Oak Mountain High School Homecoming festivities will take place the week of October 1st!

Come out and support the Eagles as they take on the Chelsea Hornets!

Homecoming Information:

Monday          Community Hero Day

      Honor people and careers that make our community great!

 Tuesday         Superhero Day

 Wednesday    Tacky Twin Day

 Thursday       CLASS UNITY Day

Srs. = Senior citizens; Jrs. = Junior Juniors (Babies); Sophomores = Sporty Sophomores; Freshmen = Fraternity Freshmen (preppy)

 Friday            OAK MOUNTAIN Spirit Day


The SCBOE/OMHS Dress Code Policy will be enforced.  Absolutely NO pajamas or slippers will be allowed. Masks covering the majority of the face will not be permitted.

Disciplinary actions will occur for those students out of dress code.


Exceptions to dress code policies:

Hats will be allowed if it is a part of the dress up costume.

Partial face painting/hair color will be allowed if it is a part of the dress up costume.


Saturday, October 6th

Homecoming Dance   8:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. 

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