posted by Kevin Pughsley on Oct 20

Don’t forget the color the interior and atmosphere of the Sun as well as label the eclipses on the back and color them.  This will be due tomorrow and I will check your notes on the Sun.  I will post the coloring sheet on each google classroom page.  Have a great day.

posted by Kevin Pughsley on Oct 19

Update!  I thought like a scientist and didn’t give in to my first failure.  I problem solved and added the three remaining pages to the Sun article to each of my google classrooms go there to access the article and log in.  Have a great night!

google classroom link


My blog is not allowing me to upload claiming the size of the scan is too big.  I will try to get it up as soon as I can.  Thanks

posted by Kevin Pughsley on Oct 19

Just wanted to remind you about the eclipse interactive being due by the end of today.  Most of you completed it and turned it in yesterday but you have until tonight to turn it into my google classroom.  The article for the Sun notes will be uploaded by 5:30p.m. when I get home and will be placed below if you want to get a jump start on the rest of the class.  Have a great night!


posted by Kevin Pughsley on Oct 17

We started our eclipse interactive assignment today in class.  We are completing the assignment through google classroom.  The students will have some of the class time tomorrow to complete the activity we started today.   They can work on this assignment at home and turn it in  through google classroom.  I have provided a link to the interactive website below and the questions if you can’t get to my google classroom.  Thanks and have a great night!

Eclipse interactive



posted by Kevin Pughsley on Oct 11

Here is the article for working on completing your notes by Thursday.  Follow the link and go to lesson six on eclipses and scroll to page 81.




posted by Kevin Pughsley on Oct 4

Just a reminder that the reasons for seasons lab are due tomorrow for a gold level grade.  I have prepped the students for this since we started the lab last week and completed it.  They only had to complete the conclusion questions on the back of the lab sheet everything else was completed in class.  This will be due tomorrow.

posted by Kevin Pughsley on Oct 2

Here is a practice test for studying tonight for the benchmark test tomorrow.


posted by Kevin Pughsley on Oct 2

Make sure you study tonight for you science benchmark test tomorrow.  Below is the learning targets for the benchmark test all the students received on Wednesday.  Good luck and see everyone tomorrow!


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Here is the reasons for seasons article if you are in 4th or 5th period and need to finish your notes tonight.

reasons for seasons page 1 Reasons for seasons page 2 Reasons for Seasons page 3 Reasons for seasons page 4

posted by Kevin Pughsley on Sep 26

We will have our benchmark test for science on Monday Oct. 3rd next week.  The students will get the learning targets they should know on Thursday to study using their notebooks.  We had a great day in class learning about the north star (Polaris)  See everyone when we rotate into light!