posted by Kevin Pughsley on May 2

We started our big fourth nine weeks project today on Human impact on the environment.  I look forward to seeing the students work hard on this during class.  They received their packets, chose partners, and chose a topic today.  The packets will stay in my binder for each class except for those that choose to utilize Google classroom.  They may use it and complete some of the assignment at home.  I look forward to this week and helping everyone solve why their topic is a problem to the environment.  Below is a copy of the packet and peer review/topic sheet.  Good luck and can’t wait.

peer review and topics for human impact



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I gave out the study guide today as well as all the learning targets. Please be prepared for the test on Thursday.  Use the link below to help you study

Cool Study website

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We will have a test on earthquakes on Thursday.  I will give out a study guide on Tuesday but here is a link to some questions pertaining to earthquakes and plate tectonics.  Have a great week everyone!

study quiz game

earthquake study quiz


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Don’t forget to complete the how earthquake resistant is your house sheet on the back of entry 6.  I will take it up tomorrow before the big fifty quiz.  The words for the big fifty quiz are below.  Be ready to spell them correctly and use them in sentence correctly as well.  See everyone tomorrow!





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Don’t forget about the big 50 quiz tomorrow.  The words are below that you will have to know to spell and use in a sentence.

N.A.S.A. = National Aeronautics and Space Administration

N.O.A.A. = National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration



Website for the real time earthquakes is below




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Just wanted to let everyone know you have an extra day to complete the water cycle in a bag lab. Make sure you have it ready to turn in tomorrow during class. I thought class went really well today and was very excited saying everyone’s Venn diagram on P and S waves. Looking forward to class tomorrow and see everybody when the sun comes up.

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Please don’t forget that the water cycle lab report is due on Wednesday for your first silver grade.  I look forward to seeing how everyone did on their lab report.  I have posted a picture of the beginning of the lab report done in class.  Remember you created your own hypothesis and procedures for this lab which were completed in class.  You will need to finish the data and conclusion on your report.  Use the picture below of one of the bags to explain how the you see all parts of the water cycle for your data and for the conclusion you will need to restate the original question and answer it as well as given one piece of evidence supporting your answer.  Remember this is due on Wednesday.

20160321_105220 (1)

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Today the students wrote down what they know about earthquakes.  If you didn’t finish in class you need to finish tonight at home. Don’t forget to complete the bottom concept map on earthquakes.  Remember you have four to five branches coming off of earthquakes and one to two branches coming off them.  See everyone tomorrow!

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Here is the study guide and study tips for your benchmark test tomorrow in Science.  Remember you need to study so you will perform well on the test.  Have a great night!

benchmark study guide tips for studying benchmark study guide 3rd nine weeks

Here is the article on Hurricanes broken down by the four groups incase you need to finish any notes.  I have highlighted and labeled the answers to the questions for each section.

Hurricane jig sawHurricane article page 1Hurricane article page 2

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Just wanted to remind everyone that the science benchmark test is scheduled for Wednesday.  A study guide will be given out tomorrow.  We will finish our hurricane Katrina article in class tomorrow using our expert groups.   See everyone tomorrow.