Testing will take place during the first 90 minutes of each day, and there will only be one testing session per day. Please be advised of the following test dates noting that check in/outs are not allowed during standardized testing:

  • 6th Grade: Test in 3rd  period
    • April 5th – Math
    • April 12th – Reading
  • 7th Grade: Test in 6th period
    • April 4th – Science
    • April 6th – Math
    • April 13th – Reading
  • 8th Grade: Test in 2nd  period
    • April 11th – Math
    • April 14th – Reading


  1. Get plenty of rest (around 8 or more hours of good sleep).
  2. Eat a healthy dinner with carbohydrates and proteins the night before testing.
  3. Eat a well balanced breakfast the morning of testing with carbohydrates, proteins, and fruit (or fruit juice).
  4. Bring ONLY yourself your testing classroom. You may not bring any electronic devices (against the law to have in the testing room during testing), pillows/blankets, books, or other study materials unless otherwise directed by your test supervisor.
  5. Check with your teacher to make sure of your testing location and date.
  6. Be aware of the rules of the ASPIRE Tests (Reading, Math, and Science) especially including test taking strategies for those tests.
  7. Practice exemplars for the reading, math, and science using the following information: ACT Aspire Exemplars

Chromebooks for Classrooms

We, OMMS teachers, staff, and parent groups, are leading a new technology initiative called “Chromebooks for Classrooms.”

I need your help!  Our team is raising money for a set of Chromebooks for our math classes.  How exciting! We will have the Chromebooks in our classroom at our disposal.  I can’t wait for all of the cool things we will do in class, including graphing, submitting work through Google Classroom, review games such a Kahoot and Quizizz, research, and so much more.  As a teacher, I’m excited about this because Chromebooks give me instant feedback of where my students are…”Are my kids understanding the material or not? How am I going to help them?” Then, I can personalize instruction for struggling learners and give opportunities to enrich those students who have mastered the material.

Please help us reach this goal.  Each of your core subject teachers is raising money for 8 Chromebooks that we will put together in one cart for the math classes.

Each core subject teacher will be launching a DonorsChoose.Org page to raise money to purchase 8 Chromebooks to go towards a team cart to use in our classrooms.

Here’s where you come in:

Share my Donors Choose Project Page with your family and friends. You can physically share it with them, or repost using Facebook or other social media, or email it to them.

PLEASE SHARE:   Miss Meadows Donors Choose Chromebook Page

Be sure to share the PROMO Code with them:  LIFTOFF.  If they put in this promo code, Donors Choose will match any donation up to $50 for the first 7 days. THIS IS HUGE for us to meet our goal!  Also, be sure to tell them to uncheck the box that will give 15% to the website. We want and need ALL of our donations.  🙂

Incentives for my classes:

Every time you have someone donate in your name, you will get a math class coupon. Some of the coupons are the following:

  • Bring Your Own Snack to Class Coupon
  • Candy or Treat from Miss Meadows
  • Extra Time Coupons (Where you can request extra time to finish an assignment)
  • Test Retake Coupon (You can retake a test or quiz in this or future nine weeks)


Encompassed is the letter that has been sent home with the report cards on Friday, October 13th, 2016 providing more information regarding this initiative.

Chromebooks for Classrooms Letter from Principal Haynes

Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year!

Welcome to Miss Meadows’s math blog! I am so excited to begin this year with you in my math class. Please visit your class’s page to read and review my syllabus with your parents. Then, fill out the White Team Google Form and return my Acknowledgment form to me by Friday, August 12th. I will post class notes and homework weekly and will do my best to keep this blog updated with what we are covering in class. I am looking forward to a great year with you.

Miss Meadows