9th Grade Election Results

Congrats to the following people who were elected to represent the 9th grade class at OMHS. Please, attend the meeting tomorrow at OMMS in Mrs. Polizos’ room(G-7) at 7:20.

President: Holli Riddle
Vice President: Seth Van Geffen
Secretary: Jill Poulson
Treasurer: Patterson White
Reporter: Clara Fuller
Representatives: Sally Kicklighter, Luke Lyda, Gregory Morris & Emily Rush

2014-2015 Representative Election Results

Congrats to the following students who will serve as SGA representatives for the 2014-2015 year! We’re excited about this group of strong leaders! Our first meeting will be next Tuesday, September 2 at 7:20.
(*If you did not get elected, please run again next year! This was a great group of candidates!)

6th Grade
Anne-Marie D.
Bradley G.
Evan J.
Katie K.
Chris M.
Hogan M.
Sally O.
Emma Grace P.
Tatum P.
Noah Y.
*There was a tie in 6th grade, so we selected 10 reps.

7th Grade
Riley A.
Hallie C.
Kassidy C.
Tilly G.
Hannah K.
Lydia M.
Gideon L.
Zane N.
Sullivan T.

8th Grade
Kiki B.
Clara F.
Jameson J.
Adair K.
Luke L.
Tyler M.
Cole R.
Julia S.
Hudson T.