Journey to the Center of the Earth

If you do not want your child to view the following movies please sign and return this form ASAP.  Thanks!!

May 8, 2017

Dear Parents and Students,

Our Science classes will be viewing and analyzing the science content of Journey to the Center of the Earth (rated PG) after completing our studies of earthquakes, plate tectonics, and volcanoes. Students will apply what they have learned in class to prove whether or not the topics presented in the movie are scientifically correct or have been “made for the movie” itself leading us into discussion judging whether information we are presented is always accurate.

As time permits, we will also view Journey 2: The Mysterious Island—also rated PG. Students will experience how longitude and latitude are used to locate the island. Students will also use skills acquired this school year to determine true and exaggerated facts thus determining what movie ideas could potentially occur.

Sixth Grade Science

  • My student _________________________________________________ DOES NOT have permission to view the above mentioned movies after the science nine weeks test.
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Don’t forget-Earthquake Quiz on Tuesday.  You should have the notes from today in class.  I posted them in Classroom just in case you forgot your binder at school.:)

Make sure you check Inow.  All grades assignments are graded and updated in the computer.  If you have any zeros those need to be turned in ASAP.

Exploration Spin Off

Exploration Spin Off Project- we will wrap this project up this week. This will be the 1st GOLD grade for the 3rd nine weeks.  Let’s make it awesome.:)

Wednesday-Complete assignment.  Make sure all data is complete-with detail!!  Make have to complete at home….

Thursday- We will peer edit projects.

Friday-Spin Off presentations!

See attachment for directions: