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Oceans study guide page 1

Oceans study guide page 2

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Here are the notes for Tides incase you need them.

Tides Notes Tides Notes back

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Don’t forget to study entries 1-5 for your oceans test on Wednesday.  I will be out tomorrow home with my son who has a stomach bug.  I will be back on Wednesday.  If you have any questions about your study guide post them under comments.  See everyone on Wednesday.

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Waves coming and going answers

Click on the link and you will have all of the answers to entry four waves coming and going notes.

Today’s notes on waves and beach erosion.

Erosion: The process of breaking up rock and carrying it away.

Barrier Beach: A long natural landfrom made of sand deposits that protects the shoreline from wave action.

Sand Dunes: Wind blown hills of sand with dune plants growing on them for added resistance to erosion.

Groin: A wall of rocks or concrete that extends out from the beach out into the ocean.

  • Erosion  is decreased in front of the groin
  • Erosion is increased behind the groin

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Don’t forget to answer number 11 on your waves coming and going notes for your homework tonight.

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food web notes

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I will add them this weekend.  Have a great weekend.

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Great work in class today.  I really enjoyed teaching and helping you learn about waves.   Don’t forget to try the experiment tonight on your parents to see if you can get free ice cream.  We will be in the science lab tomorrow and if you missed today or need the notes that we completed in class click the links below.  See everyone tomorrow.

Waves coming and going (sheet given out in class today)

Waves coming and going answers 1.22.15 (notes from class today)


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Here are the notes we completed in class on Wednesday thru Thursday.

Notes from Tuesday this week on Ocean Exploration

Ocean exploration notes

Notes from Wednesday this week on the Ocean Floor



Notes on Ocean Organisms from Thursday



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The directions for you oceans homework assignment are below if you didn’t get a chance to write it down from off the board.

  • Draw, label, and color the three ocean zones (intertidal, neritic, and open ocean zones)
  • color and label the three zones of the water column (surface, transition, and deep zones)
  • Draw, label, and color one type of each ocean organism (plankton, nekton, and benthos)
  • Draw, label, and color any two of the seven parts of the ocean floor (continental shelf, continental slope, seamount, volcanic island, abyssal plain, trench, and mid ocean ridge)
  • Ocean homework assignment example
  • Example above but needs to be colored!  Be creative!

This will be due on Tuesday when we return to school.  You have 5 days to complete it so plenty of time to finish this assignment.  I look forward to seeing your work of art and mastery of the ocean.  Have a great long week and remember no school on Monday.