Band Fundraiser Begins Today!

Why do we fundraise?

1- To keep band fees as low as possible
2- Replace/purchase equipment needed for the band class. (instrument lockers, technology, chairs, stands, etc.)
3- This year, the majority of our funds raised will go towards purchasing more instrument lockers. Due to our growing program, several students are sharing band lockers or do not have one to use at all. 🙁
4- Purchase/repair school-owned instruments

To help us reach our goal, we ask that every student try to sell 10-15 items. Participation in the fundraiser is not required, but if everyone does their fair share, it will help! I did the math and if every band student sells 15 items, we would profit $36,000!!!!!

Order forms and money are due Oct. 10th
Collect money as you sell – checks made payable to OMMS

Each student will receive an envelope today with an order form, brochure, and instruction sheet.

Products are expected to be delivered the first week of November. I’ll know for sure once we turn in our order forms.