September 25-29th

SEM Vocabulary & Lesson 2 Quiz on Wednesday! There are 8 questions on the quiz. Make sure you review Inquiry 2.1 & 2.2, Fall Equinox & the quiz discussion notes from Monday. The quiz will be a gold grade-80 pts.

Inquiry 2.2 Lab Report- Due Wednesday before quiz-gold grade. CHECK OVER THESE!
1. 2.2 Modeling Winter & Summer Shadows pg. 29 lab report- Make sure you have included all the steps in the Scientific Method, color coded steps, written a conclusion using the RACE format (R-restate question, A-answer question, C-cite examples, E-explain/conclude)
2. 2.2 Results (graph) Check to be sure data table is complete, x & y axis are labeled, you have graphed the position of the sun in the sky for both summer & winter-color coding each and created a key under the graph.
3. 2.2 Reflection Questions- Reflection questions should be glued to your paper & questions must be answered in complete sentences.

Moon Tracker

Be sure to check Google Classroom for the Moon Tracker assignment. This assignment is a GOLD GRADE!  Tonight- track the moon.  We will discuss our example tomorrow.  You will begin the assignment on Wednesday, September 20th and track through Wednesday, October 4th.  The assignment is due on Thursday, October 5th.