Tuesday, December 16

Benchmark Test is tomorrow.  We finished reviewing problems 1-25 on the benchmark review that was posted yesterday.  Don’t forget to review the other concepts listed on the First Semester Exam Letter.


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Monday, December 15

Benchmark Test Wednesday.  Please review and study the list of topics that was posted last Monday.

All classes practiced solving problems with a calculator today.  Students realized that the calculator will not always give the correct answer.  Basic 4 Function calculators do not round, they also do not give answers in fraction form etc.  We practiced several examples in class of when and how the calculator would be helpful.

I provided the Math 6 classes with Review 1 First Semester Benchmark.  I told them that they should practice reading the questions and deciding what operation would be used to solve the problem.  They then could use the calculator to solve, if it was helpful.  We will go over these problems tomorrow.  This review will not be graded.

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Friday, December 12

Math 6 – Solving Equations Notes (2)  HW:  Use your composition book examples to complete Equations 30 problems

Advanced – Review 1 First Semester Benchmark

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Thursday, December 11

Math 6:  Notes Equations and Their Solutions HW:  TB page 316 12-35

Advanced:  No homework.

Remember to dress up for 1920′s day tomorrow!!!

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Wednesday, December 10

Math 6- Christmas Coordinate Grid Pictures Students completed one of the coordinate grid pictures and were asked to color it so we can use them for our Holiday party next Friday.  Be careful:  some of the coordinates are negative 1/2 and look like -.5.  The decimal is very hard to see.  Students in choir do NOT have to make this up.

Advanced Math:ADV Multi Step Equations Review  I posted this review yesterday for the choir students.  We will check this before the quiz tomorrow.

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Tuesday, December 9

First Semester Exam Letter
Math 6 – Students took the Integers and Coordinate Plane test today.

Advanced – Returned Classwork on Multi Step Equations and took Notes: Equations with Variables on Both Sides.  Tomorrow we will work in class on ADV Multi Step Equations Review.  (Note -Problems 11-21 involve variables on both sides which will practice the notes from today.)

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Monday, December 8

First Semester Exam Letter

Math 6 – Integers and Coordinate Plane test tomorrow.  Make sure you study!  Some resources are:  composition book notes, review from Friday, completed and graded work, and the practice sections from today.

Advanced – Finished their ADV Multi Step Equations notes and  ADV Multi Step Equations Practice C from Friday.  We will take an Equations quiz on Wednesday.

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Monday 12/1 thru Friday 12/5

In recognition for the HUGE GENEROSITY of the Sixth Grade Red Team students during their Toys For Tots fundraising,  I have decided to reward the kids with no homework assignments this week.  I will update this post during the week with copies of classwork notes and classwork assignments that we complete for those of you who may be absent.

Math 6 – We have been extending our understanding of the number line and integers to their application on the coordinate plane.
Coordinate Plane Notes 
Ordered Pairs Practice Classwork
Graph and Label a point on the Coordinate Plane
Distance on the Coordinate Grid Real Life Notes
Distance on the Coordinate Plane Practice (page 1 today)
Integers and Absolute Value Review (page 1 and 2)
Quiz on Integers, Absolute Value, and the Coordinate Grid on Tuesday!!!

Advanced – We have been solving 2 Step equations with and without integers.
Adv Solving 2 Step Equations Notes and ADV Solving 2 Step Equations Classwork
Notes on 2 Step Equations with Integers and ADV Solving 2 Step Equations Heath WB

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Friday, November 21

We had a great day working on a small group project involving writing and ordering rational numbers.  The students worked hard and worked well together!!!

I am so proud of our Red Team Students.  They raised $1946 which exceeded the team goal of $1932! Way to go students, parents, families, friends and neighbors!

I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving Break.  Enjoy spending time with family and friends.

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Thursday, November 20

Math 6 - Notes on Ordering and Comparing Rational Numbers HW:  Compare and Order Rational Numbers HW

Advanced – Quiz tomorrow.  Complete the Equation Review
Extra Practice Writing Addition and Subtraction Equations

Extra Practice Writing Multiplication and Division Equations

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