Vocabulary Strategies

Direct, explicit vocabulary instruction is essential for English language learners.  Research shows that vocabulary knowledge has a direct link to academic success.  Here, you will find strategies and activities for teaching vocabulary.

The attached PowerPoint provides you with an eight-step guide to introducing and teaching new words.

1.  McMillan Vocabulary Prescription PowerPoint

2.  Word Walls

3.  Vocabulary Scavenger Hunt

4.  Vocabulary Musical Chairs

5.  Bedazzled Words

6.  Carousel Match

7.  Vocabulary Mingle

8.  KIM Vocabulary Graphic Organizer

9.  Vocabulary Expert

10.** Academic Vocabulary Chart

11. **Picture This

12. Vocabulary Taboo

13.  Vocabulary Rings

Student Examples of KIM

Picture 023

  Picture 022

Here are vocabulary cards that we put on rings.

Picture 012

**Resource: Fresno Unified School District – English Learner Services


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