Required Eligibility Forms for Oak Mountain Athletics

Dear Prospective Athlete:

You must complete and/or submit the following forms for eligibility to compete in interscholastic athletics at Oak Mountain Middle School per the Alabama High School Athletic Association, Shelby County Board of Education, and Oak Mountain Middle School:

  1. Submit a copy of your birth certificate
  2. Form 5 Physical v 2018
  3. Participant Consent with watermark
  4. 2017-18 Concussion Information Form
  5. OMMS Consent Form
  6. Vol_Driver
  7. Permission form (car)
  8. Shelby Co Drug Policy
  9. Complete NFHSA Sportsmanship Course (see directions below)
  10. Read the Student-Athlete & Parent Handbook

Directions for Completing the NFHSA Sportsmanship Course

  1. 1. Go to:

    2. Register / Create an account, if you’re a first time user (e

    mail / password)

    3. Under COURSES – search for courses – type Sportsmanship

    4. The Sportsmanship elective course should appear

    5. Click the Sportsmanship Course. Click VIEW COURSE

    6. Click Order Course (this is a free course)

    7. Shopping Cart – Select the State of Alabama

    8. Click Checkout

    9. Agree to terms, Click Continue

    10. The Order receipt page will appear. On this page there will be a command to view course “click here” (top left paragraph). Click here to begin the course.

    11. Begin the Sportsmanship Course

    12. Complete all chapters and answer the 10 questions to completely finish the program.

    13. Print Certificate

    14. Turn in certificate to your respective coach.