Concert Tuesday!!

OMMS Gymnasium

Tuesday, Dec. 6th – Holiday Concert
This is a come and go concert. Students/parents come for their portion of the concert and then may leave. This also helps with audience seating.

6:15pm – Beginner Band arrives
6:30pm – Beginner Band performs

7:00pm – Concert and Symphonic arrive
7:15pm – Concert/Symphonic perform

7:30pm – Advanced arrives
7:45pm – Advanced Performs

Uniform Reminders
Beginner Band
Dressy white on top
Dressy black/dark on bottom

Boys-black dress pants, inexpensive black dress shoes, black socks, white tuxedo shirt, black tie and black vest.
Girls-black dress shoes and a long black dress

Fundraiser Item Delivery/Pick-up – Monday, Nov. 7th!!

Here’s what you need to know:
· Parents may pick up their child’s items from 10:45am-2:30pm and 3:30-6:30pm. (we shut down for an hour due to buses and school dismissal)
· Items will be located in the band trailer behind the lunchroom.
· Parents will enter the school at the large gate by the Sports Building and walk around to the trailer.
· Items MUST be picked up on Monday by 6:30pm. We have no way to store the refrigerated/frozen items overnight.

If your child only has 1-2 items and you would like them to bring items home on the bus or car rider line, that can be arranged, but I must know in advance.

I need help. Please consider volunteering a small portion of your time on Monday. If you would like to work more than one shift, that is ok!!! 🙂 Click on the link below.


Pep Band Info – Sept. 29th

This week, we will be playing for the 8th grade game.

3:00pm – all students go home via bus/car rider as usual.

6:15pm – Students arrive at OMMS wearing their RED band tshirt and dress code appropriate shorts.

Parents should drop their child off at the front of the school (car rider area) to avoid paying for parking. Parents who are attending the game will have to pay to park their car.

Students will then walk down the canopy (outside) and enter the school at door #5.

Students should eat BEFORE they come. We will not visit the concession stand during our Pep Band performance.
Students are allowed to bring a thermos of water to keep with them in the bleachers.

Students are dismissed at 8:45pm or the end of the 8th grade game (whichever comes first).

Students must wait inside the big gate (by the OMMS sports building) for their parents to pick them up. This is required by the administration to insure the safety of our students.

Parents are allowed to drive by the gate and have their child “hop in the car” for ease of pick-up.

Fundraiser Kick-Off Day!!

Our yearly fundraiser begins today!

Why do we fund raise?

1 – To keep band fees as low as possible
2- Replace/purchase equipment needed for the band class. (instrument lockers, technology, chairs, stands, etc.)
3- buy sheet music for all the band classes
4- purchase/repair new school owned instruments

To help us reach our goal, we ask that every student try to sell 10-15 items. Participation in the fundraiser is not required, but if everyone does their fair share, it will help! I did the math and if every band student sells 15 items, we would profit $36,000!!!!!

Order forms are due Oct. 7th
Collect money as you sell – checks made payable to OMMS

Products are expected to be delivered the last week of October or the first week of November. I’ll know for sure once we turn in our order forms.

Pep Band Info 9-8-16 (non-beginners)

This Thursday we will play for the 7th grade game. (5pm game)

Students should be dropped off in the front of the school (like car riders) at 4:45pm.**
They will walk down the sidewalk and come in door #5.  We will quickly move everyone down to the field for the 5:00pm start.

Wear new red band t-shirt.  Bring thermos/water.

At the end of 7th grade game, we will move from our bleachers and stand along the track so we are “front and center” for the OMHS Spirit of Cahaba Marching band performance.  It’s going to be awesome!!!!

After their performance, national anthem, and 8th grade team “run out”, students will be dismissed back to the bandroom to pack up, and wait INSIDE the large gate by the athletic building to picked up.  Students are not allowed to wander through the parking lot as it is a safety concern.  I will send a “remind” to parents at that time.  Our best guess is 7pm.

Parents will be given a “pass to the back” flyer to place in your car so that you can avoid parking charges if you are not staying for the game. I will give those out in class on Wednesday.

**For students who will not be able to arrive at school at 4:45 due to parent work schedules, I will offer a band room “after-school care”. Students will work on homework until 4pm, eat a snack (BRING YOUR OWN FROM HOME) and prepare for the game.

CC members – Coach Wood is allowing you to dismiss from your practice at 4:15pm so you can attend the game.