Monthly Archive for November, 2010

Trade is a language everyone knows!

This past week in Explorations we continued to study chapters 5 and 6 of Blood on the River: Jamestown 1607.   During class, we:

  • Solved two “Perplexor Puzzles.”
  • Re-Read the trading scene in chapter 5 and read part of chapter 6.
  • Learned challenging new vocabulary.
  • Made models of the goods traded by the Native Americans and English settlers.  We then re-enacted trading these goods discussing the economics concept of opportunity cost. 
  • Finally, we finished reading Tacky the Penguin while discussing individuality vs. conformity and some classes completed our “individual snowflakes.”

Time for Trade?

As the colonists arrive in the Carribean, they will be approached by the Native Americans there.  They will all be very nervous.  How will they work through the language barrier to get the supplies they need to keep going to Jamestown?

This week in Explorations we will:

  • Solve a Magic Squares math puzzle.
  • Watch a wonderfully creative video by a very talented shadow puppet artist.
  • Analyze a problem in chapter 5 with the Six Thinking Hats.
  • Learn challenging new vocabulary.
  • Read and discuss chapter 6.
  • Determine “opportunity cost” for consumers in our Play Dough Economics unit.

Hope you are looking forward to new and exciting challenges this week! :)

Land Ahead!

In chapter 5, the colonists on the Susan Constant will see their first sight of land in many weeks.  Can you imagine how excited they will be? 

This week in Explorations we will:

  • Solve challenging math puzzles.
  • Analyze the route of the colonists on the world map.
  • Ponder the questions: “How long is 4 months?” “What would it be like to be stuck on a ship for 4 months?”
  • Learn challenging new vocabulary
  • Read and discuss chapter 5
  • Analyze “scarcity” in our world and model scarce items out of clay.
  • Work together to “Get Across the Swamp” in a FUN team building game!

I’m looking forward to a great week filled with lots of learning, Explorers!  I hope you are too!