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Fall is the best time of year! Football, fires and family are on the top of my list! Of course it is also a busy time for students! 

Third grade has been learning a wealth of information about the weather. They have built weather tools, researched and presented about weather maps and are in the process of writing their own meteorology report and filming in front of a green screen. They have decided that being a meteorologist is a lot harder than it looks. We have also been working on a Leadership unit. We have discussed the differences between a boss and a leader, ranked ourselves on leadership attributes and watched some clips of some leaders in action. These discussions have prompted some interesting conversations about how one should lead others. Through the holidays we will focus on some interest based studies and technology. 

In fourth grade we have focused on Hydrology. We have learned the it takes a lot of water for us just to live our everyday lives. We have learned what pH is and why it is important. Lastly, they have discovered the water cycle is never-ending and have written a creative story from the perspective of a raindrop. Next, we will talk about filtration and the students will actually design and build (their most favorite thing to do) a filtration system using the materials I give them. Genius Hour will begin soon! I can't wait to see all of the interesting topics the students want to explore! 









It has been a blast getting to know my new GRC students! We are building relationships, learning how to organize and follow expectations of the classroom. We have also had fun attempting to build a chair from just newspaper and tape! Some succeeded and some did not. That is life! Sometimes we get it right and sometimes we fail.

We are currently working on our Advertise Yourself project. Students have chosen a product to represent themselves. They will also design a label complete with a logo and slogan. Then they will write a commercial for their product. It is so much fun watching the students be creative and get to know each other this way. 

We have also been learning about the layers of the atmosphere and will begin weather and climate next week. If you have not sent in your donation money and supplies it is not too late! Much of the donation money has already been spent on straws, cotton balls,  notebook dividers, coffee filters, cups etc. All of these items are used for our STREAM projects. More about those are coming soon!

It is hard to believe another school year has begun! I know the students are excited about their GRC time this year. Here is a schedule  for each class:

Monday- Hindman/Gossett

Tuesday- Lacy/Welch

Wednesday- Brekle/Ansley

Thursday- Stewart

Friday- Holland/King

Third Grade will attend three hours while fourth grade attends four hours. Third grade will begin coming to GRC the week of August 28th.

Be on the look out for pictures and upcoming events posted on my blog.

Looking forward to a great year!

Mrs. Craft

Dirt Day 2017 is in the books! What a great day to get outside and have a little fun learning about soil. The students rotated between six stations which included: layers of the soil, dirt shirt making, dirt dessert, butterfly garden, layers of the soil and making a brick. Thank you to some of the fourth grade students who were able to help out.