Oak Mountain High School Counseling & Guidance

The mission of the Oak Mountain High School Counseling and Guidance Program is to provide all students with the skills necessary to achieve academic, career, personal, and social success. The Oak Mountain High School Counseling Program is data-driven and contains measurable competencies based on College and Career Readiness Standards. Oak Mountain counselors work as collaborative partners in education with community stakeholders to ensure that all students maximize their potential and become productive members of society.

If a student or parent/guardian should ever have need to contact the OMHS counselors, we can be reached at 205-682-5201. The 2014-15 grade responsibilities are:

Pat Holder – Department Chair
Grade 11 (Last Names L-Z)
Grade 12 (Last Names L-Z)

Bobby Deavers
Grade 11 (Last Names A-K)
Grade 12 (Last Names A-K)

Kristi Wade
Grade 10 (Last Names A-K)
Grade 9 (Last Names A-K)

Gerald Riggins
Grade 10 (Last Names L-Z)
Grade 9 (Last Names L-Z)

Leigh Huff
Guidance Secretary

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