Writing to Read Strategies

Reading is an integral component to students’ success in and out of school.  Research shows that one way to improve students’ reading is requiring them to write. In the winter 2011 edition of the Harvard Educational Review, Steve Graham and Michael Hebert present evidence “that writing about material read improves students’ comprehension of it; that teaching students how to write improves their reading comprehension, reading fluency, and word reading; and that increasing how much students write enhances their reading comprehension.”

RISC Format

1.  RISC Directions

2. Non-Fiction RISC Example

3. Fiction RISC Example

Student Examples of RISC

Students use the “RISC” skeleton to create a first draft of their paragraphs.

 Picture 008 Picture 010

 After using the skeleton to create a first draft, students combine all of the sentences to create their paragraphs.

 Picture 007 Picture 006 Picture 005 Picture 004   Picture 011

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