5th grade- Sky Scrapers

For this project, 5th grade used one point perspective to make their skyscrapers. The buildings were shaded in with neutral colored pencils and the sky was done with cake watercolors. I thought that this was a pretty difficult project but students said even though it was hard they think it’s a project I should use next year because they loved their results 🙂


1pt2  1pt4

Congratulations EHES art club!!

Art club entered 14 posters into a Renew the Rivers poster contest. There were 103 overall entries and 17 posters were chosen as winners. SIX of those 17 winners were from EHES! Way to go Art club! Students got gift cards ranging from $15-$25 depending on how they placed and a special shout out goes to Meredith Youngblood for winning a first place spot!!! I’m so proud of my fabulous students!




K-4 Mega Blog update

Ok, so things have been bananas lately so I haven’t been on top of posting every grade level project once they finished. That means I’m going to now post one giant, all inclusive, photo extravaganza of what we have been doing lately. It’s good stuff! check it out 🙂

Art Club- my 1st -5th grade students made these fabulous zebras! Maybe it’s my formative years spent in the 90’s that make me think of Lisa Frank when I see these… either way I think they are just fantastic!

photo 4photo 1photo 5photo 3


4th Grade– For this project we looked at the art of George Rodrigue and made some blue dog inspired art. They got to switch the color if they wanted to as long as we kept his other iconic characteristics in place. They also chose background scenery based on Alabama landmarks.

bluedogs2 photophoto 2  photo 1


3rd grade- This project is a favorite with students and teachers. I get so many comments when people pass these in the hall. Students looked at the art of Wayne Thiebaud and blended with oil pastels for the cupcakes. The background was filled in with watercolor. cc2 cc3

2nd Grade- made Seuss illustrations inspired by If I Ran the Zoo.

seuss3 seuss seuss2

1st grade- made abstract poppy paintings inspired by the works of Georgia O’Keeffe. We also read the book Ish by Peter Reynolds and made ‘ish’ drawings.

fls fl3 fl2

Kindergarten looked at the work of Mondrian and made art using horizontal and vertical strips as well as primary colors.

mondrian2 mondrian1

more updates coming soon!


4th grade Tiles

4th grade looked at Islamic Tiles and learned about radial symmetry for this project. I had such a hard time choosing the work for the display that I just put them all up and luckily the were small enough to fit 🙂 4th grade did a great job designing their tiles and translating the design to the final project using a crayon transfer. The results were really striking when displayed as a class

tiles1 tiles2 tiles3

3rd grade Koi

Since we just finished Ming vases I thought it might be fun to learn about Koi paintings for the next project. We talked about different kinds of balance again- asymmetrical and symmetrical and we also talked about warm and cool colors. This project was probably 3rd grade’s favorite so far. I mean, they were super into it.  Almost everyone felt successful, they loved drawing the fish and had a blast watching what happened to their paper when we sprayed the marker with water. Check these out 🙂

koi koi1 koi3 koi4

The Day the Crayons Quit

First grade read this book in their library time and the wonderful Jennifer Milstead suggested we turn it into an art project. Once I saw the book and illustrations I was so excited to get started! The class spent about 10 minutes or so talking about all of the facial expressions and body language that the illustrator used when drawing the crayons. Then the class had time to decide what emotion their crayon was going to have when it thought about coloring. Students used sharpie and crayon and watercolor for this project. We talked a little about highlight and shadows as well while we were finishing up and coloring in. These little crayons have so much personality and I love that students get an opportunity to free draw in the thought bubbles!


crayon 2 crayon 3

Kindergarten and The Dot

     If you have not read The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds you really should. It’s all about not having a bad attitude and not being afraid to throw yourself into a creative process. I love it, the kids love it, and there is even a national Dot day so a ton of other people must be into it as well. Kindergarten read and discussed the book and illustrations then we made our own dots like Vashti 🙂

The dots were made with marker and water and the gold frames were made with yellow construction paper and gold paint. We added swirls in. Here are some photos of the finished project-

dot3dot7  dot6dot5  dot2dot1


First Ever EHES Art Show!!!

Our very first art show was a smashing success! Thank you to all parents and teachers that made this night a possibility 🙂

The turnout was amazing- pictures were taken right when the doors opened pretty much. Every student chose their favorite piece from  this year and it was mounted and placed outside their home room. Families were able to walk around the school and see what all grade levels were up to in art class.


There was also a local artist demo! David Schleuter from Buck Creek Stained Glass was in the upper lunchroom blowing glass and making pendants and ornaments. IMG_0071 IMG_0073

families were also invited to participate in a drawing activity-

IMG_0082 IMG_0077 IMG_0066 IMG_0067

Art club students were amazing greeters and did a fabulous job of making everyone feel welcome. Overall,  I couldn’t be happier with how things turned out and I cannot wait until next year!

IMG_0062 - Copy IMG_0061


Cabinet Upgrade!

5th grade students at CaIS started an art room improvement project in October and we are really starting to see some killer results!

Students designed an elements of art mural for the formerly blue and hideous  floor to ceiling storage space. We still have a long way to go but it’s looking so great I just had to put some before and after photos on the interwebs 🙂

cabinets1 cabinets2cabinets

EHES art club


Art club has been busy with clay owls and acrylic landscapes and wire sculptures and other super artsy things. We don’t usually get too crafty but students are working hard on the mural for the news room so I decided we needed something easy and fun- Mardi Gras masks! For some reason I decided to use feathers and glitter in the same project but my kids are awesome and we made it through without completely destroying the art room 🙂 Students drew up multiple designs for their masks and added color. When they found a design they liked we transferred it to the mask in pencil then filled in every shape with glitter….so much glitter. Every inch of the mask. Glitter. They loved it and I must admit, I think they look super fancy! One student even used the twisteez wire we have been experimenting with to make his mask stay on. Check it out-

mask 3 mask1 mask2