Small Group Counseling

At HES, we offer small group counseling services. Topics for small groups may include, but are not limited to: social skills, friendship, family changes, grief, etc. Parents and/or teachers can refer students to participate in small groups.

Should you agree for your child to meet with us in a small group setting, we will meet for 6 sessions lasting approximately 30 minutes per session, during school hours.

Parental consent is not required for short-term counseling that is needed to maintain order, discipline, or a productive learning environment.  However, ongoing counseling services that extend beyond these immediate needs require parental consent.

We are ethically bound to keep confidential anything your child says in our sessions, with the following exceptions: (1) if I determine that he/she is a danger to his/herself or others, or if someone else is harming your child; (2) if I am ordered to do so by a court of law; (3) if you direct me to disclose information to another; and (4) for consultation purposes. However, I cannot ensure that all group members will maintain confidentiality, though that will certainly be stressed during meetings.

If at any time you have concerns regarding your child, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone (Shelly-682-5421 / Maegan – 682-5416). If your child’s counseling needs are beyond our area of expertise, we can assist you in locating another care provider.

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