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Don’t forget to choose one of the three weather fronts we learned about to do for your recipe. Your choices are cold front, warm front, and stationary front. I have attached an example below for you and I have attached the weather front page for reading. See everyone tomorrow! This is due on Monday.



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I have posted the page below you need to read as well as the directions on how to complete the card.

Remember on the back of the card you will list the name of the vortex you chose. Example Tornado vortex. In the remaining three boxes you list the examples of vortices, definition of a vortex, and what causes a vortex. On the front you will draw the vortex you choose and color it. Please take your time on this and make sure your hand writing is neat as well. This is due on Thursday. Have a great night.

What is a Vortex Article

trading card border back of card

trading card border

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It is supposed to be worded that way. Tornadoes can form from other events like a Hurricane and a thunderstorm. Does it make sense now?

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Here are the pages and sheet for this project!

Worksheet given out today

thunderstorms, tornado, and hurricane project






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Don’t forget about the tornado watch and warning sequence you have to do tonight. I have the sheet below if you need to print off another one. I also have the page we read in class for your to re read or use to help you. Remember the class with the highest percentage turned in will be in the running for renting the deep ocean or coral seas dvds. Enjoy the rain!

Tornado Watch and Warning

tornado watch and warning picture


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Great job in class today working on the catastrophic event scientist foldable. Remember I will check it for a grade tomorrow. We did most of it in class today so they students shouldn’t need a book to finish.  See example below.


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Don’t forget about the oceans test tomorrow. I have posted the answer key to your study guide below. I hope that you at least attempted to answer all of the questions before clicking the links to the answers below. If you want to perform well you must practice, so study!!!! Also finish the conclusion for the wave bottle activity tomorrow and show it to me in line before you come into the classroom and I will give you five bonus points. See everyone tomorrow and take advantage of your study guide.

study guide answer key page 5

study guide answer key page 4

study guide answer key page 3

study guide answer key page 2

study guide answer key page 1

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I have posted the study guide I handed out today in class. I will post the answers on Thursday.  Try to answer all of the questions using your notebook then check your answers on Thursday.  I don’t expect you to answer them all tonight. The link for the study guide is below.

Oceans study guide page 1

Oceans study guide page 2

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We have an assignment in which the students chose which activity they wanted to do. We will be complete this activity in class today and tomorrow but students who chose the booklet will need to do some at home. I am posting the pages they have to read below as well as the handouts for each assignment. This will be entry 8 in their notebooks. Thanks

Read pages below










Entry 8 Handouts

Fill in the blank notes on ocean zones

intertidal zones notes

Ocean Zones booklet

habitat of ocean zones