Friday, August 18

Please consider donating a box of tissues to the classroom.  Don’t forget to bring a towel to sit on when we go to the Football field to watch the Eclipse on Monday.

We discussed and took some notes on using the Standard Algorithm to solve long division with a single digit divisor.  There was no written homework. We will practice in class on Monday.

Notes August 18

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Thursday, August 17

We took the Multiplication and division fact quiz today.  Letters for non-mastery will be sent home on Monday.

Students had 25-30 minutes in class to work on their assignment.  If they did not finish, it should be completed for HW.

HW August 17

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Wednesday, August 16

Students learned how to use the 10 Point Grading Scale.  We will apply this to our homework assignments.  Please ask them to show you how it works.
10 Point Scale

We continue to multiply whole numbers, but today we had a 3 digit second factor.
Notes August 16
HW August 16 – ***Make sure you have two place holder zeros in the 3rd partial product since you are multiplying by the hundreds place.

All students took home a Solar Eclipse Viewing Permission form this afternoon.  They should return the signed form (yes and no) to their 6th period teacher tomorrow.

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Tuesday, August 15

I discussed morning help and reminded the students of the pass taped in their agendas.   We also discussed the sign in process to document who is seeking help and how it was important to have specific questions to ask when you come.  My morning help classroom will not be used to socialize.

After checking the 8 problems from last nights homework, the students continued to practice their multiplying by working on tonight’s assignment.
HW August 15

Students should also continue to study for their basic multiplication and division fact quiz which will be on Thursday. ( 0-9)

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Monday, August 14

Open House is Tonight at 6 pm.  Parents are invited to rotate through their child’s schedule beginning with their first period teacher.

We reviewed the PRIDE Expectations for Assemblies and The Restroom today.  You can take a look over them again  – Pride Expectations

We also took our first notes and have our first official math homework tonight.  See Below for the links.
Notes August 14
HW August 14


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Friday, August 11

I hope you enjoyed the first Back to School Gala.  I saw lots of kids eating, socializing and having fun.

Remember to have your 3 ring binder and notebook paper on Monday.  You may want to have 3 tabs labeled – Notes, Homework, and Bell Ringers.  The clear plastic page will be filled next week with our 10 point scale.

If you have index cards to donate, I will take them.  We use them for Quick Assessments, Brainstorming and Tickets In or Out the door.

Enjoy the Weekend!

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Students are reminded to bring money for the gala ticket ($5) and Concessions (any amount).

We worked on our math fact practice (0-9 multiplication and division) again today.  Students should be able to complete 64 problems in 5 minutes with accuracy.  The official test is next Thursday, but we will continue to practice until then.

I issued the math textbook today.  Students should bring their binder with notebook paper, and their math textbook and pencil pouch each day.

We also worked on our personal equations or number portraits in class.  We will finish those tomorrow.


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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Today, we searched through the agenda to find all of the wonderful resources that were available to us.  Some of the important sections I pointed out were the Virtue of the Week and the vocabulary word of the week, as well as the Hallway passport in the back.

Students recorded HW that said they should work on their rough draft of their Personal Equation or their Number Portrait.  We didn’t quite get to that today, so I asked each class to check my blog to look at my examples and their requirements.  Those are linked below.

Number Portrait Requirements

Number Portrait 17-18

Personal Equation Directions



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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Thank you for a wonderful first day of school!

You all were successful in achieving the standard for today:   “I can survive the 1st Day of Middle School!”

Don’t forget to study your basic multiplication and division facts this afternoon.  We will begin taking practice quizzes tomorrow!

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Monday, August 7, 2017

I enjoyed seeing all of the students at our Eagle Induction This morning.  I hope it helped ease some of your nerves regarding the first day of Middle School.

Remember to bring a pen or pencil and a folder with a few sheets of paper just in case.  You should NOT bring your backpack with your supplies until after we issue you a locker.

You must know your lunch number and your bus number or how you are getting home Tuesday afternoon.  Be prepared, and you won’t be stressed.

We are going to have a great year!

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