Shelby County Tournament –

Big Orange – Hoover Big Orange JV Bracket 2010

Misc. Information

1. Fruit Sale is ongoing – please check Athletic Dept. website for more info
2. Tusc. County JV games are cancelled for Nov. 16 and Dec. 7.
3. Please look closely at the concession schedule.  I will scan and put on the website soon.  If you are signed up to pay a worker, please send in your $40 asap.
4. Money for sponsorships, spirit pack, and participation fees are due as soon as you can pay.  We have lots of bills coming in that we need be able to settle.
5. We need scorebook keepers for games coming up!

JV Tournament Bracket

Here is the bracket of the JV tournament at Vestavia on Nov. 11 and 13.
Vestavia JV Tournament Bracket

Parent Meeting

We will have our parent meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 26 at 6:00 in the lunchroom.  Please make plans to be in attendance!

Schedule Update

We had to switch the Tuscaloosa County games due to a conflict.  Now we will travel to TC on Nov. 16 and they will come to us on Dec. 7.

Team Events

1. We will be tailgating before the high school football game on Friday, Oct. 15.  More details to come. 

2. Also, the annual lock-in will be Friday, Oct. 29 (and into the morning of the 30th).  The girls will organize who is bringing what items.


The first day of practice is Monday, October 18!!!!

Fall Workouts

When school starts on August 12th, we will begin our Fall conditioning program to get ready for season.  This year Mrs. Akins, our athletic trainer, will be working with the team.  She and I have met on several occasions and I am very excited about her plans.  We will work out 2-3 days a week and condition the other days.  The girls will need to have their workout clothes and be prepared to begin conditioning on Monday, August 16th.