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Dirt Day 2017

Dirt Day 2017 is in the books! What a great day to get outside and have a little fun learning about soil. The students rotated between six stations which included: layers of the soil, dirt shirt making, dirt dessert, butterfly garden, layers of the soil and making a brick. Thank you to some of the fourth grade students who were able to help out. 

Student-led Conferences

Student-led conferences are coming up in the next week. Be on the look out! The students will be presenting a slide show of their work, a form for you both to sign and then a survey will be sent to their email for you to complete. Thanks for your participation in this.

Christmas Party

Next week we will have a Christmas Party on the day your child attends GRC. Boys should bring a salty treat and girls will bring a sweet treat. If you would send enough for around 8- 10 students we should have plenty. I will provide water bottles for each student.