Thursday 12/7 and Friday 12/8

Today in class, we discussed the 4 types of weather fronts. These include cold fronts, warm fronts, stationary fronts, and occluded fronts. Please see the pictures below for pictures of the foldable we created today.


We have learned all new material for the remainder of the semester. I have created a quizlet study guide for the exam. The exam will be a GOLD GRADE. There will be 20 questions. 16 questions will be matching, and on the last four questions, the students will have to identify the illustrations of each of the fronts. Please begin studying as soon as possible. I know everyone has a lot of material to study for each class, so it is good practice to set a schedule, and stick to it. The students will be taking these exams from now until they graduate from high school or college. Please help foster responsibility and use these middle school years as a learning experience.





Tuesday 12/5 and Wednesday 12/6

Yesterday in class, the kiddos observed how a convection current moves. They answered reflection questions about what they observed and how it would affect weather patterns. We then began our notes on sea and land breezes.

Today, we completed the notes on sea and land breezes, and global winds and jet streams. Please see pictures below.

Tomorrow, we will create a foldable on the four types of air masses. This will be the last of our new material. The Quizlet link will becuploaded with tomorrow’s blog post.

Monday, 12/4

Today in class, we graphed the data that we gathered during our soil and water lab last week. The students were able to see that the land heats and cools faster than water! This will lead us into discussing land and sea breezes this week. Afterwards, we had a short discussion on the differences of weather and climate. Please see below for pictures from class today.


****The students will be learning new material this week, which will be covered in their last test next week! This is considered our “exam.” It is NOT a comprehensive test, so the students will only be tested on the new material from this week. We will be finished with all new material by Thursday. Please encourage your child to study a little bit every night. I will have pictures posted of what we did that day in class. We will review on Friday AND Monday. We will follow the exam schedule that was planned by HMS administration. This schedule has been sent out daily on the list serve announcements.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (11/28-12/1)

Tuesday (Today– 11/28) —- We finished the documentary about the April 2011 tornadoes. The kiddos wrote a reflection about the video, where they described the importance of having a safe place in the home, and they brainstormed ways that the weather service and meteorologist can get news of severe storms to the public faster.  We also finished up notes about hurricanes. My camera on my iPad is having issues, but the students have copies of this in their Science Notebooks.

Wednesday (11/29)— We will be reviewing for our test on FRIDAY. We were going to complete our soil lab today, but due to unforeseen circumstances, we will have to be in the lab tomorrow instead.

Thursday (11/30)—- LAB DAY! We will test the temperature of soil and water using heat lamps. We will make connections to how this represents the uneven heating of Earth’s surface.

Friday (12/1)—- TEST— GOLD GRADE. The Quizlet study link is on yesterday’s blog post. (Right below this post)

Monday, 11/27

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Today in class, we watched a video documentary called “April’s Fury”. It is about the April 2011 tornadoes. (This replaced the documentary we were supposed to watch last week, but did not). We will finish the documentary tomorrow.

******THE NEXT GOLD GRADE TEST IS THIS FRIDAY, 12/1******* The quizlet study link is attached. This is the study guide. A paper copy will be given tomorrow in class to those who wish to have it.


Wednesday 11/15 , Thursday 11/16 , and Friday 11/17

Wednesday (11/15)—- We read about the difference between tornado watches and warnings. We then created a foldable which described these differences, how to be alerted of the warnings, and where to go for as safe place in the home. Please see below for pictures.


Thursday (11/16)—- We took notes on thunderstorms and tornadoes. Please see pictures below.


Friday (11/17)— Since we have taken so many notes the past few days, we will have note taking check grade. Afterwards, the students will work on a weather word search.




Monday 11/13 and Tuesday 11/14

I hope everyone had a fantastic Veteran’s Day and long weekend.

Yesterday (Monday)—- We finish up our notes about how the Sun’s energy is absorbed or reflected by our atmosphere. We also drew and labeled a diagram which showed this information. We then colored and labeled a diagram of the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Please see below for pictures.


Today (Tuesday)—- We had a class demo on air mass. The students created a data table, and tracked how long it took for the candle to burn in the different size mason jars. We then explained how we proved that air has less mass at high altitude. Please see below for pictures. (You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.)

Wednesday, 11/8

The kiddos finished up notes about the relationship between air pressure, density, and altitude. See pictures below.

***I have asked students to please take their science notebooks home each day to study these notes. These concepts are not easy, but will be referenced throughout our weather unit.****


Below is a link to the website which explains our egg lab. WE ONLY DID THE PORTION WITH BIRTHDAY CANDLES. If you have been absent this week, please look at this page, and watch the videos (there are 2). This will allow you to be able to write your lab reflection, and receive your lab grade.


Monday 11/6 and Tuesday 11/7

I was out on Monday, so the students read about air pressure, and answered review questions from the textbook. This will be taken as a 10 point bronze completion grade.

Tuesday, we had our egg lab! The students had a wonderful time, and learned some good stuff about air pressure!

Today in class, we will write reflections about the lab, and finish our notes about air pressure. Pictures of those notes will be posted this afternoon.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (11/1-11/3)

Wednesday (11/1)—We spent the day reviewing for our test. The kiddos played Plickers to review, then were able to track how well they did last week on our “mini-review”, versus how they did this week!

Thursday (11/2)— We took our test! The students were then able to work on the interactive articles they were assigned last week.

Friday (11/3)— The students wrote a 1 paragraph reflection on their test scores compared to how well they did on the review. They explained what they could do better next time, what I (the teacher) could do better next time, and they set a goal to reach on the next test! We then began discussing air pressure, and took a few notes. These notes will be completed next WEDNESDAY so a picture will be posted then.


****************IMPORTANT************** We have a lab on TUESDAY (11/7) and the students will need to bring TWO hard boiled eggs for this lab. THIS IS A REQUIREMENT FOR ALL STUDENTS. If you are unable to boil the eggs, Publix and Walmart sell pre-boiled eggs!