Tuesday and Wednesday 10/10-10/11

Monday was a teacher workday, no students.

TUESDAY—- The kiddos watched a video about four of the active volcanoes in Iceland, and what their effect on the climate would be if they were to erupt. They completed a worksheet along with the video. This will be a bronze grade.

WEDNESDAY—- We read pages 166-169 in our classroom textbook. These pages discussed the three types of volcanoes (Composite, Cinder Cone and Shield). We then discussed viscosity, and how it effects the flow of lava. We demonstrated the effect of viscosity by looking at three different liquids, and how they flow at room temperature, heated, and with sand. The students completed a data table along with the demonstration. This will be glued into their science notebooks tomorrow.

Thursday and Friday

The kiddos had a sub on Thursday, while I was at professional development. They read and discussed information about volcanic activity, which we will continue discussing on Monday.

Friday (Today)- They took the Science portion of the ACT Aspire Interim Exam. This test does not effect their grade, it just simply gives us data to better meet the students needs.

**There will be a vocabulary quiz NEXT THURSDAY (10/5). Please click the link below to study the words on Quizlet! We will be studying these words in detail next week!**



Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

Monday 9/25- The kiddos worked on creating their Pangaea Puzzles. They pieced the continents together into one large land mass. They watched a video about the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Tuesday 9/26- We will play KaHoot to review for our Gold Test on Wednesday! Please bring a device that can connect to the internet if you have one available to you! I will have a few iPad’s for use as well.

Wednesday 9/27- GOLD TEST!! This test will cover earthquakes, the layers of the earth, and plate boundaries! There will also be a portion of the test dedicated to interpreting data. The kiddos will be given a graph or data table they have never seen before, and will have to answer questions about what they are observing. We have been working on this skill since school started. Please see the quizlet link below, as well as pictures of the notebook pages that will be covered on the test!


Wednesday 9/20

We began discussing the three types of plate boundaries. The kiddos created a foldable with important information about each boundary. They also began coloring a map with each plate on Earth’s lithosphere. See pictures below for the notes.

*******REMINDER—- Please help us by bringing NAVAL oranges, “Fun Sized” Milky Ways, KitKats, and toothpicks for our activity on Friday!*****

Monday and Tuesday

I apologize for not updating my blog last week. We were out last Monday and Tuesday due to inclement weather, and I was also out on Friday of last week. We talked about magnitude and intensity of earthquakes on Wednesday and Thursday last week. The students completed a worksheet which will be a bronze grade.

Monday (9/18)- We began discussing the Earth’s interior. The students drew a diagram of the Earth’s interior, and we took notes about each layer. See pictures below.

Tuesday (9/18)- We continued taking notes about the Earth’s interior. We then began discussing continental drift. We read about Alfred Wegener, and his theory of continental drift. The students began working on a worksheet which they will complete tomorrow in class.

******IMPORTANT— We are in need of NAVAL oranges (The large oranges–NOT halos or cuties), “Fun Sized” Milky Way Bars, and Toothpicks for a lab THIS Friday! If anyone could send any of these items to school with your child, it would greatly benefit our lesson on Friday!*****

Tuesday 9/5 and Wednesday 9/6

Tuesday (9/5)- We planned for our earthquake proof houses. The kiddos met with their groups, and drew up final “blueprints” and planned their budget. They have a pretend budget of $1,600.

The students were also given a copy of their 16 vocabulary words which they will have a GOLD test on this Friday. These words have already been in their science notebooks as a part of notes we have taken, but this handout provided them with one place to easily reference. They were also given the OPTION of making flashcards for their words. The quizlet link is posted on the previous post below. This is a great tool to study these vocabulary words.


Wednesday (9/6)- The students will be constructing their earthquake proof houses. They will have the entire class period to construct the houses with their group members. This is a SILVER lab grade!

Thursday and Friday

Thursday— We conducted our Earthquake Wave Lab. The kiddos had so much fun using slinkys and stopwatches to learn about the different earthquake waves. They completed a lab report during the lab, which was taken for a silver grade.

Friday— We read about the different ways engineers build earthquake proof houses. They completed a reading comprehension worksheet on this material. We then used the Chromebooks to study our vocabulary words we have learned so far! The link to the vocabulary is below.



***If you have never used Quizlet before, I highly suggest having your child create an account. It is so helpful when studying vocabulary, or for any major tests. They can create their own study sets, and take practice tests, play study games, etc. It is a fantastic resource that they can use throughout the remainder of their education!***


Tuesday– I had a substitute for half of the day. The students read an informational text, answered questions about the reading, and wrote a 1 paragraph summary. They were also given time to work on their earthquake myths.

Wednesday– We made a foldable on the 3 types of earthquake waves. (See pictures below).



We will be having a lab tomorrow where the students will be investigating the different types of earthquake waves using a slinky and a stopwatch.

Monday 8/28

Last Friday, we began watching a video about the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in 2011. The students completed a worksheet with that video.

Today, we are finishing the last 10 minutes of the video and going over the worksheet. It will be a bronze grade.

The kids also starting writing a myth with their small groups. We discussed how ancient cultures used myths to explain natural events that occurred. The students wrote their myth to explain why earthquakes occur. I am so impressed with their creativity. We will finish these in class and present them tomorrow. This is a group assignment.

There is no homework tonight!

Monday and Tuesday

Monday 8/14- We had the Chromebooks for use in class today! The students were able join my Google Classroom. Once they joined, they completed a pretest on Plate boundaries, and volcanoes. The pretest WAS NOT taken for a grade, but simply a tool to see what the students already know or don’t know for our upcoming plate tectonics unit. IMPORTANT: PARENTS—- You will not be able to view the content posted to Google Classroom UNLESS you have your child’s login information. We will use Google classroom for pretests and article responses throughout the year. Daily classroom updates, and study tools will be posted on this blog.

Tuesday 8/15- We glued our science safety contract into our journals. We also began learning how to write a constructed response. We took notes about how to do this in our journals. Pictures are posted below.

IMPORTANT!!!——- We will be sending home information about the solar eclipse tomorrow!! A permission slip will go home with the students. The student MUST have this signed and returned by FRIDAY in order to go outside with us. This activity is not required. Parents–if you chose for your child to NOT view the eclipse, that is fine, they will be supervised by another teacher inside the school. We are providing glasses for those 6th graders who return a signed permission form.