posted by Kevin Pughsley on Aug 23

Great day in class today.  I thought the cup of peanuts activity went really well.  Don’t forget tonight to complete your conclusion for the lab.  Remember you need to restate and answer the questions and give evidence supporting or not supporting your hypothesis.  See everyone tomorrow.

posted by Kevin Pughsley on Aug 22

We had a great day in class and I have updated the blog to represent your notebooks.  Remember if your group didn’t finish questions 1-10 you need to finish them tonight for homework.  If your group finished and you received the hypothesis practice sheet don’t forget to identify the independent and dependent variables and write your if then statements.  Have a great day and we will be in the science lab tomorrow!

posted by Kevin Pughsley on Aug 16

We had our first entry in our science notebook today.  If you weren’t here you can access the digital copy on the tab that says what my notebook looks like.  We also have our first home work assignment.  If you need help look at the example below for writing a hypothesis.

Homework: Come up with a question (any).  Create a hypothesis using if, then, and because.  Bring it in tomorrow for the problem of the day.

Example:  What should we have for dinner?

If we have dinner (a fact) then we will get pizza hut (guess) because you won’t have to make anything MOM! (reason)

You try it now:

Question: How many mini marshmallows can you fit in your mouth?

If, then, because

posted by Kevin Pughsley on Aug 10

We had a great first day in science yesterday.  I look forward to this year and getting to know all of my students.  Please remember to use my blog a resource to help you stay organized, up to date, study and for parents to check up on class.