HES Peer Helpers

HES Peer Helpers received certificates of achievement yesterday, May 11, 2016.  This year HES Peer Helpers have participated in leadership meetings and have learned how to provide peer mediation through active listening skills and problem solving strategies. Our HES Peer Helpers met with HHS Peer Helpers multiple times throughout the year. The Helena High School students organized powerful leadership building activities […]

Today’s Coffee Talk with Paul Johnson

If you missed this morning’s Coffee Talk (Tantrum Tactics: Understanding Your Child’s Personality and Anxiety)with Paul Johnson, you missed a real treat! However, you can still check out this wonderful presentation on Periscope! The app is available through your app store. It requires a login using a Twitter account. Periscope saves the broadcast for review […]

Divorce Support for Adults and Children

The below link provides information on a resource for families struggling with emotions from divorce or separation.  Inverness Vineyard Church offers regular support groups for parents and children affected by divorce. http://www.invernessvineyard.org/divorcecare-for-kids As always, I am here to support you as well. Email or call me (Maegan Vick -k-1st grade counselor or Shelly Johnson-2nd grade counselor), if you […]

Passive, Aggressive, & Assertive behaviors

During my most recent lesson, your child learned about passive, aggressive, and assertive behaviors. I read a short story in which animals helped students recognize characteristics of these three behaviors. Sally Snake represents aggressive behavior-scaring, threatening, and chasing Sammy Snail. Sammy Snail represents passive behavior-running away, hiding, and quietly taking the abusive behaviors Sally presented. […]

HHS & HES Peer Helpers Host Food Drive April 27- May 1

Helena High School and Helena Elementary School Peer helpers join together to host a food drive. Students worked together to organize and advertise the food drive. The food drive will be held at Helena Elementary School the week of April 27th-May 1st. All collected items will be donated to Oak Mountain Missions. HHS and HES […]