Passive, Aggressive, & Assertive behaviors

During my most recent lesson, your child learned about passive, aggressive, and assertive behaviors. I read a short story in which animals helped students recognize characteristics of these three behaviors. Sally Snake represents aggressive behavior-scaring, threatening, and chasing Sammy Snail. Sammy Snail represents passive behavior-running away, hiding, and quietly taking the abusive behaviors Sally presented. Smiley Self represented assertive behavior-standing up for himself, helping others, and asking Sally Snake to stop chasing them.

Ask your child: Do you have snake, snail, or smiley self behavior? How can you be more like Smiley Self and less like Sammy Snail or Sally Snake? Have him/her draw a picture that best shows how he/she behaves (snake, snail, or smiley self).

Mrs. Vick- HES Counselor


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