Yearbook FAQ’s

Do you have photos to share that we can use in the yearbook?

We’re trying an experiment to see if we can get help with our candid photos we like to include in the yearbook.  Using Google Classroom and your school email ( you may now join a “class” to upload your SCHOOL APPROPRIATE photos that MAY be used in this year’s yearbook.  Go to to login to your school G Mail account.  Then, go to your Google Classroom (you may have to search for it).  Join the “class” appropriate for your grade.  See code below.  Choose your files and upload them.  It would really be helpful if you create a document explaining who is in the photos and what was happening when the photo was taken to upload along with the photos.

6th grade code to join is:  aprcpe7

7th grade code to join is:  j2quh4q

8th grade code to join is:  elku23

Interested in a Yearbook Ad?

2015 – 2016  yearbook ad information is now available.  Click below for the order form.  Please pay close attention to the due dates.  We must receive order form and payment by December 11th.  The completed ad fileprintout AND photo files are not due until January 15th, 2015.  This allows more time for ad creation, but it also allows more time for purchasers to forget about the ad.  Try not to wait until January to submit your ad.  We will be near the publishers’s deadline.  We must have completed ads no later than January 15th.

2015-16 Yearbook Ad Order Form (PDF version)  (You should be able to complete the form and print it.  It WILL NOT save or be sent through the Internet.  You must print it and send with your payment.


Yearbook Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  I did not buy the yearbook at registration.  When is the deadline for purchasing a yearbook?
A:  The deadline to reserve a yearbook is January 15th, 2016.  $38.00 if sending in full payment.  We also offer a layaway option.  Pay $20.00 by Jan. 15th, and the remaining $20.00 by the end of April.  Make checks payable to OMMS.  Be sure the student’s name is on the check and/or envelope.  Payments may be sent to the front office. 

Q:  I did not reserve a yearbook.  Will I still be able to buy one in May?
A:  There will be a limited number of yearbooks available for purchase in May.  They will be sold on a first come first served basis.  It is possible we will sell out.  The cost will be $40.00.

Q:  I am not called by my first name.  Can I have my name changed in the yearbook?
A:  If your parents send in a request to have your name listed as something other than your first name we will try to honor the request.  However, we make no guarantees as to the change.

Q:  When will we receive our yearbooks?
A:  Yearbooks will be given out in May just before school is out for summer.

If you have questions regarding the OMMS yearbook please contact:
Catherine Acton regarding photos and all content except ads
Contact Jane Graham regarding purchasing information (ads or the book).