Dr. Rush’s Blog

  Most of you are familiar with my encouragement to use bus transportation . . . it lessens traffic, reduces pollution, and is statistically the safest means of getting to and from school . . . you know, “Avoid the fuss, ride the bus”.

Please know that we are all about helping parents with situations that are not the norm.  If you have an extraordinary circumstance or need for your student to ride a bus other than his or her regular bus, please provide a note to me, 24 hours in advance,  identifying the following:

*Your student’s full name

*Your full name (parent/guardian)

*Full name of student with whom your student is riding

*Date of requested transportation change

*Reason for change in transportation

Some of our buses are more crowded than others and are greatly impacted by cancelled or postponed events.  In order to insure safe travel, we must limit extra riders to only those with extraordinary circumstances or needs.   If your student is working on a partner project, spending the night with a friend, or perhaps preparing for a gala, I ask that you make arrangements for the students to meet after riding home on their own bus, or plan for them to be car riders. 

Thank you very much!