Monday, August 31

Today the students took the weekly pretest on the 2 skills we will focus on this week (multiplying and dividing decimals).
Multiplying Decimals Notes and HW Only do problems 1-5 and 11-15.


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Friday, August 28

No homework tonight!

Continue to study your math facts and if you received a letter from me please make sure your parent signs it and return the signed portion on Monday.


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Thursday, August 26

We had an exciting day using our technology to play a Divisibility Rules game on  These kids are competitive!

Our weekly post test is tomorrow.  9 problems (3 long division with 2 digit divisors and 6 problems on adding and subtracting decimals).

You may use this for extra practice (it is not assigned homework) Add and Sub Decimals Extra Practice

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Wednesday, August 24

Thank you for attending Open House last night.  It was a pleasure to see so many parents.  Do not forget to sign and return the student acknowledgement form as soon as possible.  If you were unable to attend, please look for an envelope which will be sent home with your child.  The envelope is full of information and your child’s Standardized test scores.

Zero Rules and Add and Subtract Decimals Notes and HW  (Remember on the homework the subtraction problems are order specific which means you may end up doing a lot of borrowing and renaming.)

Bring your device to school tomorrow.  We will access the internet and play a game for our bellringer.  I attempted to check out some extra devices, but all are being used for Media Center Orientation at this time :(

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Tuesday, August 25

Letters went home with students today if they did not show 90% accuracy on the basic facts test.  Those forms should be signed by the parent and student and returned tomorrow.

Textbooks were issued to each child today.  I will also issue an online textbook code sometime during the next few weeks.

We continued to work on Long division today in class.  Students are doing well and getting more comfortable with some of the strategies that make it easier.

HW:  Division 2 Digit Divisor 11 Problems

Open House is tonight at 6:00 pm.  Make sure you know your child’s schedule.  Students with Electives first period will meet in the lunchroom.

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Monday, August 24

I had a substitute on Friday.  If you were absent and need the assignment, please check with me.

Two Digit Divisors Notes and HW

Open House is tomorrow night at 6:00.  Please make every effort to have at least one parent attend.  Students do not need to come.

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Thursday,August 20

Checked division algorithm homework (no remainders).

Students took the basic Fact quiz.

New notes on division with remainders written as fractions in simplest form.

HW:  10 problems in your notebook.

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Wednesday, August 19

Standard Algorithm Division Notes and HW

Division and Multiplication Fact Quiz Tomorrow!  5 minutes for 64 problems.  Practice tonight using the posted practice page from last week!

Gala tickets go on sale tomorrow for $7 at lunch.

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Tuesday, August 18

We set up our composition books today and completed our first Brain Teaser bell ringer.

Divisibility Notes and HW

News:  Open House for Sixth Grade is one week from today!  The Gala is this Friday.

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Monday, August 17

We took a pretest on the weekly objectives (divisibility rules and long division using the standard algorithm).

HW:  Finish your personal equation.  Check the Personal Equation Grade Sheet to make sure you are going to get all of your points!  Also, remember to study for the basic multiplication and division facts quiz (0-9) which is scheduled for Thursday.

News:  Gala is Friday.  Tickets will be sold Thursday and Friday at lunch and cost $7.

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