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Week of November 7-11, 2016

Monday-1,3,4,5-none; 6- p. 252 #14-28

Tuesday-1,3,4,5- 269 #11-25 (odd) #24; p. 274 #9-21 (odd); 6- 268-269-#1-20

Wednesday- 1,3,4,5- p. 294 #17 30; 6- none;

Thursday- none

Friday- Veteran’s Day

Week of October 31- Nov 4

Monday-1,3,4,5- Finish the bottom of the inequalities sheet, practice equations; 6-none

Tuesday- 1,3,4,5- none;6- 246 #1-10

Wednesday-1,3,4,5- Do side #2 the bottom half on the inequalities sheet; 6th period- Finish 246-247 #1-26

Thursday- 1,3,4,5- none; 6th period -none


Week of October 24-28

Monday-1,3,4,5- complete the equation worksheet 1-10; 6- none

Tuesday-1,3,4,5- 11-20; 6- EP 12 #1-12 Study for the test on Friday

Wednesday-1,3,4,5-quiz on combining like terms, Finish the equation worksheet, (test Friday); 6- Finish #1-18, 21, 25,27, 31 (Test Friday)

Thursday-Study and practice for the test  1,3,4,5-Finish 1-15 on the top of the handout.; 6th- study for the test

Friday-1,3,4,5,6- Equations test today

Week of October 17-21

Monday- 1,3,4,5- Finish Aquatic Quintet; 6- Finish the equation sheet

Tuesday-1,3,4,5- Finish Aquatic quintet if not finished;  6-Finish left side of WS 3.2

Wednesday- 1,3,4,5- Be prepared for a pop quiz in the next couple of days on combining like terms;1-4 on handout- show all steps; 6-none

Thursday-1,3,4,5,-none; 6- none


Week of October 11-14

Monday- No school

Tuesday- 1,3,4,5- p. 132 #4-7, 23-28, 43; 6- finish the fraction sheet

Wednesday- 1,3,4,5- Finish 1-10 on the classwork sheet ; 6th- none -fraction sheet due tomorrow

Thursday- 1,3,4,5- Finish 11-20 on the worksheet; Finish the equation sheet.

Friday- none

Week of October 3-7 (Nine Weeks Test- Friday in math)

Monday- Study for 9 weeks test

Tuesday-Study for 9 weeks test

Wednesday-Study for 9 weeks test

Thursday-Study for 9 weeks test

Friday- 9 Weeks test TODAY

Week of September 26-30

All classes practice operations with integers.  Practice pages can be found at www.math-drills.com

Monday-1,3,4,5- EP 8 middle sec. #7-21; 6- problems 1-5 (given at the end of class)

All classes silver quiz tomorrow- distributive property with variables; Test Friday on rational numbers

Tuesday- Quiz today on DP

Wednesday-1-5 periods- p. 158 #23-36; 6-classwork on fractions

Thursday-1-5 periods- p. 163 # 37-51; 6-classwork on fractions

Friday-Test today on operations with rational numbers  (All classes received their study guide today)

Week of September 19-23

Monday-1,3,4,5,6 Study for the test: Sixth period finish the practice sheet

Tuesday-1,3,4,5,6 None Test today

Wed-1,3,4,5- WS left side #1-15; 6- WS left side #1-12

Thursday-1,3,4,5-Integer timed test; 6-none

Friday- Practice Integer Test today

Week of September 12-16

Monday- 1,3.4.5- pp. 509-510 #1-28 (Finish the classwork) The test has been moved to Friday; 6- complete worksheet D-The test has been moved to Wednesday.

Tuesday-1,3,4,5- pp. #1-6; 6- test tomorrow on adding and subtracting integers

Wednesday-1,3,4,5- test will be Tuesday- Finish the classwork-pp. 518 #9-30 omit 23- Homework-542-543 #47-62; 6- Finish the multiplication with fractions handout (Binder and bell ringer check on Friday)

Thursday-1,3,4,5- no homework- Test Tuesday; 6- no homework- Test Tuesday

Friday- Tests Tuesday; No written work

Week of September 6-9

Monday- Labor Day

Tuesday- 1,3,4,5- pp. 502-503 #2-40 Even; 6- Integer worksheet -adding and subtracting

Wednesday- none Interim ASPIRE testing

Thursday-1,3,4,5-integer worksheet (integer retest option on Friday);6-none

Friday-none   Test Tuesday for all classes

Week of August 29-Sept 2

Monday- 1,3,4,5 periods- integer test tomorrow (Practice problems from math-drills.com); 6 period- EP 5 middle section #1-18 and bottom section #1-12- Integer test Wednesday

Tues- 1,3,4,5 periods- none; 6- study for the integer test tomorrow.  Print or copy an integer sheet to practice for the test from www.math-drills.com.

Wed- 1,3,4,5- p. 483 #12-24, 484 #35, 36; 6th- none

Thurs- 1,3,4,5- pp. 497-498 #10-27;6-none (binder check tomorrow)

Fri- none (1st period and 3rd period binder check on Tuesday)

Week of August 22-26

Monday- 1,3,4,5- P. 146 #1-9; 6-integer worksheet

Tuesday-1-6 periods -integer sheet

Wednesday- 1,3,4,5- EP 4 bottom of the page; 6- Finish the integer sheet front and back.

Thursday- 1, 3,4,5- Subtraction integer sheet; 6- integer subtraction sheet- top 5 rows

Friday-Integer Test Tuesday




Week of August 15-19

Monday- none

Tuesday- 1, 4 periods- p. 72 #1-24, 3,5,6- none

Wed- 3,5 periods-p. 72 #1-24, 1,4 periods -none, 6 period- P. 91 #1-24

Thursday- 1,3,4,5 periods-EP 4 middle section -back of book; 6 period-none


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