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ALL: March 12th – 16th

Monday, 3/12

We took a few minutes at the beginning of class to clean out our binders. Be sure to keep everything that we have put in a sheet protector. All of your APV, Poetry, and Verbs & Stuff handouts can be thrown out.

I handed out a new root chart for our last set of root words for the year. (Can you believe it? You are almost at the end of your middle school career.) We will follow the same procedures as last nine weeks. There is a new roots page dedicated to the words for this week. Our first silver roots quiz will be this Friday, March 16th.

We started an introduction to our next unit – argumentative writing. We used chromebooks to view a Prezi presentation on the Powers of Persuasion. As we went through the Prezi, we filled in some cloze notes to keep track of what we learned. We didn’t quite finish today,  so we will work on this again tomorrow.

Homework: None 🙂

Tuesday, 3/13

We created original sentences using this week’s root words. Students wrote three sentences (one for each root word) and circled their best sentence before turning them in for a small bronze grade. Don’t forget that we have a silver roots quiz this Friday.

We finished up the Powers of Persuasion cloze notes. The link to the Prezi is listed in yesterday’s activities and on our Google Classroom site.

FYI…Tomorrow, all classes will meet in the Library/Media Center.

Homework: None 🙂

Wednesday, 3/14
All classes met in the Library/Media Center today.

We began working in small groups to use our knowledge of persuasive techniques – ethos, pathos, and logos – to analyze commercials. All of the information you will need to complete this assignment can be found on our Google Classroom site.

Homework: None 🙂

Thursday, 3/15
All classes met in the Library/Media Center today.

We added example sentences for this week’s root words to our root chart.

We continued working on our commercial analysis assignment. I made a few changes to the assignment requirements, so make sure to read over the instruction document (available on Google Classroom) very carefully.

Homework: Study for tomorrow’s silver roots quiz on words #1-#3!

Friday, 3/16


ELA 8: March 5th – 9th

Monday, 3/5

There will be no Greek/Latin Roots this week!

We continued reviewing verbs by taking notes and completing #1 & #6 on the practice side of our Verbs & Stuff handout together as a class. We will complete our review tomorrow, just in time for Wednesday’s benchmark exam!

FYI…our benchmark will be on Wednesday, which will only cover verbs, direct objects, and predicate nouns.

Homework: Complete ALL of the remaining sentences on the Verbs & Stuff handout. This is great practice for your benchmark, so don’t slack on tonight’s assignment!

Tuesday, 3/6

We spent the first 15 minutes of class in the Library/Media Center.

When we returned to class, we reviewed last night’s homework (Verbs & Stuff Practice) before working on the Verbs & Stuff Recap sheet as a final review activity for tomorrow’s benchmark exam.

Homework: Study, study, study for tomorrow’s benchmark. The test will cover verbs (action/linking), direct objects, & predicate nouns. The Verbs & Stuff Recap sheet is a great study tool!

Wednesday, 3/7

We reviewed portions – #1-#7, #8-#10, #12-#14 – of last night’s homework (Verbs & Stuff Recap) before completing the gold Verbs & Stuff Test, which is counting as our benchmark test for this nine weeks.

Homework: None 🙂

Thursday, 3/8

We reviewed the results of yesterday’s benchmark test together as a class. I did take the tests back up so that I can enter them into INOW. I will permanently return them to you on Monday.

Homework: None 🙂 Have a fabulous three-day weekend!

Friday, 3/9

No School – Teacher Work Day