Family Meal Planning Project (7th and 8th grade semester classes)

Family Meal Planning Packets are due no later than MAY 15TH!!  This date is later than we originally told the students because our meal planning unit took longer to complete than we originally planned.  Additionally, we wanted students to have Mother’s Day as an option for their cooking day.  🙂  Students may turn in their project by May 4th to receive a 10 point bonus, or by May 11th for a 5 point bonus.

While I emailed this information to parents earlier,  I also wanted to post it just in case a student has lost his or her packet and evaluation sheet.  Students hopefully have already planned to prepare their meal by now and may just need to cook and then fill in the evaluation sheets.  Everything they need is attached.  Please remember that students MUST turn in the completed rubric…a handwritten note will not suffice for the grade.

There are several recipes posted under the “Recipes” tab at the top.  These are great options for the meal planning project.  In addition, I would LOVE to include recipes from our students and their families.  Please email me if you would like a recipe included…of course I’ll give you credit. 🙂

family meal planning assignment

family meal rubric

6th Grade No Sew Pillow

A quick reminder…6th grade students should have their No Sew Pillow materials in class no later than Thursday, May 10th.  This information was in the the course syllabus that was sent home at the beginning of the nine weeks…but for those who may have lost their syllabus here’s what you need:

The materials needed are a pillow form (no round pillows) and fleece material that is 10” larger than the longest side of the pillow.  So, for example, if your child has a 14” pillow they will need 24” of fleece.  If they have an 18” pillow they will need 28” of fleece.  If they have a 20” x 26” pillow, they will need 36” of fleece.  I think you get the picture.

If you do not wish to purchase a pillow form, you may cover a pillow you have at home.  Just measure it so that you know how much fleece you need to get.  And please make sure the fabric you get is FLEECE, not felt, or flannel, or cotton.  Additionally, please make sure that you DO NOT get “ultra fleece”.  It falls apart and creates a huge mess.  It is fine to sew if you are using a machine, but this project only involves cutting and tying.  Email me if you still have questions.


Congratulations to our local FCCLA cook-off winners:


1st – Molly E, Chicken Pesto Tortelini; 2nd – Kamryn C, Skinny Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo; 3rd – Leighton T, Chicken Spaghetti


1st – Mary S, Italian 3-cheese Stuffed Shells; 2nd – Anna C, Mexican Lasagna; 3rd – Addi J, Lasagna Casserole

Dairy Dessert

1st – Grace T, Cookies n’ Cream Cheese Bundt Cake; 2nd – William P, Strawberry Cream Pie; 3rd – Niyah S, Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake Bars

 These local winners will compete at the Shelby County Competition on February 15th.

Extending Your Learning

In an effort to take learning outside the classroom, 7th and 8th grade students will choose one square from each category of the Extending Your Learning project to complete each nine-week grading period.   See the detailed instructions on the attached document.  Remember…a dated parent signature is REQUIRED for each paragraph turned in.  Don’t wait until the last minute!!  Only one reflection will be accepted per week.

EYL Guidelines and example

OMMS-ExtendingYourLearning-spring 2018



Skillet Meal

The 7th and 8th grade semester classes prepared a “Beefy Rice Skillet Meal” today in class.  This is a great way to incorporate multiple food groups and have a healthy, easy dinner on the table in only half an hour.  Many students asked for the recipe so here is the link…

This would be a great option for the Family Meal Planning project which is due on (or before) December 13.