End of Year Highlights

Hatchet Reading Schedule

Epilogue page in journal:  Write one paragraph, including the falling action and the resolution.  Include a complete topic sentence, and underline the topic sentence.  This is due with the notebook on Friday.  All chapters must be complete.

Chapters 9-12 by 4/21

Chapters 13-14 by 4/28

Chapters 15-18 by 5/5

Chapters 19-Epilogue 5/10

Notebook journal pages need to be done for chapters 1-7, 9-11, 13-19.  Please follow the half sheet given.

Test – 4/21 – We will test on Hatchet through chapter 12 and figurative language (simile, metaphor, personification, alliteration, onomatopoeia, imagery, repetition, hyperbole, flashback, symbolism)

Test – 5/12 – Hatchet final – including conflict and figurative language.

Benchmark – Monday 5/22-Last week of school

Pop Hatchet quizzes are possible & we may have a bell ringer quiz the second week of May.  Our bell ringers will be diagramming with direct and indirect objects.


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News & Important Dates

I have posted a copy of Out of the Dust in your Google Classroom if you need to read any part.

Monday (2/27):  We finished the book Out of the Dust today.  We will write a 3 paragraph summary covering the beginning, middle, and end for the composition notebooks, on Tuesday.

Wednesday:  Study guide for Benchmark Exam

Thursday(3/2):  Test on Out of the Dust and figurative language – Library/Bookfair

Monday (3/6):  Benchmark – punctuation and DGP work

Thursday (3/9):  Notebooks due – 250 point grade


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Friday, February 17, 2017

If you were out today, please look at your Google Classroom account.  You have a new Readworks article to complete.  You only need to answer the multiple choice questions and submit.

Please look over I Now to see if you are missing other work due to absences.

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Figurative Language Review games

There are great websites to help you review figurative language.  Don’t forget, we took notes on slides that are still available in Google Classroom, under the About section.



Make sure you review!

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Quizlet to Review Wednesday Wars and Out of the Dust





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Tuesday 1/31

Homework – Writer’s Choice books pages 334 (exercise 1) & 336 exercise 3)odd.  Follow directions on the page.

See Google Classroom to complete the Readworks Assignment by Friday, 2/3.

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Direct Objects – Indirect Objects

Direct and Indirect Objects

A direct object is a noun or pronoun that receives the action of the verb.  

An indirect object is the recipient of the direct object.

If the sentence has an indirect object, it will always come between the verb and the direct object.

If there is information after the direct object about who received it, that is most likely a prepositional phrase (Jeff threw the ball to Mark.). A prepositional phrase cannot be an indirect object.

Download (PDF, 35KB)

Download (PDF, 23KB)

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Happy New Year!

We have begun reading Wednesday Wars by Gary Schmidt this week.  I still have a few kids that don’t have the book, but I would like them to get it as it will aid in comprehension.  We will be reading it all this 9 weeks.  Plan on a new chapter (or month) being due each week.  Students need to have read through October by next Thursday, 1/12.

I have put a PDF of the book in their Google Classroom account under the about section.  They can use that to read if they forget their book at school.  No excuses.  🙂

Enjoy the snow tomorrow!  Stay safe!

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Study Guide Answers

Below, you will find answers to the study guides we graded today in class.  Please review these and your notes, for the benchmark exam tomorrow.  Remember to work on your TCCD project in Google Classroom.  It is due Thursday.

Download (PDF, 44KB)


Download (PDF, 47KB)

Download (PDF, 44KB)

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End of Semester Notes

Thursday, December 8:  Homework – continue working on TCCD project in Google Classroom – This is due Thursday of next week.  Do not click “Turn In” until class on Monday.  Make sure you have someone proof it for you by noting comments.

Friday, December 9:  You will get your past study guide returned and will receive another one.  Both study guides should be complete and studied for our Benchmark.  Our Benchmark is next Wednesday.

If you don’t have a grade for your Santa conversation, please make corrections and resubmit it.

**There will be questions about TCCD on our Benchmark.

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