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Counting Collections

We LOVE counting collections! Your students can hardly wait until it’s time to count again, and they’re having so much fun, they hardly realize how much math learning they’re doing! We are learning to count to numbers well beyond 120 with accuracy, effectiveness, and efficiency. Many are counting groups of objects so large that they need multiple days to complete their counting.  If you would like to support our work, we could use the following items: quart- and gallon-sized zip-lock bags; cleaned, styrofoam egg cartons; small Dixie cups; cleaned, stackable yogurt cups; and small items to count. Items could include small puzzle pieces, beans, pennies, beads, Legos, small bands, etc.

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The Pencil Trick

You should have experienced the noise-level in our classroom Friday afternoon! To say we were excited would be a HUGE understatement! Balance & Motion is my absolute favorite AMSTI Science unit, and I think I’m safe in saying it’s the kid favorite, too! But you can see for yourself…

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Happy 100th Day

What a great day we had on 1st Grade Hall!  Even though we were 100 years old today, we accomplished so much!  We learned about syllable -le, and we read and wrote 100 words before we went to P.E.  After visiting the library, we made a picture of what we will look like when we are 100 years old, and we wrote what we plan to do then.  We each made a yummy snack with 100 items.  Then after lunch, we had lots of math fun!  We counted to 100 and beyond over and over again, AND we had a lot of fun doing it.  Ask your student what he or she can do in 100 seconds! 🙂


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Hands on! It’s how students learn best, and we were certainly learning about worms on Monday! Take a look, and be sure to ask your student to share facts they’ve learned and  observations they’ve made.


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Heads and Tails

We’ve been learning about combinations of numbers through several math games this week.  Here’s one that you can play at home.  It’s called Heads & Tails, and some pennies are all you need.  I recommend between 6 and 10 to begin.  Let’s say you decide to find combinations of 7, so you’ll need 7 pennies.  The first player shakes the pennies in his hand and drops them.  Next, he counts the number of pennies that landed on heads, and then he counts the number of pennies that landed on tails.  You can even write a number sentence to go along with each combination.

3 heads + 4 tails = 7 in all


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Back to School 2014

I have loved getting to know these wonderful students the last few weeks.  Here are a few photos to show you what we’ve been up to these first days of the new school year.

First Days of School 2014 056 First Days of School 2014 053 First Days of School 2014 052 First Days of School 2014 051 First Days of School 2014 050  First Days of School 2014 047 First Days of School 2014 046004003001


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The September Newsletter

I sent a hard copy of the newsletter home with your student on Friday, but I’ve added a digital copy here for your convenience.  Happy Labor Day!

September Newsletter

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The Pencil Trick

In case you were wondering…

We’re still exploring, investigating, and learning in our classroom.  It’s been so much fun, in fact, that your student may believe we’ve just been messing around.  We put our knowledge of balance to the test Friday afternoon by balancing a pencil on its point on a popsicle stick.  We also practice the soft skill of perseverance during problem solving.  Look at these proud smiles!  What an accomplishment! 🙂


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Spring has come!

It’s official, whether it feels like it or not!  Spring is here!  I’m looking forward to warmer weather, but my joy is bitter sweet because this new season also reminds me that the school year is winding down.  I’m deciding not to think too hard about that this morning, so I’ll share so photos from Fun Friday last week instead.  Have a great 1st Day of Spring!

Winter 2014 131 Winter 2014 130 Winter 2014 129 Winter 2014 128 Winter 2014 127 Winter 2014 126 Winter 2014 125 Winter 2014 124 Winter 2014 123 Winter 2014 122 Winter 2014 121 Winter 2014 120 Winter 2014 119 Winter 2014 118 Winter 2014 117 Winter 2014 116 Winter 2014 115 Winter 2014 114 Winter 2014 113 Winter 2014 112 Winter 2014 111 Winter 2014 110 Winter 2014 109 Winter 2014 108 Winter 2014 107 Winter 2014 106 Winter 2014 105 Winter 2014 104

Winter 2014 102Winter 2014 103



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Happy 100th Day of School!

We read books about the 100th Day.  We counted and counted and counted!  Then we counted some more!  We counted our collections.  We counted our snack.  We counted how many times we could say our ABCs, write our names, and stand and sit in 100 seconds.  We illustrated and wrote about what we’ll do when we’re 100.  We wrote about what we would buy with $100.  It was a great day, and the costumes were fabulous!  Thanks for helping us celebrate!  You’re the best!

Take a look at all our work…

100th Day of School 040 100th Day of School 039 100th Day of School 037 100th Day of School 035 100th Day of School 034 100th Day of School 033 100th Day of School 032 100th Day of School 031 100th Day of School 030 100th Day of School 029 100th Day of School 028 100th Day of School 027 100th Day of School 026 100th Day of School 025 100th Day of School 024  100th Day of School 022 100th Day of School 021 100th Day of School 020 100th Day of School 019 100th Day of School 018 100th Day of School 017 100th Day of School 016 100th Day of School 015 100th Day of School 014 100th Day of School 013 100th Day of School 012 100th Day of School 011 100th Day of School 010 100th Day of School 009 100th Day of School 008 100th Day of School 007 100th Day of School 006 100th Day of School 005  100th Day of School 003 100th Day of School 002 100th Day of School 001 January 2014 047  January 2014 045  January 2014 043 January 2014 042  January 2014 040 January 2014 039 January 2014 038 January 2014 037 January 2014 036 January 2014 035 January 2014 034 January 2014 033 January 2014 032



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