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UH OH!!! Did you forget to take your copy of The Giver home…and now you have homework…that you can’t do without the book???? Have no fear…looky what I found here:


It’s a link that has the entire novel on it! Cool, huh? Now you’ll be prepared for class tomorrow…all the while keeping your favorite 7th grade ELA teacher tickled pink with happiness!

Friday, April 28th

Last night’s study guide answers to Chapters 1 – 3 were collected at the beginning of the period.

Following that, students completed a 10-point reading quiz on these three chapters. These quizzes have since been graded and will be entered into iNow by the end of today.

Students completed the period by reading Chapters 4 and 5 and most of Chapter 6 of The Giver. For homework, students need to complete their reading of Chapter 6. Students also have another study guide to complete for homework. There have been two “literary terms” questions also added to the study guide that must be addressed as well.

Make sure you are providing page numbers from where you find each of your answers (minus the two Literary Terms questions) and don’t forget to answer the two Literary Terms questions as well. I will collect this on Monday.

Reminder: You have a VOCABULARY QUIZ on Wednesday, May 3rd (45-point SILVER grade). The Quizlet students completed in class on Wednesday is still posted in Google Classroom. Feel free to continue your familiarization of these terms by accessing the Quizlet via your class’s specific Google Classroom.

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! I cannot believe May 1st is Monday!! Where did the year go?!?!?

Thursday, April 27th

We spent time at the beginning of the period reviewing some of the important parts of Chapter 1 of The Giver. This discussion was led by some information I had posted on the side board in the classroom…things like characters’ names, rituals, odd names or labels for everyday things, rules, etc.

Students then read Chapters 2 and 3 of The Giver in class. Following the reading, students were given a study guide to complete for Chapters 1, 2 and 3 and class time to get started on it. Study guide answers will be due at the beginning of the period tomorrow. Although answers do not need to be written in complete sentences, all answers should be thoroughly complete. Additionally, students MUST provide page numbers from where they find each answer. No page numbers? = No credit! 

Wednesday, April 26th

At the beginning of the period I spot checked last night’s homework–the vocabulary notecards–for a 20 point “effort” grade. Students got one point for each card that was 100% correctly and completely done. Additionally, students were given time with the Chromebooks to access a QUIZLET (via Google Classroom) to help with THE GIVER vocabulary familiarization. I reminded students that there will be a Vocabulary Quiz next Wednesday as well.

We finished up the period by reading Chapter 1 of The Giver. Before dismissal, students were directed to bring their novels to class each day until further notice. I also told students to visit the blog on days they miss my class, so they could stay up-to-date on reading and other possible assignments from home. The last thing students want to do this close to the end of the school year is fall behind—it could be detrimental to a grade.

There is no homework tonight; however, there is a Vocabulary Quiz Wednesday that needs to be studied for sooner rather than later.

Tuesday, April 25th

Students completed an Agree or Disagree? Activity at the beginning of the period as we anticipate our beginning of The Giver tomorrow.  This sparked a lot of class discussion indeed.

Students were then given the remainder of the period to work on vocabulary for The Giver. Each class was told today that students will only earn credit tomorrow for those cards done 100% correctly and completely. Because students seem to still be struggling with providing CONTEXT CLUES, I discussed the following sentences with them that were written on the board:

  1. I was bumfuzzled. [no context clues]
  2. I was bumfuzzled during math. [no context clues]
  3. I was bumfuzzled during math today because I could not see where I went wrong in the equation until I realized the positive sign should be a negative. [context clues]

Notecards will be a 20 point grade tomorrow. After I spot check homework and students continue to get acquainted with the vocabulary via Quizlet, we will begin reading The Giver! Come to class with your copy of the novel if it’s not already in my classroom.

Monday, April 24th

At the beginning of the period, students were given back their Mythology Test from last Wednesday and we went over it question-by-question. Students were encouraged to ask questions as needed. Additionally, student were given their Cereal Box Summary assignment as well as their graded Review Questions homework from last Tuesday.

As we gear up to begin our reading of The Giver by Lois Lowry, students completed notes on Utopian vs. Dystopian characteristics as well as key events that led to Lowry writing this novel.

There is NO homework tonight.



Friday, April 21st

We continued watching the movie version of Hercules today in class. Before starting back, students were reminded to watch with a purpose by:

  • Noting similarities and differences between the two different modes (the myth we read in class vs. the movie);
  • Recording PROs and CONs for both modes of Hercules’ story;
  • Deciphering a “favorite” version between the two different versions;
  • Explaining your choice.

All classes completed the movie today and with remaining time at the end of the period we orally discussed those components listed above.

There is NO HOMEWORK. Have a FABULOUS weekend and get ready to start The Giver on Monday!

Thursday, April 20th

We began watching the movie version of Hercules today in class. Before getting started, we first reviewed what we had read about Hercules last week [specifically Monday, April 10th’s lesson plan]. While enjoying the movie, students were directed to get started on the following tasks:

  • Note similarities and differences between the two different modes;
  • Record PROs and CONs for both modes of Hercules’ story;
  • Decipher a “favorite” version between the two different versions;
  • Explain your choice.

We will continue watching Hercules tomorrow.

There is NO HOMEWORK tonight.

Wednesday, April 19th

At the beginning of the period I collected the Review Questions which were assigned to help students prepare for today’s test. These have since been graded and entered into iNow as a SILVER grade (due to students having the majority of the period to work on this yesterday).

Next, students completed their Mythology Unit Test. This will be a GOLD grade out of 80 points. I will do my best to grade these quickly and post them into iNow.

Afterwards, students were directed to find something to work on independently and quietly (Sudoku sheets, puzzles and word searches were on hand as needed).

There is NO HOMEWORK tonight!

Tuesday, April 18th

Yesterday’s “Zero to SUPER HERO” assignment was collected at the beginning of the period.

Next, students were given back a number of graded papers. Again, all grades have been entered into iNow at this point OTHER THAN the “Cereal Box Summary” as well as today’s “Zero to SUPER HERO” assignment.

Finally, students were given a REVIEW SHEET that will  prove to be most helpful in preparing for tomorrow’s Mythology Unit Test. Each test question is represented on the review handout. Students were given the majority of the class period to work on this review; however, I will be in my classroom tomorrow morning for students who need to ask questions or take a look at one of the class copies of mythology stories.

Monday, April 17th

Students began an assignment in class today entitled Zero to Super Hero. Students were assigned a god or goddess on which to create a Super Hero. There are a number of details and requirements regarding this activity, so I encourage students (once again) to follow the directions meticulously.

Homework: Complete your Zero to Super Hero assignment. All Zero to Super Hero Final Drafts will be collected at the beginning of the period tomorrow.