Be Kind: The Kind Kids Club

Has your child told you about The Kind Kids Club? I am SO EXCITED about doing this with my class this year! This club will focus on random acts of kindness and being KIND to others. Students have been given an application to complete if interested in joining the club and all applications are due tomorrow. Once I receive the applications, the kids will be given 10 missions to complete. Missions include making bookmarks and hiding them in books in the library, leaving inspirational notes in common places for other kids to find, writing thank you notes to the cafeteria staff and bus drivers, etc… Once students have completed ten missions, they are officially members of The Kind Kids Club. We will then have meetings to discuss future “missions” and fun, happy projects that will spread kindness throughout our school.

Ways to Enjoy Reading

  1. Listen to a book being read aloud.
  2. Take turns reading to a friend or parent.
  3. Read a book by yourself and tell someone about your favorite part.
  4. Record yourself reading the book or parts of the book and listen to the recording.
  5. Make a list of the books you have read and how you felt about each book.
  6. Visit the library and explore the sections with books that interest you.