Friday, November 21

We had a great day working on a small group project involving writing and ordering rational numbers.  The students worked hard and worked well together!!!

I am so proud of our Red Team Students.  They raised $1946 which exceeded the team goal of $1932! Way to go students, parents, families, friends and neighbors!

I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving Break.  Enjoy spending time with family and friends.

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Thursday, November 20

Math 6 - Notes on Ordering and Comparing Rational Numbers HW:  Compare and Order Rational Numbers HW

Advanced – Quiz tomorrow.  Complete the Equation Review
Extra Practice Writing Addition and Subtraction Equations

Extra Practice Writing Multiplication and Division Equations

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Wednesday, November 19

Math 6 – No homework!  I am going to postpone the Integer quiz until after the Holiday break.

Advanced Math - Notes Multiply and Divide Equations with Integers  HW:  TB page 218-219 problems 9-24 and 27.

Toys for Tots update:  We have received $1315 of the $ 1932 goal!  Keep up the great work.  Two Days left.  Fourth period has met and exceeded their class goal.  Are they going to be the only class to be rewarded ??????

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Tuesday, November 18

Math 6 - Integers Notes  HW:  TB page 421-422 problems 10-17 and 22-41.  Quiz Friday on Integer lesson from this week.

Advanced Math - Notes Multiplication and Division Equations  HW:  ADV Multiplication and Division Equation HW  Remember to show all three steps on looseleaf paper:  the equation, inverse operation and the solution!  No calculators on the computation.  It is good for you to review the multiplying and dividing of fractions and decimals.

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Monday, November 17

The 6th Grade Red Team has reached 40% of their goal towards raising $1932 for Toys For Tots.  Continue to donate this week through your math class.  Don’t forget, you can participate in the Cocoa and PJ opportunities on Friday ($2 each) and the Faculty Volleyball game after school on Thursday ($2 which also pays for your admission to the basketball game afterwards).  Those donations will go to the general school TFT fund!

Math 6 – Finished the Algebra Test and worked on the HW:  Activity 8 Search and Shade Add and Sub Fractions  (you should be able to look back in your composition book for reminders on subtraction with renaming – hint hint!)

Advanced - Notes: One Step Addition and Subtraction Equations with Integers
HW:  TB page 211-212 problems 9-20 and 25-40.  Make sure you show all three steps.  Keep the equation balanced by showing the inverse operation on both sides of the equal sign.  Also, don’t forget, you can check your work by substituting your solution into the equation to see if the statement is true.  If you see two signs side by side on a subtraction equation (subtracting a negative number), simplify the signs first before you use the inverse operation.  Example:  11- (-4) =15 would be simplified to 11+4 = 15 then solve.

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Friday, November 14

No Homework this weekend.  Toys for Tots collections will continue next week.  Be creative in thinking of ways to encourage family, friends and neighbors to contribute.

All classes took an Algebra Test today.  Students who did not finish will do so in class on Monday.

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Thursday, November 13

Algebra Test tomorrow!!!!!  If you didn’t get a chance to check part 2 during advisory, you may do so using these answer keys.  Remember, you will have a substitute for the test tomorrow so I can attend the county Professional Development day.  Please make sure you understand the directions on the study guide.  The test will have the same format.

Math 6 - Algebra Test Review Math 6 Answer Key

Advanced Math -Algebra Test Review Adv Math answer Key

6th Grade Red Team has raised $561.48 of their $1932 goal.  Ya’ll are doing incredible!!!!  Please continue to be creative in ways to earn donations!  

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Wednesday, November 12

Math 6 and advanced checked the Homework from Monday and then completed Verbal to Algebraic Skills Practice in class and turned it in to be checked.  All classes have an Algebra Test on Friday.

Math 6 HW – Problems 1-22 Algebra Test Review – Math 6

Advanced Math – Problems 1-22 Algebra Test Review Adv Math

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Monday, November 10

Today was the beginning of our Toys for Tots Collection.  The School goal is $20,000 and OMMS has a history of meeting and exceeding our goal.  The Marines depend on our school to help provide a happy holiday to over 80,000 kids.  Donations will be collected in Math for the 6th Grade Red Team.  Our team goal is $1,932.  I have set individual class goals based on the number of students in each of my math classes.  I will post on the board the daily donations by class and keep the information up to date so the kids can see a cumulative total of the giving.  Families and Companies may use the TFT–Community Letter as a tax donation document.

All math classes will have a cumulative Algebra Test on Friday.

Math 6 and Advanced Math - Verbal Phrase as an Algebraic Expression Classwork.
Verbal to Algebraic HW Day 1

No School Tomorrow!  Honor a Veteran.

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Friday, November 7

Math 6 – No homework.  Students were given time in class to check over their odd problems after we checked the evens.  We will check the evens on Monday and I will keep the better of the two grades and drop the lower one.

Advanced Math – No new notes.  HW:  ADV Identify Equivalent Expresssions

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