Upcoming Deadlines


Monday, March 6th: ELA Benchmark: 3 copies of your ROTHMC page & 1 black Sharpie DUE

Wednesday, March 8th: Blackout Poem DUE [final copy and rough draft process]


Each student is responsible for having his/her own copy of The Giver by Lois Lowry in class by FRIDAY, APRIL 14th. 

Thursday, March 23rd

I apologize for not posting anything yesterday. I was home with a sick baby. It was an unexpected absence. 

YESTERDAY (Wednesday) students turned in Tuesday night’s vocabulary crossword for a 10 point effort grade.  Students read all of Act I in class of “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street.” Before dismissal, students were given and directed to answer the Act I Questions in COMPLETE SENTENCES for homework. [Complete Sentences = Rewording the Question into your Answer]

TODAY (Thursday) students completed an Act I Pop Quiz. We graded these in class, and I collected them  in order to record each score in iNow. Next, students completed “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street” by reading Act II. 

Before dismissal students were given Act II questions to answer and we discussed tomorrow’s test on “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street.” Tomorrow’s test will include the following:

  • Comprehension Questions [Look over your study guide Act I & II questions]
  • Setting, Exposition, Conflict, Resolution, and Theme Questions
  • Vocabulary Terms [SPECIFICALLY THESE TEN TERMS: defiant, contorted, flustered, instilled, intimidate, legitimate, metamorphosis, optimistic, persist, and transfixed]
  • Teleplay Terms [all ten from Tuesday’s notes]
  • Elements of both Science Fiction and Fantasy Fiction Questions [Again, look back at Tuesday’s notes]

Additionally students were told today to make sure they can answer this question: DO OTHERS SEE US MORE CLEARLY THAN WE SEE OURSELVES? 

HomeworkTMADOMS ACT I_II QUESTIONS Students only need to answer the SETTING and CHARACTERS questions as well as #8 – 14. Students were instructed to record their answers on the same sheet of paper(s) they have written their Act I answers. Additionally “answers only” is fine…students do not need to answer tonight’s homework in complete sentences.



Tuesday, March 21st

At the beginning of the period, I went over these announcements:

  • There will be a test on “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street” (this) Friday. One of the sections on the test will cover the vocabulary students were introduced to yesterday; therefore, students have been encouraged to begin studying these words tonight.
  • The Giver is due in class on Friday, April 14th. Students who did not pre-purchase this novel through our school but who have since bought it on their own are encouraged to bring me their novel for safe keeping. Additionally, students who go ahead and turn their books into me will be exempt from the letter we will be writing to parents/guardians in class on Monday, April 3rd regarding this required reading material.
  • Students will need to bring their literature book to class tomorrow & Thursday as this is from where we will be reading our teleplay.

Next, students took notes on the differences between Science Fiction and Fantasy Fiction. Additionally, students took notes on specific teleplay terms they will see as we read “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street.”

***Students were also told that today’s teleplay terms as well as the elements of Science Fiction and the elements of Fantasy Fiction will be on Friday’s test too. Start studying now!

We completed the period by going over yesterday’s vocabulary. I displayed the presentation I created for this assignment and went over it slide-by-slide. (I will not be posting my presentation as I have a number of students who need to make-up this assignment.)

For homework, students will need to complete the crossword: Vocabulary Crossword. Students were directed to use their vocabulary presentations to assist them…regardless of the directions on the handout which directs students to use their notecards. This “word bank” may also be helpful to some:

1. Antagonism 2. Contorted
3. Converge 4. Defiant
5. Flustered 6. Idiosyncrasy
7. Incisive 8. Incriminate
9. Instill 10. Intimidate
11. Legitimate 12. Materialism
13. Metamorphosis 14. Optimistic
15. Persistent 16. Reflective


Monday, March 20th

Today in class students used the Chromebooks to create a Google Slides presentation featuring vocabulary from the teleplay we will be reading this week: “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street.”

I shared a template with students today, and they had the period to work on this assignment. Each student’s Vocabulary Google Slides presentation is due by 11:59 tonight. 

  • PDF of Google Slides Template for Vocab (This is for parent-observation only—to get an idea of what I have asked students to do. All work must be completed using the Google Slides template I have shared with students and submitted via Google Classroom.)

****STUDENTS WHO DO NOT HAVE COMPUTER AND/OR INTERNET ACCESS FROM HOME are permitted to finish this assignment on index cards including all the same requirements (term, part of speech, definition, student-created, ORIGINAL sentence and a corresponding illustration); HOWEVER, the student must show up in class tomorrow with a parent-written note VERIFYING the lack of a computer and/or internet access at home.

Friday, March 17th

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, HAPPY REPORT CARD DAY and Happy Friday, Y’all! (Report cards were distributed in 1st period classes this morning.)

Today in class we continued to focus on ACT Aspire testing. Students were partnered up with one other student. Together, students were directed to complete the ACT Aspire Reading 7 Exemplar. Additionally, students were also required to justify or explain why they selected each chosen answer.

Students who were absent can access today’s lesson via the Google Classroom app. Students who just want to continue practicing with the exemplar(s), can do so by following these directions:

Go to https://tn.actaspire.org/client/index.html

The logins for reading are as follows:

Username                           Password

reading6                                 actaspire

reading7                                 actaspire

reading8                                 actaspire

There is no homework. Have a WONDERFUL weekend!


Thursday, March 16th

After collecting the the Movie vs. Novel “comparison” sheet at the beginning of the period, students were given some time to Clean up and Clean Out their binders.

The majority of our class time together today was spent investigating ACT Aspire results via the data from the past three interim assessments. Each class was able to see their progress versus my other classes. I am thrilled to report that all of my classes ARE indeed making progress. Additionally, students were given their three interim scores as well. After students had the opportunity to chart their personal data, students were directed to create a goal for the summative assessment which will be next month. Finally, students devised plans via four written statements to make meeting their goal a possibility. Although I collected each student’s goal sheet, I will be giving those back soon so students can be reminded of their personal goals made today.


There is NO HOMEWORK this evening.

Tomorrow, we will spend time investigating an ACT Aspire Reading Exemplar. We think it is important that students have a genuine understanding of how to manipulate through the program with ease.

Wednesday, March 15th

Students completed the made-for TV movie of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry today in class.

With remaining class time (5 – 10 minutes), students were directed to work on their “comparison” worksheet.



Homework: Students should complete their “comparison” worksheet as it will be collected at the beginning of the period tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 14th

At the beginning of the period, students were given back their graded Blackout Poetry Projects. Additionally, students were shown their ELA final grade for the 3rd 9 weeks. The large majority of my students were extremely successful throughout the grading period. The breakdown of my students’ grades is as follows: 31 –> A’s  50 –> B’s  16 –> C’s  5 –> D’s  and  ZERO F’s.

Next, students were directed to take out the comparison worksheet they were given yesterday. We finished out the period by continuing to watch the ROTHMC (made for TV) movie. Students should have recorded additional answers on their comparison handout while viewing.

Homework: Although students cannot complete the “Movie vs. Novel Comparison” worksheet prior to finishing the ROTHMC movie, they can continue updating their answers  tonight.



Monday, March 13th

Students were given back some “graded work” at the beginning of the period. Students will most likely get back their Blackout Poetry Project tomorrow and get a chance to see their final grade for the 3rd 9 weeks grading period.

We spent the majority of the period starting the movie-version of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. Students are watching the movie with a purpose in mind—to complete a comparison handout. This classwork will not be due until either Wednesday at the end of the period or at the beginning of class Thursday; it just depends on when we complete the ROTHMC movie. [Note: The directions on the comparison handout ask students to use their Venn diagram answers to assist them; however, students were not required to create a Venn diagram prior to getting today’s handout.]

Homework: Although students cannot complete the “Movie vs. Novel Comparison” worksheet prior to finishing the ROTHMC movie, they can begin getting some of their answers down on paper tonight.


Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry 1978 – YouTube

Thursday, March 9th

Students turned in yesterday’s class/homework assignment at the beginning of the period.

Directly following that, students were given back their unit test on ROTHMC. We spent time going over the correct answers question-by-question.

Students finished out the period by completing a ROTHMC activity handout for BONUS points. Students who were absent today will need to see me ASAP if they would like to take part in this BONUS opportunity. Students were only given a portion of the period to complete it and where not permitted to use their textbooks; therefore, students who were absent today will have to follow the same criteria. Because my grades are due the morning of March 15th, all make-up assignments should be turned into me by 3:00 on the afternoon of Tuesday, March 14th.

Enjoy your three-day weekend as students do not have school tomorrow due to a scheduled Teacher Work Day.


Wednesday, March 8th

At the beginning of the period, I collected completed Blackout Poems from those students who didn’t turn theirs in yesterday.

Afterwards, students were directed to pick two words from ROTHMC with which they were unfamiliar. Students were then directed to narrow their final choice down to just one word. After each student selected his/her own term (no two students had the same word in any class), students were told to follow these directions:

  • At the top of your unlined sheet of paper, write your chosen term;
  • Write the page number on which this word can be found within ROTHMC;
  • Write the sentence from ROTHMC that contains the word;
  • Using a dictionary, define the term and give its part of speech;
  • Create an ORIGINAL sentence using this word. Do your best to connect the term to something that actually applies to your own life. Studies show that students who make real word connections to unfamiliar vocabulary are more likely to truly learn the meaning;
  • And finally, illustrate your term. When illustrating your chosen word, you can either draw something that represents how the word was used in ROTHMC OR you can draw a picture that represents how YOU used the term in your original sentence example. As always, make sure your illustration is full of a variety of different colors. These colors should come from colored pencils, Twistables or markers. Highlighters and ink pens are not acceptable. 
  • When looking at your finished product, I should see no blank white space. Make sure the steps above are followed and spaced in a way that the entire page is used. 

Students had approximately 30 minutes of class time to work on this; however, students who did not complete this assignment will need to do so for homework tonight. This work will be collected at the beginning of the period tomorrow.