Medical Information

Please read the following medical summary carefully. If you need to have your child take medication at school (prescription or over-the-counter), please print and fill out the authorization form and bring it to the OMHS school nurse.

Provider Parent Authorization 2010-2011

Dear Parents/Guardians,

On July 13, 1998, the Shelby County Board of Education approved medication procedures for all students in the Shelby County School System.  This summary is to inform you of the requirements of the medication procedures, should your child require Prescription or Over-the-counter (OTC) medications while attending school.

  • All medications, whether Prescription or Over-the-Counter, must be turned into the school office by the student’s parent/guardian or other responsible adult.
  • Medications cannot be transported on the bus (except emergency medications and approved medications prescribed for self-administration).
  • No student will be permitted to carry or possess any type of medications, whether Prescription or Over-the Counter, on his/her person at any time (except emergency medications and approved medications prescribed for self administration).
  • Controlled substances cannot be approved for self-administration by a licensed prescriber.
  • The parent/guardian must sign a School Medication Physician/Prescriber /Parent Authorization Form (Form A) before any medication, Prescription or Over-the-Counter, can be administered at school.
  • Over-the-Counter medications given 2 weeks or less will require the parent/guardian signature only on the medication authorization form (Form A).
  • Parent/Guardian authorization for Over-the-Counter medications is valid for 2 weeks only. The parent has the option of submitting a new form for additional 2 week periods. 
  • Prescription medication will require the physician/prescriber signature on the authorization form (Form A) as well as the parent/guardian signature.
  • Prescription Samples must have a completed School Medication Physician/Prescriber/Parent Authorization form signed by the Prescriber and Parent.
  • If the Prescription medication order is changed during the school year, a new authorization form (Form A) is required.  Both physician/prescriber and parent/guardian must sign the form.
  • For Prescription medications, a current pharmacy labeled container is required which includes the student’s name, physician name, name of medication, strength, dosage, time interval, route and date of drug’s discontinuation when appropriate.
  • For Over-the-Counter medications, an unexpired, unopened, age appropriate, original container is required and all manufacturer’s labeling must be clearly legible.  The student’s name must be written on the container.
  • The school will not supply any Prescription or OTC medications to staff or students.
  • All unused medications not picked up by parents/guardians by the last day of each school year will be discarded according to medication procedure guidelines.

These medication procedures were adopted with your child’s safety in mind.  If you have any questions concerning these medication procedures, please contact your school nurse.

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