posted by Kevin Pughsley on Sep 27

Here is the reasons for seasons article if you are in 4th or 5th period and need to finish your notes tonight.

reasons for seasons page 1 Reasons for seasons page 2 Reasons for Seasons page 3 Reasons for seasons page 4

posted by Kevin Pughsley on Sep 26

We will have our benchmark test for science on Monday Oct. 3rd next week.  The students will get the learning targets they should know on Thursday to study using their notebooks.  We had a great day in class learning about the north star (Polaris)  See everyone when we rotate into light!

posted by Kevin Pughsley on Sep 25

I gave back grades for the Moon phases quiz on Friday.  They can correct only the moon phases and return it back in by Tuesday for half credit back.  They must follow the guidelines below in order to receive half credit back.  Have a great weekend.

Guidelines for corrections

  • Correct the wrong answer with the correct answer
  • Draw what the correct answer moon phase would look like
  • Explain why you got the answer wrong
  • Explain why the new corrected answer is right.

Standard answer key

  1. first quarter
  2. waxing gibbous
  3. new moon
  4. waxing crescent
  5. full moon
  6. waning gibbous
  7. third quarter
  8. waning crescent

posted by Kevin Pughsley on Sep 20

We had a great day in class today learning about shadows and tracking the sunrise, solar noon, and sunset data for all four seasons.  Please remember you have a Moon phases quiz tomorrow in my class.  You can study entry 8 on moon phases and the view from Earth in your notebook or what your notebook should look like page on my blog.  You need to be able to identify all 8 phases correctly as well as answer a few questions about the Moon itself.  Good Luck!

Moon facts to know

  • half light and half dark at all times
  • No atmosphere =No weather
  • revolution and rotation are the same length of 27.3 or about a month
  • Phases are caused by the Moon’s orbit around Earth and where we see them Moon in its orbit.
  • It takes the Moon 3 days to change from one phase to the next.


posted by Kevin Pughsley on Sep 15

We had a great day outside tracking shadows and the students did an excellent job filling out their lab reports.  We went outside and measured and painted two readings for the shadows we observed.  Tomorrow we will examine the whole day’s worth of shadow data.  I can’t wait!  Tonight they need to read the article solar noon below.  They need to highlight three important things that they read from the article.  They all have a copy of the article that they can highlight on.  Have a great night and see you when we rotate into light!


posted by Kevin Pughsley on Sep 14

What an amazing class today!  I was so excited to see how everyone performed with moon phases today.  I can’t wait for tomorrow for our tracking shadows activity. Please make sure your child wears clothes they don’t mind getting paint on and are cool since we will be outside during class.  Yes, they are supposed to be naming and creating the moon phases out of oreos or cookies like them.  If you can’t do the cookies they can identify all of the phases of the moon on the back of entry 8 from class today.  Have a great night!

Check out this link below for cool interactives on rotation, revolution, and moon phases.

posted by Kevin Pughsley on Sep 12

Your student should have this assessment today from class.  They need to correct the ones they missed and explain why they chose it and why it is wrong for half credit to be given back.  Great class today on moon light and the moon’s orbit.  See everyone when the Earth rotates into light.

posted by Kevin Pughsley on Sep 10

  1. Students don’t forget to complete your Neil Armstrong crossword puzzle. I will see you on Monday despite what other science teachers may have told you. Have a great weekend and mr. P will be at school on Monday.

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Today we had a great day in class learning about the ancient myths that were created to explain what was happening in the sky.  The students will have an opportunity to earn bonus points over this long weekend.  The details are below.  I will also be updating grades this weekend and entering the test we has last weekend.  This is was their first gold level grade.


Myth story bonus opportunity!

Create a myth story to explain an relationship of the Sun, Earth, or Moon system.  The story can be written, recorded as a song, recorded as a video, or in a presentation.  If it is written it has to be full page in length.  This is due on Tuesday Sept. 6 when we get back to the school.  It can be emailed, brought in, or shared on google drive.  It will be 10 points for bronze or silver and 5 points for gold.

posted by Kevin Pughsley on Aug 30

We had several students get eaets today because of failure to complete the safety symbol picture.  I have posted a picture of the page from the book to help you if you need it.  Today we learned about rotation vs. revolution.  Ask your child to demonstrate rotation and revolution for you.  Thanks for a great day and see everyone tomorrow when the Earth rotates into sunlight!

Safety Symbols