How to Handle Name Calling

The most recent lesson your child received in guidance was on conflict resolution: How to Handle Name Calling.

Students learned:

  • 1st try using your words. Tell the person how the name calling makes you feel and ask him/her to stop or use a bug and a wish. Ex. “I feel sad when you call me that name, please stop.” “It really bugs me when you call me that name. I wish you would stop.”
  • 2nd If the name calling continues, try ignoring the person. Pretend as though you don’t hear or see them or walk away.
  • 3rd If you see someone else being called a name, speak up for that person.
  • If you’ve tried using your words and ignoring and the name calling continues, that is a bullying situation and you need to ask a grown up for help.

Remember, I’m available to help you with any concerns or questions you may have!

-Mrs. Vick

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