posted by Kevin Pughsley on Sep 16

Here is the work we completed in class today.

picture of seasons

seasons calera

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This an example of what we did in class today above is the results for the southern hemisphere.  We completed the northern hemisphere in class today.  Use this as a guide for what you did today because our class work will be different.  I will post our results after all of the classes have fully completed their entry.

posted by Kevin Pughsley on Aug 25

Students create their own myth story explaining what happens in the night sky. They need to create a presentation or video on their story using video or power point. It is due on Friday for 20 Bonus points. The students don’t have to complete this activity it is optional.

Don’t forget about the Kennedy Space Center Field Trip Parent Meeting tomorrow in the cafeteria at 6:30p.m. We will give out numbers when you arrive and you will be able to sign up in order of your numbers. See everyone tomorrow.

posted by Kevin Pughsley on Aug 21

Don’t forget to use the study guide you copied in class today for your quiz tomorrow. Use my blog to help you if you don’t have your notebook. Remember the 5 P’s Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

posted by Kevin Pughsley on Aug 21

Safety Symbols are due today.   Can’t wait to see the final results.