Friday, May 18

Students worked on Fraction Addition and Subtraction in class to help prepare them for the Quiz on Tuesday.

Fraction Addition and Subtraction

I returned all tests except 1st period.  I will return those on Monday.  Grades to this point will be updated in INOW this afternoon.

Wednesday, May 16

The students worked on a review for tomorrow’s test.  They had plenty of time in class to complete it, but if they did not, it is homework.

Statistics Review

All classes will take their Statistics Test tomorrow.  Be prepared to match the definition with the word for mean, median, mode and range.  Also be able to find each measure from a given set of data or from a set of data on a line plot or dot plot.

Tuesday, May 15

We did not have 5th or 6th periods today due to our Field Day schedule.  We will catch up tomorrow.

2nd Period worked on Monday’s lesson – learning to find Mean, median, mode and range when the data was fractions.  See Monday’s post for the Notes and Examples.

All other classes (except 5th)  Checked the fraction HW and then continued to find mean, median, mode and range using sample problems from the board.  You can access these problems from your online textbook page 699 problems 9-12.

Our test is on Thursday.  Students should know the definitions, and how to find mean, median, mode and range from a set of data and from a dot plot or line plot.

We will continue to practice adding and subtracting fractions and have a quiz on that next week sometime.

Wednesday – Friday May 9-11

Wednesday- Students took the Google Classroom Statistical Questions Quiz and then I returned and reviewed the Surface Area with a Net Quiz.

Thursday – We Collected class data and created a line/dot plot.  We then discussed how to find the measures of central tendency and variation.

Friday – Notes Statistics

HW Statistics Line Plots Day 1

Our Statistics Test is Thursday.  We will be finding mean, median, mode and range using a line plot.  The data may be whole numbers, fractions, or decimals.

We have also been reviewing adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers.  The students will take a quiz on this skill before the end of the 9 weeks.


Tuesday, May 8

Today, we started a new concept – Statistics.  We focused on finding out what a Statistical Question was and was not.  I used the videos below as part of my instruction.  We followed up by using flash cards to answer questions as a self assessment.
Video 1 –

Video 2 – This was used as examples where students had to identify the question as statistical or not and explain why.

Video 3 – A statistical question song.

There are many other YouTube sites out there that may be used to practice with tonight.  We will have a quiz tomorrow on what we learned today in class.

Monday, May 7

Students took the Surface area of Pyramids and Prisms test today.  We will begin a new unit of study on Statistics tomorrow.  Continue to work hard until the final day of school.

Our final math test is scheduled for Thursday, May 17th.  We may have a quiz before that test.  Stay on top of your assignments so your grade doesn’t drop right here at the end of school.  Finish STRONG!!!