Wednesday, October 18

We took our quiz on the Divisibility Rules today.  Students should make a connection to that lesson and our lesson on GCF.  The divisibility Rules help students identify the factors of a number.  The ultimate goal of finding the GCF is to be able to simplify a fraction, however we will also look at problems in real life that utilize finding the GCF.

Notes GCF

HW October 18


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Tuesday, October 17

We continued to practice the divisibility rules through our bellringer and playing Kahoot.  We will take a MC/True False/Fill in the blank quiz tomorrow.  Students should have memorized the rules on their notes page and be able to apply the rules to numbers.

We will finish the week by studying GCF (greatest common factor) and LCM (least common multiple).



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Monday, October 16

We are now in the 2nd Nine Weeks of School.  Students on the Blue Team should have received their Report Cards on Friday when we returned from PAL.

Students may clean out the Notes and Homework sections of their binders as well as replenish the clean notebook paper for the 2nd Nine weeks.  Make sure you keep the Handouts from today and anything from your bell ringer section dated 10/2 through 10/5.

We began to study the divisibility rules today.  We watched 2 YouTube Videos and then reviewed the Notes handout.  We also began to work on the Shading Homework.  Students should finish that tonight.  We will have a quiz on the divisibility rules on Wednesday.

Notes Divisibility Rules

HW October 16

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Monday, October 2

No new lessons.  Our 9 weeks test is tomorrow.  It will assess division with decimals.  The divisor may be a whole number or a decimal.  Please review your notes before the test.

We did complete the assignment below in class.  If for some reason you did not finish, you should complete it for homework.
HW October 2 (This does review multiplication and division.)

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Friday, September 29

HW:  Textbook page 58-60 Problems 10-22, 29 and 42.  Online textbook is on my blog roll.

The Decimal Test is Tuesday.

Spirit Week next week:  Dress Code Applies

Monday- Wear Red, White, or Blue or your Favorite College Game Day Shirt
Tuesday – Tacky Tourist
Wednesday – Story Book Character or Disney Character
Thursday – Game Day – Pep Rally on the Field at the end of the Day




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Thursday, September 29

No new notes.  Bell  ringers will be collected on Friday.  Our Division of Decimals test will be on Tuesday.

HW:  HW September 29

Tomorrow is the last day to order the Fall Gala T-shirt and Gala Package.

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Wednesday, September 28

Today, we learned how to divide a decimal by a decimal by mulitplying the divisor by the power of 10 that made it a whole number and then making the same change to the dividend.

Note Sep 21, 2017 Dividing Decimals Notes (12)

Notes September 27 Part 2 Practice Moving Decimals (4)

HW:  Bell Ringers will be checked on Friday.  HW September 27

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Tuesday, September 26

I returned the Decimal Test (adding, subtracting, and multiplying) to the students.

Our nine Weeks assessment will be next Tuesday.  It will assess dividing decimals.

Notes September 26 (1)

HW September 26

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Monday, September 25

No written homework tonight.  Students were reminded of the Opportunity to purchase a Halloween Gala T-shirt.  The deal is $25 for the T-shirt, gala ticket and 1 time haunted house entrance.  It is a $2 savings.  Order forms are available in the front office or you may print the one below.

I Survived T Shirt Order Form(1)

We will practice dividing decimals for the remainder of the week.  Our 9 Weeks assessment will be Tuesday, October 3.

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Friday, September 22

Students worked in class on Multiplying Decimals by whole numbers and decimals.  The handout was multiple choice and we checked it at the end of the period.  Those students who were not finished should show their work to get to the correct answer that was shared in class.

HW September 22  There was a typo on #7.  The first word should be “The”.  Also the numbering is off, so it is really just 12 problems.

Our test Monday is on Adding, Subtracting and Multiplying Decimals.

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