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Don’t forget to cut out your Moon phases sheet tonight. Inquiry 4.1 you will cut out the circle connecting all the Moons and remember you will cut off part of every circle when you do it. Bring in the circle and the paper you cut out tomorrow. Thanks for a great day in class and see everyone tomorrow.

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Everyone will receive a study guide tomorrow and have time in class to complete it using their notebook and notes.   They can use the blog to help as well by looking at what my notebook should look like.  They need to study entries 6-12 for the test.  Topics on the test will include seasons, shadows, Sun, Moon, Earth, indirect, direct, north star, N.A.S.A, and tilt of Earth other topics.  Good luck and make sure you study so you can perform well on Thursday!!!!!

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Here is the definition for Model

Model: A representation that is used to study objects, ideas, or systems that are too complex, distant, large, or small to study easily firsthand.

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Below are the glossary pages from the red book. You can use the pages to fill out the definitions from the packet you received. Remember you will have until April to memorize all of the definitions to take part in the popcorn and movie as well as receive a 100 test score.

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Today is the last day of summer and tomorrow will be the first day of Fall.  If you can balance an egg on a flat surface or a broom on it’s end or bristles and take a picture with you in it or your name and date written on a sheet of paper I will give you five bonus points.  It is a fun activity.  Remember we will have equal day and equal night tomorrow because the Sun will be shining directly on the equator.  I will have the glossary of the red book up in a few minutes for your big 50.  Have a great weekend.

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Here is the work we completed in class today.

picture of seasons

seasons calera

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This an example of what we did in class today above is the results for the southern hemisphere.  We completed the northern hemisphere in class today.  Use this as a guide for what you did today because our class work will be different.  I will post our results after all of the classes have fully completed their entry.

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Students create their own myth story explaining what happens in the night sky. They need to create a presentation or video on their story using video or power point. It is due on Friday for 20 Bonus points. The students don’t have to complete this activity it is optional.

Don’t forget about the Kennedy Space Center Field Trip Parent Meeting tomorrow in the cafeteria at 6:30p.m. We will give out numbers when you arrive and you will be able to sign up in order of your numbers. See everyone tomorrow.