Upcoming Deadlines


ROLL OF THUNDER, HEAR MY CRY by Mildred D. Taylor will be the next novel required in class. This book is due by Thursday, February 1st. Each student is required to have his/her own copy of this novel. Students who pre-purchased this book through OMMS at the beginning of the year can rest easy—I have your novel and will hold on to it until the first of February.   [1st announced in class and posted on the blog on 1/3/18] Click on the following link to see the names’ of students who pre-purchased a copy of ROTHMC:  Pre-Purchased ROTHMC

Interested in Book Olympiad (formally Battle of the Books)? Check out this informative flyer for details: Book Olympiad Flyer 2018

Are you a writer or an artist? Shelby County’s Literary Magazine needs your submission(s)! We are looking for student work  – poetry, short story (no more than 2 typed pages), essay – and even art!!  In order to participate Mrs. Colley will need a digital copy and a hard copy or your piece(s) by Wednesday, January 31st. See Mrs. Colley or your ELA teacher if you have questions or need clarification.

Poetry Terms Quiz — Thursday, January 18th

Poetry Portfolios must be SUBMITTED via Google Classroom by 11:59 PM on Tuesday, January 23rd [more info regarding this project will be given in class around 1/16/18]


Friday, January 12th

At the beginning of the period I spot checked students’ “I Stand Up” assignment for a completion grade. This will be the first poem students will include in their Poetry Portfolio, so students were directed to place this poem back in their binders for safe keeping. [More info about the portfolios will be given next week]

While I checked homework, students completed their fourth journal entry by creating an original example of personification as well as an original example of a simile.

Students then took notes on SYMBOL, DENOTATION, and CONNOTATION . We discussed the denotative and connotative meanings of a several words. Students were given their next assignment then: Illustrating a Word’s Connotative Meaning. Each student was assigned a different word. Students were able to see two examples of completed projects. Students were then given the remainder of the period to work on their creation.

“Illustrating a Word’s Connotative Meaning” will be due at the beginning of the period Tuesday. Students were reminded of the following:

  • follow the directions;
  • follow the layout/format;
  • create a colorfully detailed illustration that is “the center of attention” on your finished project that is visually appealing and demonstrates incredible time, effort and attention.

Students are welcomed to complete a portion or all of this assignment on the computer; however, illustrations must be colorful. Therefore, make sure you have plenty of colored ink in your printer.

Where you absent today? If so, I have sent you an email…to your school email account…that has your assigned word for the assignment mentioned above. Additionally, I have copied your parent(s)/guardian(s) on the email as well. 

Thursday, January 11th

At the beginning of the period I collected Tuesday’s homework (“maggie and milly and molly and may”) as well as yesterday’s classwork (the Poetry Packet answers). As far as the Poetry Packet goes….as I shared on yesterday’s post as well as what students were told today in class, students will not be penalized for not completing yesterday’s Poetry Packet AS LONG AS the work turned into me today shows forty minutes worth of effort. I will look over the work turned in today and calculate how much the majority of my students were able to complete. Let’s say that the “average” is three of the four pages were completed. If a student didn’t get done with the first page, points will be deducted because the student did not use his/her class time as it was intended to be used. Again, I will begin looking at this closely starting tonight.

Next, we continued our Poetry Unit Gap Notes by focusing on IMAGERY specifically similes, metaphors, examples of personification, and hyperboles.

We also completed a Guided Practice activity together before I assigned tonight’s homework.

HOMEWORK:  Students were given instructions on creating their own poem mimicking the style, tone and mood of “Miss Rosie.” Student poems will be due at the beginning of the period tomorrow. Students were reminded to include their own title, follow the format (17 lines total), and use correct mechanics (with an emphasis on spelling and capitalization). Students were reminded again that their poems should be serious in nature and school-appropriate.


FYI: To date, students have been assigned THREE journal prompts. If you missed any of these three, be sure to check the JOURNAL PROMPTS link towards the top of this page (just above UPCOMING DEADLINES) to see what you still need to do. (You will need to scroll down the page some to get to the latest three prompts assigned.)

Wednesday, January 10th

I wasn’t able to be with the students today. Students worked on a Poetry Packet in class.  Although I thought I would get back up to school this afternoon to post the packet, I won’t be able to. I will collect today’s work in class tomorrow. Students will not be penalized for not completing the packet AS LONG AS the work turned in shows 40 minutes of effort. In other words, I need to see that students used their class time wisely and appropriately.

Tuesday, January 9th

I collected yesterday’s class/homework at the beginning of the period. Additionally, students had their second journal prompt of the grading period to respond to at the beginning of the period as well which is here: Poetry Acrostic Entry

Afterwards, we began a new unit—our Poetry Unit. Students completed notes on Sound Devices today. We then practiced these devices through a Guided Practice activity. Students were given their homework before dismissal; however, students did not have time to get a good start on it. Regarding the homework, I pointed out to students that numbers 3, 4, and 5 have multiple parts. Students who  need additional room to answer these questions can use a separate sheet of loose leaf paper. Students were also warned to answer each question thoroughly and in detail. I do not want to see answers like Happy, Sad, Good, Bad. Students who are vague or put very little thought/effort into their answers will not get credit.

Monday, January 8th

Today in class students had the choice to participate in a Spelling Bee. Winners and Runner Ups per class included…….

1st period: WINNER:     Mallory C.        Runner Up: Marron M.

3rd period: WINNER:    Dana B.            Runner Up: Geovanna P.

4th period: WINNER:    Emma W.          Runner Up: Ryley D.

5th period: WINNER:    Neyzer P.          Runner Up: Amiri J. 

6th period:  WINNER:    Julian B.          Runner Up: Evan B. 

HOMEWORK: Students need to complete the Roots Words, Prefixes, and Suffixes handout before coming back to class. I will collect this first thing at the beginning of the period tomorrow.

Friday, January 5th

We completed our preparation for Monday’s class Spelling Bee today in class. Students were given a choice of three journal prompts to answer found here: Journal Entry 1 REFLECTION . Students only need to respond to ONE of these prompts.  This journal entry needs to be completed before coming back to class; therefore, it is HOMEWORK.

Regarding Monday’s Spelling Bee……

  • the bee will be a 5 point “participation” grade (silver);
  • participation is optional; however, students were directed today to get permission over the weekend from a parent/guardian before opting out of the bee on Monday;
  • students will have the opportunity to earn bonus points via Monday’s bee—the longer a student stays in, the more he/she can earn up to five additional points.

If you are interested in preparing for Monday’s Spelling Bee over the weekend, here are a few word lists I was able to find. I think they could be quite useful.

Thursday, January 4th

At the beginning of the period there were three announcements made regarding Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, the Book Olympiad, and Shelby County’s Literary Magazine. Specific information about these things can be found above.

Next, I conducted a Journal Check for a 10 point (silver) grade. Students should bring their journals to class daily. Although students do not have a prompt to respond to each day, they should still come to class prepared with all ELA materials daily.

We continued our class activity to review word origins, spelling, vocabulary, setting goals and overall perseverance in school until dismissal.

There is NO HOMEWORK tonight, but again, students should come to class prepared daily with all their ELA materials.



Wednesday, January 3rd

W E L C O M E   B A C K   and   H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R !!

Students received a number of graded assignments at the beginning of the period. We specifically spent time going over the unit test on The Man Who Was Poe.  Students also were shown their report card grade for my class and then afterwards given the opportunity to clean out their binders.

We began an in class activity to review word origins, spelling and overall perseverance in school.

Although there is NO HOMEWORK tonight, students were directed to make sure they bring their JOURNALS to class daily. Tomorrow  (and several days thereafter) students will have a prompt to answer.


Wednesday, December 13th

At the beginning of the period, I collected last night’s homework–the CRYPTOGRAPHY handout.

Next, students prepared for their Notebook “Check” Test by taking out all necessary graphic organizers and bell ringers. Students then had the period to complete the test; however, no student needed the entire period to do so. These will be graded along with yesterday’s test on The Man Who Was Poe as soon as possible; however, students probably will not get back either of these last two assignments before the break. I am in the process of grading TMWWP tests now and depending on what all we have going on at home tonight, I will do my best to at least be prepared to show students yesterday’s test grade tomorrow in class. Thanks for your patience.

For homework, students need to complete all four of the Crack The Code Activities before coming back to class. Many students finished this in class.


Monday, December 11th

Wow!! What a day!! Lots of stuff  got done in class today……

Students finished The Man Who Was Poe today in class by reading Chapters 21 and 22 as well as “Something About Edgar Allan Poe” which is found on the last page and a half of the novel.

Students were given a study guide to help them feel prepared for tomorrow’s 110 point gold grade test on The Man Who Was Poe. The test will consists of six parts, and it will also have two BONUS questions. The format of the test is as follows:

  • Part 1: Vocabulary (Fill-In-The-Blank sentences)
  • Part 2: Comprehension Questions (Multiple Choice—just like the questions students have seen on each of the reading quizzes we have had throughout the novel)
  • Part 3: Character Descriptions (Matching—match the description with the correct character)
  • Part 4: Characterization (Multiple Choice—students will read a passage from the novel and determine what that quote demonstrates about a character from the novel)
  • Part 5: True/False (Based on the events of the novel)
  • Part 6: The Mystery of Edgar Allan Poe (Multiple Choice—based on the documentary students watched on Tuesday, November 28th and the notes they took that day as well)

Again, students were given a study guide to help them prepared for tomorrow’s test: TMWWP Study Guide Test Review 2017

Students were also given time to mark their clues on their Clue Log as either REAL or RED HERRING; however, I decided not to collect the Clue Log not the Character Log today because I think students will find these helpful when studying tonight. Students need to be prepared to turn in both completed logs tomorrow before taking the test. 

Students in my 1st, 3rd, and 6th period classes who will be gone Wednesday on the Choir Trip completed their Notebook “Check” Test today in class. All other students will take this test on Wednesday. The following handouts will be needed in order to be prepared for this test:

  • Prepositions Graphic Organizer
  • Indefinite Pronouns Guided Practice
  • Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement Graphic Organizer
  • Subject-Verb Agreement Graphic Organizer
  • Paris Opera House Graphic Organizer
  • Mystery Notes Graphic Organizer
  • The Mystery of Edgar Allan Poe Graphic Organizer
  • *** TMWWP Vocabulary Bell Ringers Week 1 
  • *** TMWWP Vocabulary Bell Ringers Week 2 [white paper]
  • ***I still have these last two handouts mentioned; however, students will be getting them back before the test obviously.