CMS Celebrations!

Here’s a few items of celebration certainly worthy of sharing:

1.  Congratulations to Mr. Mayfield!  He was recognized by the Office of Research on Teaching in the Disciplines in the College of Education at The University of Alabama and was awarded the 2015 Excellence in Teaching in English/Language Arts!  We’re proud to call you a Wildcat, Mr. Mayfield!

2.  Mrs. Jones and our Battle of the Books team made us proud, too, as they competed in the middle school division last week and brought home a second place trophy!  Team members include Rhianna Anderson, Billy Fryer, Rachael Reeves, Nicole Smith, and Victoria Snyder.  Congratulations to all!

3.  Recognition goes to 11 of our current 7th graders who were recognized by Duke University’s Talent Identification Program. Of those 11 identified (which is an awesome honor), 7 of our students received recognition as their ACT scores placed them in the top 1% in the state of Alabama. Of those 7 students, one received Grand Recognition for placing in the top 1% nationally.  Thanks for representing us so well!

4.  Congrats to Mrs. Bailey and all of our CNP staff!  Their latest  inspection by the State Department of Health earned them a perfect 100 rating.  CMS’s CNP rocks the school!

5.  Mrs. Karen Lilly earns the next “write-up” as she is officially recognized this Tuesday (4/21) as CMS’s Support Person of the Year.  She was also selected as the Shelby County Instructional Support Person of the Year and will compete at the next level for the overall Shelby County SPOY!  Good luck to her!

6.  Coach/Mr. Dustin Smith will have a big Wednesday (4/29) as he will be recognized as CMS’s 2015 Greater Shelby County Chamber of Commerce’s Secondary Educator of the Year Nominee. He, too, will hopefully be selected as the overall winner!

7.  Congratulations to CMS bus driver, Susan Price!  She brought home the first place trophy in this year’s Bus Road-e-o!  Check out the article and pictures at:




ACT Aspire Testing

Welcome back from Spring Break 2015 . . . only 7 more weeks until schools out for summer!

Tomorrow, April 7, 2015, begins our first day of ACT Aspire testing beginning with our 7th grade students.  We encourage you to see that your student gets a good night’s rest and eats a healthy breakfast.  Please remind them that these assessments can help answer important questions:

  1.  What does your student know right now? What is he or she ready to learn next?
  2. Are there gaps in your student’s knowledge and skills that need to be addressed?
  3. Is your student learning what’s necessary to be ready to enter college or the work world?                                               

The schedule for testing is below with each day’s assessment beginning at approximately 8:00 AM. Please be mindful of this schedule regarding check-ins and check-outs.

Date Day Grade Subject
7-Apr Tues 7th Reading
8-Apr Wed 7th Math
9-Apr Thurs 7th Science
13-Apr Mon 6th Reading
14-Apr Tues 6th Math
15-Apr Wed 8th Reading
16-Apr Thurs 8th Math


Welcome to My Blog!

I hope you like CMS’s recently updated webpage. Lot’s of folks helped in this process so thanks to all! Please take a moment to link to your student’s teachers blogs and check out their embedded calendars. This is a new feature we hope will keep both your student and you informed of the instruction in his or her classes. It’s a great snapshot and provides an opportunity to stay updated . . . especially when absent from school!  You can even subscribe to the calendars for easy access on your cell phone or other mobile device!