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Ready For A Colorful Year!

Hooray!!! The school year is already here and we can’t wait for all the fun to take place.  As you can tell, we are full of colorful personalities. Our class is going to experience so many new and wonderful things this school year.  Wait and see all the fun you wish you were having.  Our class is the best in the WORLD!!!!

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Getting Ready for Summer

So, as you can tell, we have been so busy I have forgotten to update our classroom Blog. Summer is coming and everyone is ready. Our class is always busy in some way. May is a month full of fun activities. We went fishing this month, rode horses, had water day, Kona Ice, and just fun all around. We hope you have a safe, restful and exciting summer. See you back in August.

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Be On The Lookout For A Leprechaun

This week we will be learning about St. Patrick’s Day.  We will be having many activities including the celebration on Friday for Shamrock Shakes.  We have painted with bell peppers to make 10 Lucky Shamrocks, studied a poem about 5 Green Shamrocks and painted them using our fingerprints, made scented shamrocks with lime jello, rolled dice to see how many gold coins the Leprechaun left in our Pot of Gold, made shamrock window clings, and the favorite, Fizzy Shamrocks.  This week has been tons of fun.  We are all excited about Spring Break!!! To experience some of the fun activities we had, see the pictures below.

lucky shamrocksshamrocks

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Oh The Places You Will Go…

This past week we were able to celebrate a special author for school.  It was Dr. Seuss week.  We had special dress-up days, special stories, and special art activities.  We covered several different books this week.  Below you will see some of the activities we did. Our class had a BLAST participating.

the foot book The Foot Book


Ten Apples On Topten apples on top

                                    One Fish Two Fish

                one fish two fish


cat in the hatCat In the Hat

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The week of February 25-March 1, we are going to be talking about sports. Most of us know about football, especially living in Alabama (Roll Tide) but there is another team involved Auburn (War Eagle). This week we will be talking about all types of sports along with what equipment they use.  We will be doing Math patterns of sports balls (football, baseball, soccer ball etc.) If you have any items or types of equipment we could borrow this week please let me know.  I will get it back to you as soon as we are done. 

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Valentine’s = Love

So over the last 2 weeks, we have been discussing Valentine’s Day and what each student loves.  They have made special valentines for friends and family.  They also made a Tree of Hearts. Here are our Tree of Hearts for you to share. Hope you are enjoying your days filled with love especially from our sweethearts.

Tree of HeartsTree of Hearts2

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The Circus Is Coming

For the next 2 weeks our class will be visiting the circus.  We are learning about the different jobs and activities that take place in a circus.  IWe are planning on having a ringmaster, lion tamer, clowns and other “visitors”. If you have any items that can help create the Big Top and the circus experience, please let me know.  It’s going to be a lot of fun under the BIG TOP!!!

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iPad fun

So the last couple of days, our class has had the opportunity to use the iPad on the Promethean Board.  Our students have had SO MUCH FUN!!! When you come into our class, you just never know what activity we are going to be doing especially with technology.

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Snow Is In the Air

Hope everyone has had an incredible Christmas break!! January has started with a blast. We are beginning to study about Winter.  Snow, snowflakes, and snowmen are all around.  We have been learning about what you should wear in winter, counting snowflakes and making patterns of snowballs and snowmen.  We might even have our own snow storm coming to class.  Our stories have been fun and interactive.  One was There Was An Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow and 5 Little Snowmen. There have been some fun craft activities to go along with the stories.  Pictures of the activities are soon to come.  This is one time when Snow is TONS OF FUN!!!!!

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Adventures of the Day

Our sweet darlings are studying about community helpers this week and the letter C.  Today, we learned about letter C words.  We put our Letter C words into our Colorful Cars.

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