September 25-29th

SEM Vocabulary & Lesson 2 Quiz on Wednesday! There are 8 questions on the quiz. Make sure you review Inquiry 2.1 & 2.2, Fall Equinox & the quiz discussion notes from Monday. The quiz will be a gold grade-80 pts.

Inquiry 2.2 Lab Report- Due Wednesday before quiz-gold grade. CHECK OVER THESE!
1. 2.2 Modeling Winter & Summer Shadows pg. 29 lab report- Make sure you have included all the steps in the Scientific Method, color coded steps, written a conclusion using the RACE format (R-restate question, A-answer question, C-cite examples, E-explain/conclude)
2. 2.2 Results (graph) Check to be sure data table is complete, x & y axis are labeled, you have graphed the position of the sun in the sky for both summer & winter-color coding each and created a key under the graph.
3. 2.2 Reflection Questions- Reflection questions should be glued to your paper & questions must be answered in complete sentences.

Moon Tracker

Be sure to check Google Classroom for the Moon Tracker assignment. This assignment is a GOLD GRADE!  Tonight- track the moon.  We will discuss our example tomorrow.  You will begin the assignment on Wednesday, September 20th and track through Wednesday, October 4th.  The assignment is due on Thursday, October 5th.

Inquiry Skills/Lab Safety Test Friday

Don’t forget- Inquiry Skills/Lab Safety Test is this Friday!  Use the study guide provided in class to review the material.  The same skills from the study guide are on the test!  Check Google Classroom for a corrected study guide.  (Do not worry about the first four questions-observations/inferences- those will not be asked in that way on the test!  Review numbers 5-8 for observations/inferences.)


WELCOME to sixth grade Science!  I hope you are as excited as I am about starting the new school year. We will be implementing new and innovative strategies in the classroom that I feel will help students reach their academic potential.  We will participate in the state’s AMSTI program, which is a comprehensive hands-on program to enhance science education in our school.  This program will provide us with several opportunities to work in cooperative learning groups. By collaborating with one another on topics being discussed in class, students will have an opportunity to think critically and benefit from the ideas of their peers.  This will increase learning by expanding their views on topics and themes that we discuss.  I think this is going to be an exciting year!!  With your cooperation, we can make this a very successful and rewarding experience!

Topics Covered in Earth Science: The following topics will be discovered using the state’s AMSTI inquiry based lessons supplemented by the adopted Stemscopes inquiry based program, Science Explorer textbook and other appropriate resources.

  • 1st Nine Weeks: Inquiry Skills, Researching the Sun-Earth-Moon System
  • 2nd Nine Weeks: Exploring Planetary Systems
  • 3rd Nine Weeks: Understanding Weather and Climate
  • 4th Nine Weeks: Exploring Plate Tectonics
  • I am looking forward to a great year!:) –Mrs. Stallings
  • HOMEWORK FOR TUESDAY- Bring signed Welcome letter back on Wednesday!!:)

Journey to the Center of the Earth

If you do not want your child to view the following movies please sign and return this form ASAP.  Thanks!!

May 8, 2017

Dear Parents and Students,

Our Science classes will be viewing and analyzing the science content of Journey to the Center of the Earth (rated PG) after completing our studies of earthquakes, plate tectonics, and volcanoes. Students will apply what they have learned in class to prove whether or not the topics presented in the movie are scientifically correct or have been “made for the movie” itself leading us into discussion judging whether information we are presented is always accurate.

As time permits, we will also view Journey 2: The Mysterious Island—also rated PG. Students will experience how longitude and latitude are used to locate the island. Students will also use skills acquired this school year to determine true and exaggerated facts thus determining what movie ideas could potentially occur.

Sixth Grade Science

  • My student _________________________________________________ DOES NOT have permission to view the above mentioned movies after the science nine weeks test.
  • Parent Signature______________________________________________________________