How to Join

Want to be a part of the award-winning Battle of the Books team? Here’s how.

  1. From October to December, on your own, read the county’s selected titles for this year’s competition. Re-read them. Bask in their awesomeness. Enjoy the heck out of them. Talk about them. Get your friends to read them. In short, know them inside and out.
  2. In October, listen to the daily announcements (and look for posts in the library), which will have information about team sign-ups and tryout dates.
  3. In December–after reading the books + signing up in the library or G6–take the BoB test with Mrs. Hutchings, the sponsor. It’ll have roughly 10 questions per book that covers plot and character information. Only the top 6-7 scorers will make the team.
  4. Once the team is finalized, we will practice 1-2x a week for 1 hour in Mrs. Hutchings’ room G6, quizzing each other on selected book trivia. Practice dates are flexible. Conflicts with after school activities are OK. We’ve had many a teammate with sports, music, etc. that conflicts with our practice times. We can make it work!

As always, if you have questions, contact Mrs. Hutchings in G6 or at

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