Monthly Archive for January, 2011

See you in two weeks!

G.R.C. for third grade students will be cancelled for the next two weeks.  During this time, I will be pulling second grade students to complete activities with me in my classroom.  This is an annual process that I reminded the students of last week.  G.R.C. classes will resume the week of 1/31.  I will miss seeing my explorers during this time!  Thank you so much for being understanding. :)

Student Projects are Underway!

Here is what we focused on in Explorations for the week of 1/11-1/14:

  • Review chapter 8
  • The students then considered the questions, “Now that the settlers have arrived, what is the most important thing to do first?  Should they hunt for food, build shelter, explore, etc?  Which of these is most important?”  The students shared their viewpoints and supported their points through this group activity.
  • Read parts of Chapter 9 as a reader’s theater
  • While working on student selected projects this past week, the students went through the following steps.
    1. Read research on their topic and highlighted 8 key facts.
    2. Recorded all important research on a “describing wheel.”
    3. Planned the steps to construct their projects.
    4. Gathered materials and crafts
    5. Began construction of projects

The students are truly impressing me with their abilities to pull key information from research, plan a project, and begin construction of that project.  These are skills they will use for the rest of their school career!  Keep up the good work, Explorers!

We Have Arrived!

This week the main characters in our book will arrive at Jamestown!  However, it will not be quick or easy to get there.  When they leave the islands and head North for Virginia, they will be stuck at sea for 5 weeks.  There will be bad weather and storms that blow them in the wrong direction! 

Explorations for the week of 1/4/11-1/7/11 :

This week we will…

  • Solve a challenging Sudoku puzzle.
  • Read chapters 7-8 of Blood on the River as a reader’s theater. 
    (Get ready to act and read with lots of expression!)
  • “We’ve Arrived, Now What?” Problem Solving Group Work
  • Playdough Economics Lesson #7 : Trading with Money
  • Plan your People System, Transportation System, or Economic System project.  (You choose the project you will complete! :)) 

I am so excited to see the creative and challenging projects you will be working on this month.  I hope you are excited about them too!

Also… Happy New Year!  I hope you and your family had a wonderful Holiday break!

Explorers, please share one new year’s resolution by commenting on this post!