Abernathy's Antics

GRC Adventures in D06

This and That at this Crazy Time of Year!

Largest Rubik’s Cube

NASA’s new nighttime map of the entire Earth

A Giant Friendly Octopus Forms an Immersive Playground for Children in Shenzhen

Starry Night painted on water – AMAZING to watch!

Carnivorous Glow Worms – it gets gross!

Smallest Rubik’s Cube 

Thanks to Byrdseed’s Curiosities & Puzzlements for these needed Spring distractions!

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Innovative Instrument Creation

Found Sounds: Making Instruments From Trash

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For Every Space Loving Person Out There

The NASA 2017-2018 Catalog of Free Software Is Now Available

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7 Ways Sleep Affects The Brain (And What Happens If It Doesn’t Get Enough)

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Celebrating Mistakes?

Interesting blog post. Read the article and let me know if you think this would help your students. Maybe I would change the word “celebrating”?

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CONTEST TIME!!! AAGC 2017 Logo Contest

Come on HIS, HMS and HHS! I know you guys all have gifted voices who need to share! We’ve never had an entry so, of course, no winners! Let’s rock this contest!

AAGC Logo Contest


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Two Puzzles to Stretch Your Logical Thinking

Enjoy these with your kids!

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From Curiosities and Puzzlements – HT: Byrdseed

Fun fodder for your brain!

Animated Engines

If you like tiny – check these out – some of them are a bit gross. FAIRCHILDART MINIATURES

Vantablack at work – did that make you curious? Figure out what it is and how it works and we can talk about it in class.

What do you do with all of those little pieces of mechanical pencil lead? Why this! Of course!

Like to play with magnets? Check this one out!

Wanna watch murmuration?

Like classical music? Can you name all 52 pieces from the 31 composers? Enjoy!

Legos! Always a crowd pleaser, especially with a guitar!

Indoor Skydiving – from 2017 Wind Games

Lego Robot figuring out a Rubik’s Cube

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Such An Important Skill To Model and Practice Every Day

5 Ways to Teach Students Respectful Disagreement

What do you think of these suggestions?

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Gifted Education Month – GEM – January 2017

On January 26, we were delighted to have local, school and state leaders visit our classroom. Students created presentations to share their “voice” in gifted education. They also demonstrated their STEAM skills through various activities. I appreciate all of the parents who wrote letters of thanks and support to share with our special guests.


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