Monday, March 19th

Students completed a BELL RINGER at the beginning of the period that was collected. Next, I also collected Friday’s “Cookie” homework handout as well.

After reviewing SIMPLE and COMPOUND sentences, students took notes on COMPLEX and COMPOUND-COMPLEX sentences. Following that, we completed some Guided Practice sentences together. Finally, tonight’s homework (which mirrors today’s Guided Practice) was handed out. Students had anywhere from five to ten minutes to get started on it.

Students in my 3rd and 6th period classes who complete tonight’s homework will be given BONUS when we return back to school. This only applies to my 3rd and 6th period classes as I did not see them at all or not for long enough today in class. Students in my 3rd and 6th period classes, look over the Guided Practice KEY as the homework is set up exactly the same way. Additionally, I have left some “helpful hints” on the KEY as well. 

Students in my 1st, 4th and 5th period classes, we will grade tonight’s homework for an ACCURACY grade tomorrow.

Everyone stay safe this afternoon and tonight!!

Friday, March 16th

Last night’s homework — the “So Subordinating” poem — was collected at the beginning of the period. I will check these over the weekend and have this silver grade posted in iNow soon.

Next students completed some notes on SIMPLE and COMPOUND sentence structures.

After watching this video clip, we completed a “cookie” handout together. At the bottom of the handout, students were encouraged to write down when to use each of the coordinating conjunctions. Before dismissal, students were given the homework handout with these specific directions: Create 10 compound sentences on the provided handout. You are REQUIRED to use a different FANBOYS in 7 sentences; however, you cannot use the same FANBOYS more than two times. Do not create any sentences with a “;“. 

Thursday, March 15th

Yesterday’s color-coded assignment was spot checked for a completion/effort grade at the beginning of class today. [20 point bronze grade] Afterwards, we went over the correct answers sentence-by-sentence, and students were encouraged to ask questions as necessary.

Students then took a POP QUIZ regarding Adjective and Adverb Clauses. These are still in the process of being graded but will be entered into iNow shortly.

Students completed the period learning how to create their own “So Subordinating” Poem. Final copies complete with a colorful illustration will be TOMORROW at the beginning of the period. Look over the link below for all the directions regarding this assignment.

Homework: Be prepared to turn in your rough and final draft of your “So Subordinating” poem at the beginning of class tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 14th

We checked last night’s homework for a combined total of 15 points. These have since been entered into iNow as a bronze grade.

We reviewed subordinate clauses and what makes them adjective clauses or adverb clauses. Students were given a color-coded assignment to complete. We completed the first five sentences together, and students had the remainder of the period to complete the rest (20-25 minutes). The majority of students completed this assignment in class, but this is to finished for homework if needed.

Tuesday, March 13th

At the beginning of the period, we spot checked last night’s homework on Independent vs. Subordinate Clauses for a 10 point accuracy grade.These grades will be entered into iNow shortly.

Students then took notes on ADJECTIVE and ADVERB clauses. Together and independently guided practice sentences were completed and gone over before the homework was assigned. Some students completed both homework handouts in class as each class was given at least 10 minutes to work on homework before the dismissal bell rang. Both homework handouts will spot checked tomorrow for another ACCURACY grade.

**** THERE WAS A CHANGE ON THE HOMEWORK DIRECTIONS! Students need to bracket [      ]   the adjective and/or adverb clause. They need to CIRCLE the RELATIVE PRONOUN or the SUBORDINATING CONJUNCTION that begins the subordinate clause (AKA the adjective or adverb clause).

Tomorrow students will be completing a COLOR-CODED assignment; therefore, students must have the following colored writing utensils in class: something RED, BLUE, ORANGE, & GREEN. Thanks for coming to class prepared to be successful!!

Monday, March 12th

At the beginning of the period, students were given back a number of graded assignments. Students were then shown their 3rd Nine Weeks FINAL GRADE for ELA. Then students were given the opportunity to clean out their binders.

FYI: Here is how the break down of grades per class:


1st Period 3rd Period 4th Period 5th Period 6th Period
A 10 6 8 11 11
B 10 6 11 11 12
C 3 3 3 2 4
D 4 2 3 2 1
F 0 1 0 0 0

Students had 34 different grades for the third grading period. 5 of those were GOLD grades; 15 were SILVER grades; 14 were BRONZE grades. Additionally, students had two BONUS opportunities offered to them. 

Students then completed notes on Independent and Subordinate Clauses. We completed several Guided Practice exercises together before tonight’s homework was assigned. (Most students finished their homework in class.)

The test on CLAUSES and SENTENCE TYPES/STRUCTURES is tentatively planned for next Thursday, March 22nd.


Thursday, March 8th

Students were given the opportunity to complete test corrections today on their  ROTHMC Unit Test/ELA Benchmark. I have averaged the two scores now (each student’s original grade as well as their “second opportunity” grade) and this assessment has since been put into iNow.

FYI: The only grades I still need to enter into iNow include 1st Period’s “Conflict in Living Color” assignment as well as any BONUS that was turned into me yesterday. Unless you were absent and missed the benchmark, you are in my 1st Period class, and/or you turned in the BONUS opp to me yesterday, the current grade you see in iNow is going to be your report card grade. 

Afterwards, students were directed to focus on NoRedInk until the dismissal bell rang.

There is NO HOMEWORK over this three-day weekend. Enjoy your extra time off!

Wednesday, March 7th

At the beginning of the period, I collected the BONUS opportunity that was due as well as last night’s homework—the Review Sheet. (The homework has been graded and entered into iNow; however, the BONUS has not.)

Afterwards, students had the period to complete their ELA Benchmark…the Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Test.

There is NO HOMEWORK tonight! Enjoy your evening!

Tuesday, March 6th

Students completed a Chapter 8 – 12 Reading Quiz at the beginning of the period. Upon turning the quiz in, students were directed to pick up a Review Sheet to get started on. Once all the reading quizzes were turned in, I went over the correct answers with the class. These will be graded and entered into iNow shortly.

HOMEWORK : Complete the Review Sheet [front & back] before coming back tomorrow. Also, make sure you are prepared for tomorrow’s ELA Benchmark…the unit test on ROTHMC.

We also spent time discussing tomorrow’s test. Students were told that the test will NOT be set up like the reading quizzes have been. The purpose of the reading quizzes is to hold student accountable for their reading outside of class, to ensure the recalling of important events, and to investigate comprehension of the material. Tomorrow’s test will have students applying the literary elements we have discussed all year long. It will have several sections:

  • Read-the Passage (3 of these sections; excerpts from the novel we have already read and/or discussed in class)
  • Character Traits (match the quote with the character that proves the characteristic)
  • Cause & Effect (THIS took place because THAT occurred)
  • Vocabulary (Ex: Read the example sentence using the word track. Now from the following four sentences, identify where track is used in the same way. Additionally, you’ll have quotes from the novel with a specific word underlined. Students will have to use the other words in the sentence to help them figure out the underlined word’s meaning.)
  • Multiple Choice 
  • True/False

Tomorrow’s test questions will specifically deal with literary elements like the narrator, characterization, conflict, climax, foreshadowing, flashback, inference, mood, symbols, themes, resolution and main idea. There will be 50 questions…2 points each…totalling a 100 point gold grade. 

Here is a Jeopardy-style review game if you’d like to take a look:

NEED SOME BONUS? Click on the following link, complete the BONUS opportunity and turn the completed work into me at the beginning of the period TOMORROW Wednesday, March 7th. ROTHMC: BONUS Opportunity

Monday, March 5th

At the beginning of the period, we reviewed Chapter 11’s events. Afterwards, we read Chapter 12 of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry concluding the novel.

Before dismissal, we discussed what the rest of this week will look like:

  • Tuesday: REVIEW / “Q & A” Day
  • Wednesday: ELA Benchmark…which will be the unit test on ROTHMC
  • Thursday: Give back / Go over…hopefully get 3rd 9 weeks ELA report card grade
  • Friday: TEACHER WORK DAY (no students)

We will begin class tomorrow by having a READING QUIZ on Chapters 8 – 12

NEED SOME BONUS? Click on the following link, complete the BONUS opportunity and turn the completed work into me at the beginning of the period Wednesday, March 7th. ROTHMC: BONUS Opportunity