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We are excited about helping the students and families of Helena Elementary School, yet another year! Please explore the pages above on our blog to learn more about how we are here to help. GO HUSKIES!
-Maegan & Shelly

husky mural

For their last service project HES Peer Helpers organized a pajama party to raise money for Two by Two Rescue, a no kill shelter. Learn more at

In all, HES students raised about $500 for the organization.image (22)



HES Peer Helpers received certificates of achievement yesterday, May 11, 2016.  This year HES Peer Helpers have participated in leadership meetings and have learned how to provide peer mediation through active listening skills and problem solving strategies. Our HES Peer Helpers met with HHS Peer Helpers multiple times throughout the year. The Helena High School students organized powerful leadership building activities for our students. Lastly, our HES Peer Helpers have organized a service project in which they are raising money for Two by Two Animal Rescue- Way to go HES Peer Helpers! What a great year!

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If you missed this morning’s Coffee Talk (Tantrum Tactics: Understanding Your Child’s Personality and Anxiety)with Paul Johnson, you missed a real treat! However, you can still check out this wonderful presentation on Periscope! The app is available through your app store. It requires a login using a Twitter account. Periscope saves the broadcast for review for 24 hours, and then it disappears. You may follow “HES Counselors” (@HES_CO) and/or search for “Helena Coffee Talk with Paul Johnson” or find us on the map when you go live.

P.S. You can even get a GREAT article on today’s topic by emailing Paul Johnson at .

Your HES/HIS Counselors,

Shelly Johnson, Renita Matthews, and Maegan Vick



The below link provides information on a resource for families struggling with emotions from divorce or separation.  Inverness Vineyard Church offers regular support groups for parents and children affected by divorce.

As always, I am here to support you as well. Email or call me (Maegan Vick -k-1st grade counselor or Shelly Johnson-2nd grade counselor), if you are going through any family transition and would like some support for your child here at school. 🙂





During my most recent lesson, your child learned about passive, aggressive, and assertive behaviors. I read a short story in which animals helped students recognize characteristics of these three behaviors. Sally Snake represents aggressive behavior-scaring, threatening, and chasing Sammy Snail. Sammy Snail represents passive behavior-running away, hiding, and quietly taking the abusive behaviors Sally presented. Smiley Self represented assertive behavior-standing up for himself, helping others, and asking Sally Snake to stop chasing them.

Ask your child: Do you have snake, snail, or smiley self behavior? How can you be more like Smiley Self and less like Sammy Snail or Sally Snake? Have him/her draw a picture that best shows how he/she behaves (snake, snail, or smiley self).

Mrs. Vick- HES Counselor


Visit this website to learn more about how to help your child stop bullying-



The most recent lesson your child received in guidance was on conflict resolution: How to Handle Name Calling.

Students learned:

  • 1st try using your words. Tell the person how the name calling makes you feel and ask him/her to stop or use a bug and a wish. Ex. “I feel sad when you call me that name, please stop.” “It really bugs me when you call me that name. I wish you would stop.”
  • 2nd If the name calling continues, try ignoring the person. Pretend as though you don’t hear or see them or walk away.
  • 3rd If you see someone else being called a name, speak up for that person.
  • If you’ve tried using your words and ignoring and the name calling continues, that is a bullying situation and you need to ask a grown up for help.

Remember, I’m available to help you with any concerns or questions you may have!

-Mrs. Vick

Here are just a few of the props I use to explain my role to students.

Ear phones- counselors are great listeners. I want to listen and help with any problems you may be having at home or school.

Glue- Counselors will always stick by you!

Flash Light- Just like a flash light helps you to not be scared of the dark, counselors help students when scary things happen.

Tissue- Counselors help to wipe away your tears, if  you’re feeling sad.

Hand Clapper- Counselors cheer for you when you make good choices. Counselors are encouragers and help students to make good choices at school.

Please ask your child if he/she knows the counselor’s name (Mrs. Vick: k-1st). Also, ask him/her what the counselor does at HES. 🙂

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Helena High School and Helena Elementary School Peer helpers join together to host a food drive. Students worked together to organize and advertise the food drive. The food drive will be held at Helena Elementary School the week of April 27th-May 1st. All collected items will be donated to Oak Mountain Missions.

image (25)

HHS and HES students presenting campaign ideas/posters.

Ayden Lindsey (Kindergarten), Will Burchell (2nd  Grade), Andrew Bush (10th grade), Khushee Modi (10th Grade), Kristian Pittman (2nd grade), Audrey Ballard (10th Grade), and Tiylar McCrimon (1st Grade).

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Life South representatives presented lessons on the importance on blood donation to all HES 1st and 2nd grade class last week. Please try to come by HES this Wednesday, April 22nd and donate blood. Each pint can save up to 3 lives!