Monthly Archive for October, 2011

Discovery Zone 10/5-10/11

The highlight of this week’s G.R.C. activities has to be the awesome presentation by Mr. Chris, Mrs. Cheryl, and Mrs. Kim.  These gracious visitors from Shelby Baptist Hospital volunteered to come to our school to lead a very interesting presentation on many medical discoveries.  The students were able to see first hand medical discoveries such as improvement in medical tools, improvement in key technology, and even less invasive surgery as provided by laparoscopy.   The feature part of their presentation was the laparoscopic surgery they conducted on a pinata!  The students were able to see the candy inside the pinata through the cameras inside that were projected onto the Smart board.  They discussed the many ways that this surgery provides for a quicker and easier recovery time as compared to previous more invasive surgeries.  Ask your child about this presentation at home!

Discovery Kids- Would you ever consider a career in the medical field (ex: doctor, nurse, medical management)?  Why or why not?

Discovery Zone 9/28-10/4

Thinker Activity: The students learned how to solve “Grid Perplexor” puzzles.  Through these puzzles they were able to use given clues to solve a complex mystery.

Discovery Unit Activities:
(Abel’s Island Self-Discovery Study, Creative Problem Solving, and Medical Discoveries Introduction)

  • We reviewed chapter 3 by sharing student answers to the “big questions.”  Then the students learned challenging new vocabulary for chapter 4, and they created a gaffiti poster to illustrate the meaning of a chosen vocabulary word.  Next, we read and discussed chapter 4 focusing on the boats Abel created as he attempted to cross the raging river. 
  • Mrs. Beard then taught the students about the steps of Creative Problem Solving, and the students used the “idea finding” and “solution finding” steps to create and evaluate 2 different boats that they could create of the given classroom materials.  Next, they built their best boat with a partner within ten minutes.  (They LOVED building boats!)
  • Finally, Mrs. Beard introduced her “Teacher Internship Program” experience at Shelby Baptist this past summer, and she shared with the students an introduction to the Medical Discoveries presentation they would be participating in the next week of G.R.C.