Friday, December 15

Thank you so much for the wonderful Christmas baked goodies and gifts.  I am sure there are many kids on Santa’s good list this year!

I have really enjoyed the students this first semester and look forward to seeing them again in January.

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas.  I hope you all enjoy time with friends and family.



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Thursday, December 14

Mrs. Burdett was absent today.  The makeup test for those who were absent is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

The students took their math assessment.  There is no homework.

Dress in casual or fancy Holiday clothes for the Christmas Gala tomorrow.  Remember that school dismisses at 1:00.  See Tuesday’s post for the Friday schedule.

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Wednesday, December 13

The math assessment is tomorrow – 25 multiple choice questions on Dividing fractions, ratios and rates (like the most recent test) and the additional lesson on unit conversions.

We have been reviewing dividing each day through our bell ringers.

There is no written homework assigned tonight.

Students may wish to use this additional review for extra practice, but it is not required.
Review 2
Review 2 Answer Key

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Tuesday, December 12

The math Assessment is Thursday.

We have been reviewing dividing fractions during our bell ringer time and as homework last night.

Classwork today (30 min in class) to be finished for HW – Assessment Review 1

Our administration shared to following schedule for this Friday.  It includes Make up testing, a sack lunch, the gala and recognition drawing prior to our 1:00 dismissal.
Dec. 15 bell schedule

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Monday, December 11

After checking last Thursday’s homework assignment on converting measurements using the rate method, I returned and reviewed the ratio and rate test.  Students either did very well or very poorly.  The test was a copy of Review 1 with the numbers and names changed.  First period will get their test back tomorrow.

The homework tonight will give extra practice on dividing fractions.

HW:  HW December 11 (1)

Our benchmark is this Thursday.  It is 25 multiple choice problems assessing the 3 topics below.

  1.  Ratios and Rates (like the test we just got back)
  2. Converting measurements using the rate method.
  3. Dividing Fractions
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Thursday, December 7

We continued to practice using unit rates to convert measurements.  The students copied the customary measurement chart as a bell ringer.  They have been asked to make sure they have memorized the conversions by the benchmark next week.

HW December 7

I am moving the quiz originally scheduled for tomorrow to be on Monday.  Students will need to use the method taught in class (show their work) to convert measurements.

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Wednesday December 6

Today we learned how to use unit rate to convert customary measurements.  This involves multiplying fractions and cancelling the units.

Notes Dec 6, 2017 (2)

Remember to memorize the customary measurements found in your textbook or agenda. Common Customary Measurement Chart

HW – Textbook page 790 problems 9-20 – Use the unit rate (dimensional analysis) method taught in class.

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Monday, December 4

Our ratio and rate test is tomorrow.  The students corrected the Review 1 in class and should use it to study for their test.  Today we reviewed again using a bingo game ratio and rate problems.  I am posting the problems from the game below.  Students may choose to work the problems in an attempt to earn up to 10 bonus points on tomorrow’s test.

Ratio and Rate Bingo Review 2 Questions

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Friday, December 1

The ratio test is Tuesday.  Students received the first review today.  They worked in class for over 30 minutes and should finish the review this weekend.

Ratio and Rate Review I

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Thursday, November 30

No new notes today.  Students worked in class on finding unit cost.  Many of the problems involved dividing to the thousandths so they could round to the nearest cent since we were dealing with money.  The classwork should be finished for Homework.

HW November 30  ( we did skip number 1 – I have altered this problem since making this copy)  I also made the correction to number 4 (eight).  I was not a very good proofreader 🙁


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