****** The test is only 20 questions, so 4 nights is more than enough time to study the material below. Please begin studying tonight.




Wednesday 2/21 and Thursday 2/22

Wednesday 2/21- We began working on a Guided Reading Worksheet on space travel. The students were given the entire period, and one on one assistance if needed. This was not for homework since there is not a class set of Science textbooks. The students were given a few minutes today in class to work on it as well. It is due for a grade tomorrow (Friday). If you were absent please see me for another copy.

Thursday 2/22- We began exploring the fine motor skills required of astronauts in space. The students worked in small group to perform certain tasks which challenged their motor skills and senses. They kept up with the data in their Science notebooks.

There is no homework tonight.

Tuesday, February 20th

We completed our foldable on Velocity today. We then began talking about multistage rockets. Notes were taken and a diagram of a multistage rocket was drawn and labeled in the Science notebook. Please see below for pictures.

There is no homework tonight.


Monday, February 19

Today in class, we took the Myers Briggs Personality assessment and analyzed our results. The students were able to see what their particular personality types were, traits they possess, and examples of careers they may excel in.

We then began talking about velocity. We are working on a foldable which explains and illustrates velocity. Pictures of the foldable will be posted tomorrow once it is completed.

There is no homework tonight.

Monday 2/5

The kiddos took their Aspire Interim exams today. These DO NOT count for a grade, but simply help us teachers to effectively make changes to our instruction, where we see areas of need.

BELOW IS THE QUIZLET STUDY LINK. THE TEST IS THIS FRIDAY. IT IS A GOLD GRADE. I know the quizlet is long. The actual test itself will be 35-40 questions. Multiple choice, True/False, and Matching. The students have known about the test since last week, and were encouraged to begin studying their notes from the moment they found out about the test.




Wednesday 1/24-Friday 2/2

I apologize for not updating the blog for a few days. This post will get everyone caught up on our daily activities from Wednesday, 1/24/18 through TODAY, Friday 2/2/18.

Wednesday 1/24- We continued our notes about moon phases. See picture below.

Thursday 1/25- We did an investigation about seasons. The students used a model of the Earth, and a flashlight (representing the Sun), so model why seasons occur. See a picture below of the data table we created during this assignment.

Friday 1/26- We took a quiz on the moon phases. After the quiz, we began learning about tides.

Monday 1/29- We finished our notes on tides, and completed a data worksheet. See below for pictures.

Tuesday 1/30- We completed an interactive article through Google Classroom It was about the Super Blue Moon we had!

Wednesday 1/31- We began notes on the intertidal zones. A picture will be posted on Monday 2/5 when the notes are completed.

Thursday 2/1- We completed an interactive article about the trash accumulation effecting our ocean ecosystems. We will continue discussion on this on Tuesday of next week.

Friday 2/2- The students have the opportunist to complete the two articles assigned to them this week (if they have not already completed them). We also continued our discussion on the intertidal zones.