Table of Contents – 2nd Semester Update

Hello all!

I hope everyone is settling into the new semester nicely.  Since we have updated our science notebooks to reflect the new overall modules being covered this semester, I wanted to follow up on this in-class activity with a Table of Contents update on this blog.  If you go to the Life Science Table of Contents – 7th Grade or the Physical Science Table of Contents – 8th Grade pages, you will find this semester’s Table of Contents for each class along with a short description of what each entry entails.  A hard copy example of each grade level’s science notebook is available in my classroom for students’ convenience and perusal.

I will be updating the Table of Contents on each webpage periodically as we add new entries, so be sure to come back soon for new material.

Also, hopefully the students have been spreading the word but, we have gamified my classroom!!  I will say more about this in a future post – because there is SO much to say!

-Ms. Wilson 🙂

Element Poster Project – 8th

For this project you will be choosing from 3 different poster options for presenting your chosen element in a creative way.

Option 1 – Wanted Poster

Option 2 – Advertisement Poster

Option 3 – Adoption Poster

Go to important class documents to access the typed up requirements for the poster.

Check out this link to find the information you need to collect on your element. – Fact Sheet

Homework 10/14

Good afternoon students!

Remember that you need to finish up your annotations from the reading for homework.

7th grade: 3 surprises, 3 connections, 5 important things, 2 questions.  Reading on pages 85-89.

8th grade: 2 surprises, 2 connections, 4 important things, 1 question. Reading on pages 81-83.

At-Home Book Access

Have a wonderful night 🙂

-Ms. Wilson

8th Grade Homework – 10/1

Hello Physical Science students,

Remember that you have homework due tomorrow!  On your colored foldable, you need to have the following (gathered from information read in your Atomic Theory packet):

1st flap (outer most): Scientist/Theory Names

2nd flap (visible when you open the 1st flap): A drawing of the model that Scientist developed.

3rd flap (middle of the inside): Notes on the model itself, a.k.a. what makes it special, and brief notes on any experiments conducted by the associated scientist.

If you get confused or need clarification on anything mentioned in the packet, please feel free to Google for more information!

Thanks, Ms. Wilson

p.s.  Below are some good resources to reinforce the information!  You might even want to take a look at these before next week’s benchmark…

Bitesize Science

Atomic Models

Evolution of the Atomic Model

Welcome Classes!

Hello 7th and 8th grade students and their parents,

Welcome to my new blog to keep you up-to-date with everything that is going on in class.  I hope to update quite frequently so that you can see all the exciting things we are doing every day!



7th grade – Finished our first test on the digestive system and then began learning about proteins by reading an article and writing one-sentence summaries for each paragraph.  We began working on how to go about writing summary sentences when we learned about carbohydrates.  These sentences can be seen in students’ Science Notebooks.

8th grade – We are working through a lesson on Atomic Energy and students are deciding for themselves whether they are for or against its use based on verifiable evidence.  Tomorrow we will continue this discussion and clearly define the pros and cons of either side of the debate.  In current events on this subject, watch the following news report on North Korea’s new claim to nuclear weapons: click here.


See everybody tomorrow!!