2012 Scholars Bowl Team and Information!

Congratulations to the following students for making this year’s 2012 7th grade team:
Lawson B.
Gabe M.
Cole S.
Henry G.
Bradyn A.
Nathaniel P.
This order is NOT a ranking. We will play for captain at Tuesday’s practice.
Please look over the following important forms with your parents. Each parent should email me at todom@shelbyed.k12.al.us from an email address used regularly. I will be using these addresses to compile an email list.
Letter to Parents:Microsoft Word – Letter_to_Parents_2012
Calendar:Microsoft Word – 7th_Grade_Scholars_Bowl_ parent schedule_2012
ASCA Rules:Microsoft Word – ASCA_RULES_2012


Scholar’s Bowl is an exciting team in which students race to be the first to buzz in answers to questions ranging from science and English to art and sports. OMMS has an academic team of six members that competes across the county and district area. Our season begins in October and ends in February with the Shelby County Tournament.
Our practices and matches are every Tuesday in B-14. The seventh grade coach is Tabitha Odom.

If you are a team member or parent, you will often find information and announcements on this BLOG.

18 September Tryout Announcement

Today we are having tryouts for the team in Mrs. Odom’s room, B-14. Results for the team, along with schedule and practice information, will be posted on this BLOG by 4:00 today. If the test scores are too close to call, we will have a tryout buzzer match Thursday morning at 7:15 in B-14.