Celebration of Creativity in the Community Art Contest

My advanced art class entered the McDonald’s Celebration of Creativity in the Community Art Contest. Two of my students won cash prizes on Thursday, February 25th at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. Jacey T. created a work of art titled “Free.” She won second place in the Middle School Division. Tyler W. won first place for his pencil drawing that included the faces of historic civil rights leaders Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X, and Rosa Parks. In addition to his cash prize, Tyler also won a gift certificate for our school art program. Congratulations to these two extremely talented students.


tyler JT Flag

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At the beginning of the semester, eighth grade advanced art began to create templates, and assemble a shoe made out of clay. The shoes have been fired now, but check back later for the final product!

Third Nine Weeks artwork!

This semester, my art students have been working on numerous art projects. Students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades have been busy at work collaborating with other students, other core classes, and even decorating our school! Eighth grade students have been working on creating a solar system design to decorate the eighth grade hall for the rocket launch (in their science class). Seventh graders have been working to create cell paintings in conjunction with learning about cells in their science class.

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8th grade graffiti stencils

This past week, my 8th graders have looked at artwork that is considered to be “graffiti art.” We discussed whether it is vandalism or art. We also looked at artists, such as Keith Harring, who became famous without ever damaging property. Students worked throughout the week to create their own artistic signature through graffiti stencils! It was a great week, and WE ALL learned a lot! The final activities included testing out our signatures with spray-paint!

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Congrats to the following students!!!

This week we had Calera Middle School Art on display at the Central Office. Congrats to the following students whose artwork were chosen:

6th grade

Kayla B., Parker L., Emily G., Parker R., Brody E., and Joseph S.

7th grade

Lauren L., Connor N., Katelynn M., Ricardo G., and Daniel D.

8th grade

Jada M., Chandler M., Jacey T., Chanel T., Rachel B., Kristinea G., Alexandria L., Quinn D., Maddie H., Oscar C., and Lauren K.

It was an extremely hard decision, because we have so many very talented students here at Calera Middle School!

Yearbook Design Cover

Congrats to three of our advanced art students on becoming a finalist in the yearbook cover design contest hosted by Mrs. Morrison! They are Dacota C., Kristinea G., and Alexandria L. WAY TO GO GIRLS! We can’t wait until the yearbook comes out to see if we have a winner from our art classes!