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Here are the answers to the study guide below.  Sorry for the delay had a meeting right after school and practice.  Good Luck!

Study guide bench mark test 1study guide sentence answers

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We had a great day today in class working on the NASA website finishing up our Journey into Rocketry sheet.  Remember that this will be turned in on October 9th with your rough draft for a grade.  If you weren’t able to finish you can use the link from the post on Oct. 5th to finish using the NASA website.  I gave out study guides for our bench mark today.  They need to be completed tonight and brought to class tomorrow so we can go over the study guide.  Our benchmark is on Thursday.  Friday the students will design their water rockets in class and turn in their design at the end of class.  A copy of the study guide is below incase you need it. (some numbers are missing because we haven’t covered that information yet)

1st nine weeks benchmark page 1 study guide 1 1st nine weeks benchmark page 2 study guide 2 1st nine weeks benchmark page 3 study guide 3 1st nine weeks benchmark page 4 study guide 1st nine weeks benchmark page 5 study guide 1st nine weeks benchmark page 6 study guide

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Just wanted to remind everyone that the study guide will go home tomorrow with all the students.  I will also post the study guide on my blog tomorrow.  We will do a review on Wednesday of the study guide to get the students ready for the benchmark test.  Make sure your notebook is in order all the way through entry 1-14.  You will be tested on that material.  Our benchmark test will be on Thursday.

posted by Kevin Pughsley on Oct 5

We worked in the library today on our water rockets and designing. The website below takes you to the NASA website on building and understanding water rockets. We will continue to work in the class tomorrow on the packet but if you want an head start and advantage go ahead and read through the sections. Can’t wait to see your rockets come together. The rough draft is due on October 9th instead of the 8th and will be turned in at the end of class and will be completed in class. Thanks and use the link below!

If you have trouble with the link go to Google and type in water rocket into the search box and click on the first result.

Here is the sheet we gave out for the rough draft today on rockets we are completing in class and using the website above.

Journey into Rocketry (blank)

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Thought everyone worked hard can’t wait to see the grades. Spirit squad slips and money are due tomorrow by 9:00a.m.

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Please make sure your student studies for the Moon phases quiz tomorrow. We did the study guide in class today.  They will have to either draw the phase or identify the moon phase on the quiz.  I have included the handout and the answers below.  A great idea is to create flash cards and quiz for this.  Remember they need to be able to draw and identify each phase.  This will be entry 13 in their notebooks.

One more note, the parent meeting will be tonight at 5:45p.m. for the Kennedy field trip in the cafeteria.  Get there early to get your number and sign up.  Thanks

Moon phases information

Waxing phases

Waning Phases

Waning Phases work for today Waxing phases work today

field trip letter up right



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Don’t forget about the super moon and lunar eclipse tonight. It will start at 9:04p.m. and last for over an hour. It will be a total eclipse and turn blood red. This type will not happen again for 18 years! I am afraid though the clouds may block our view. I hope everyone had fun designing your patches for your mission on Friday. I had a great time meeting with teachers from around the state getting ready to write the Earth Science curriculum for A+ College Ready for Alabama! See everyone tomorrow and may the clouds part for you!

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The students have a bonus opportunity tonight on the equinox (first day of Fall). I have included the details below on the bonus point opportunity. The students must balance an egg on its end or a broom on either end. We finished the space race notes today so I added them to our notebook online.

equinox bonus

First period does have an assignment tonight. they are to create their own myth on why the Moon changes phases. The myth only has to be one paragraph long. It is due tomorrow!


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The space race begins today! A four week project all done at school between the other science teacher and my classes. The students will design and build a rocket out of two liter bottles. They will then compete against each other in one of two categories consisting of highest rocket or rocket accuracy. During this project we will learn about the Moon and eclipses. This is should a fun project but we will also cover a lot of information. Launch date is October 23rd! Here are the handouts from class today. Everyone was assigned a group as well. Have a great day and see you when Earth rotates into daylight again!

Space Race Project

space race article

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We reviewed in class today and I gave all of the answers to the study guide today. I have also posted the answers below to the study guide incase you need them. Good luck on the test tomorrow and don’t forget to study entries 1-10!

Study guide sun earth moon answers