Friday, March 16

We checked Practice P and the Problem Solving page for Coordinate Plane.  Students then worked in class on HW Practice 29 Coordinate Plane

We will have an Integer Test on Wednesday.  Students will need to be able to:
1) Write an integer for a given story or situation.  Identify the opposite of an integer.
2) Find the absolute value of a number and use absolute value in comparisons and evaluating operations.
3) Graph integers and rational numbers on a number line.
4) Compare and Order Integers and Rational numbers.
5)  Graph a point on a Coordinate Plane when given the coordinates (ordered pair) and Write the coordinates for a point.
6)  Identify the Quadrant when given a location or coordinates.


Tuesday – Friday March 2

Tuesday – We learned how to simplify expressions by applying the distributive property and combining like terms.
Copy of Notes Simplify Algebraic Expressions (3)
HW:  HW Simplify Algebraic Expressions 21 problems

Wednesday and Thursday – Classes worked on HW Identify Equivalent Expressions boxes – This assignment was self Checking with 5 different answers matching 3 times each.

Friday:  We reviewed in class for Monday’s Test.
20 Problem Review Algebra Part 2
Answer Key 20 Problem Review Algebra Part 2



Monday, February 26

The Math Benchamark Assessment will be a week from today.  We will review on Thursday and Friday this week.

Students who did not finish the classwork today in class should do so for homework – Textbook page 298 problems 1-23 skip 19 and 20.

Students have also been working on a vocabulary assignment that is due this Wednesday.  The assignment was given through Google Classroom and then one partner shared it with the other.  The partners should submit 1 final project by Wednesday at 3.

Friday, February 23

The classwork today was:  Enrich and Skills Practice Distributive Property  Students turned this in at the end of class.  Please notice that the Enrich page was short a letter.  The last problem coordinates with number 11.
We have been reviewing adding and subtracting fractions as a bell ringer and will take a Silver Pop Quiz on Monday or Tuesday.
Our 9 weeks assessment will focus on the properties and identifying or writing equivalent expressions.
3rd Nine Weeks Assessment Schedule
Science and Electives – Friday, March 2nd
Math – Monday, March 5th
SS – Tuesday, March 6th
Language Arts – Wednesday, March 7th