May 12-16

The benchmark test is Thursday.  Please make sure you are individually reviewing the list of concepts that were given to you last week.  We will continue to review some of those in class.

Textbooks will be collected on Thursday as well.

Monday – I returned and reviewed Friday’s classwork/review, and the Surface area and Volume test.  We also reviewed Finding Median and the Upper and Lower Quartiles.

Tuesday- Students reviewed Finding Quartiles and Mean Absolute Deviation.

Wednesday-Review included Inequalities and Fractions.  Textbooks will be collected tomorrow.

Thursday -Benchmark Test was Today :)  Textbooks were collected.  You can all breath a sigh of relief :)

Friday -

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Monday May 5 – Friday May 9

There will be no homework this week due to Aspire Testing Monday and Tuesday and makeup testing Wednesday-Friday.

I will be reviewing for the Benchmark Test each day in class.  The Benchmark Test is scheduled for Thursday of next week (May 15).

Monday- Students received/copied a list of concepts that will be on the End of Course Assessment.  This assessment is County created.  It is a multiple choice test.  Students will be given a formula reference sheet and a calculator for the test.

Tuesday – We reviewed Comparing and Ordering Integers and Absolute Value

Wednesday-Review focused on Ratios, Equivalent Ratios, Rates and Unit Rates.

Thursday – Reviewed Function Tables and Ratio tables

Friday – Mixed Review Part 2 (volume, surface area, ratios, expressions, LCM, Irregular Figures)

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Friday, May 2


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Thursday, May 1

All classes completed and checked a review for tomorrow’s quiz.

No written HW.  Just study your Volume and Surface Area notes and graded HW.


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Wednesday, April 30

I returned and reviewed the Area test with all classes today.
All classes will have a Volume and Surface Area quiz on Friday.

3rd/7th – Worked on some practice Standardized test questions in class.  No Homework.

5th- Surface Area Formula Notes   Surface Area Formula HW Practice

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Tuesday, April 29

Early Dismissal due to severe weather.

3rd/7th - Surface Area Notes and Example Problems  HW:  Surface Area HW Day 2 Make sure you show your steps neatly on loose leaf paper.

5th - Surface Area Notes and Example Problems
Surface Area ADV HW Day 1 Problems 5-10

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Monday, April 28

Early Dismissal 1:00 due to severe weather.

No Homework.  All classes took notes Geometric solids and on finding Surface Area of 3D figures.

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Friday, April 25

Get some rest over the weekend.  Aspire testing starts on Monday.  Make sure you eat a good breakfast.

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Thursday, April 24

3rd/7th – Students continued to work on Volume today in class.  The assignment was TB pages 572-573 problems 6-14, 17 & 18.  Students should show the formula, substitution and answer with units cubed for all volume problems.  If finding a missing dimension, the dimension is linear.

5th – Classwork:  Volume WS Day 2 – Advanced

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Wednesday, April 23

3rd/7th – Students learned the difference between finding area and volume.  We examined different rectangular prisms in class and discussed their similarities and differences.  We will focus our studies on finding the volume of Rectangular Prisms.  Volume Notes
Volume of Rectangular Prisms Skills Practice HW

5th - Volume notes  HW:  TB page EP 27 AB problems (2, 3, 5, 8) page EP 28 C problems (3, 4, 10, 11) Sections DEF all problems.

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