WED Updates: May 3rd

Dress Like a Hippie Day moved to FRIDAY, May12th.

BOTH your completed, typed Oral History Project and your Thank You letters are DUE this week! (See format below)

You will need two write TWO “thank you” letters to the people who participated by being interviewed in your Oral History Project. YOU will need 2 stamped addressed envelopes- DO NOT SEAL the letters before I read them. ALSO, Include a return address.

Thank your for taking the time to be a part of my Oral History Project where we explored what it is like to be young in different decades and how it is changing to be a young person in 2017. I enjoyed hearing about __________, _______________, and __________. (LIST 3 things directly from the interview)
I will always remember finding out _____________________.
(YOU choose what goes on this blank- look through your notes on the interview and follow up questions)
Sincerely OR Love,
Sign your name

Newsletter April 10-14th

Check Google Classroom and USA Studies Weekly to finish assignments not completed in class. (WEEK 22 & WEEK 23)

Oral History Project- The back of the paper with questions has a page to plan the 2 interviews and record the 2 mailing addresses. This page must be filled out and signed by Friday, April 14th.

Newsletter April 3-7, 2017

Dear Parents,

  • Your child’s unit CH 13 work should all be complete. Your child can see the Table of Contents every day in Google Classroom (on the About page.)
  • Want to see for yourself? Here’s a link to the Ch 13 Table of Contents: RQN_yRx_LrefIqE8bJSDgstSVLDGxXCo1519jk/edit?usp=sharing
  • The Oral History Project begins April 5 and is due on April 26th, 2017. Your child needs to interview 2 adults over age 30 to discover what being their age in a different decade was truly like from someone who lived it! Complete info will be posted on Google Classroom. They will also need to collect addresses to MAIL “thank you” letters to each of the 2 people they interview.
  • There is a Chapter 13 TEST on the complete Learning Guide Thursday, April 6, 2017.


QUIZ Corrections to Improve GOLD GRADE CH 13

DUE- MON April 3rd

To add GOLD points to QUIZ#1 use the textbook p. 404-408


  1. How did civil rights leaders use court cases to try to end segregation?

  2. What organization took important cases of the civil rights movement to court?

  3. What obstacles faced supporters of desegregation?

  4. What event sparked the Montgomery bus boycott?

  5. What group of people got involved in the movement through sit-ins?

  6. How were the sit-ins similar to other civil rights protests?

  7. What organization did Martin Luther King, Jr. form?

To add GOLD points to QUIZ#2 use the textbook p. 410-15


8. What did African Americans hope for from President Kennedy?

9. How did the Birmingham marches affect public opinion?

10. What two groups were involved in using the Freedom Rides to protest segregation?

11. What famous speech was made during the March on Washington?

12. What was the purpose of Freedom Summer?

13. How did President Johnson support civil rights?

14. How did Malcolm X’s goals differ from Martin Luther King, Jr’s?

March 20-24, 2017

Dear Parents,

This week students will continue studying the Civil Rights unit CH 13 and in WEEK 21 of USA Studies Weekly. Students will also get the assignment for the Oral history project so that if they will see a relative they don’t always see during Spring Break next week….they can begin interviewing two other people about being 11 or 12 in a different decade.

  • Monday- READ p. 410-415 and Identify the nine key terms 13-2 #9- 17
  • Tuesday- READ p. 410-415 and Identify the nine key terms 13-2 #9- 17
  • Wednesday- WEEK 21 READ articles and do the Crossword
  • Thursday- QUIZ 13-2 GOLD Grade
  • Friday- Enjoy your SPRING BREAK and begin your Oral History Project.

Newsletter March 13-17, 2017

Dear Parents,

Every night your son or daughter should spend 10 minutes doing a STUDY SMART activity. This week we are beginning CH 13 on the Civil Rights Movement in America (also WEEK 20 Studies Weekly.) For example, today your child was assigned 8 terms from p. 404-408 and he or she should begin studying those terms just a few minutes each day.

Written assignments are a sign that your son or daughter is finishing a CLASSWORK assignment because they need additional time, has been ABSENT and has make-up work, or has a PROJECT due over a period of time.

Thank you,

Michelle Caiola