Newsletter April 3-7, 2017

Dear Parents, Your child’s unit CH 13 work should all be complete. Your child can see the Table of Contents every day in Google Classroom (on the About page.) Want to see for yourself? Here’s a link to the Ch 13 Table of Contents: ¬† RQN_yRx_LrefIqE8bJSDgstSVLDGxXCo1519jk/edit?usp=sharing The Oral History Project begins April 5 and is […]

QUIZ Corrections to Improve GOLD GRADE CH 13

DUE- MON April 3rd To add GOLD points to QUIZ#1 use the textbook p. 404-408 READING CHECKS 13-1: How did civil rights leaders use court cases to try to end segregation? What organization took important cases of the civil rights movement to court? What obstacles faced supporters of desegregation? What event sparked the Montgomery bus […]